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Free download or read online ✅Ami Ebong Amra bangla book from the category of Humayun Ahmed. Portable Document Format (PDF) file size of Ami Ebong. I and we (Ami ebong amra) is the book I loved most. PDF file ebook Download from goudzwaard.info or read the book online. Ami Ebong Amra is a famous book of Misir Ali series which was written by Bangladeshi famous writer Humayun Ahmed. Original filename: Ami Ebong Amra by Humayun goudzwaard.info This PDF document has been generated by Sonic PDF / iSEDQuickPDF

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Ami Ebong Amra Pdf

Ami Ebong Amra by Humayun Ahmed - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Ami Ebong Amra is a famous book of Misir Ali series which was written by Bangladeshi famous writer Humayun Ahmed. Misir Ali is a famous. Book name:Ami Ebong Amra. Writer: Humayun Ahmed. Book Category/Genre: Novel. Book Language: Bengali. Book Format: PDF. Pages Pages. PDF File.

By profession he is a part-time lecturer of Psychology at the University of Dhaka. The author was formerly Professor of Chemistry there. It has been established he holds a Ph. D in Abnormal Psychology and has published several papers on the subject. While none of the stories have concentrated on his "day job," his colleagues and his workmates treat him with great respect, and through some of his students, the reader gets to know he is quite a powerful lecturer and rather good at what he does. He does not have a private practice. Although a strict rationalist, Misir Ali has a special interest in the paranormal , and thereby hang the tales. Misir Ali believes that there is a rational explanation behind everything, does not believe in the supernatural, but does believe in the human capacity for making things happen and deluding ourselves and others. He reluctantly accepts cases of people claiming to be suffering from problems brought on by the paranormal, and using his logical skills and knowledge of the human psyche, provides satisfactory solutions. Misir Ali never advertises his interest in the field. Most of his patients contact him after having read of his previous successes, or by word of mouth from friends and other patients. Once, however, Misir Ali is made aware of apparent parapsychological events, he takes steps to investigate matters until they are resolved. Interested in the inner world of the mind that lives behind the body, Misir Ali's credo is "Close your eyes and try to see.

Ami Topu. Kabil Kohkafi.

Ami Ebong Amra By Humayun Ahmed - Misir Ali series (Bengali Translation, PDF Book)

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Raboner Deshe Ami Ebong Amra (MB) By Humayun Ahmed ✅ Free Download

You can read the PDF format of this book. You can also read book online.

We suggest you to read the hardcopy. But if you have no choice, you can read these books in digital format. In some Bangladeshi teleplays, Misir Ali is portrayed as bearded or with a moustache.

Whether he really has a beard or a moustache may be questioned. It's been confirmed by the author himself in one of his autobiographies that Misir Ali has a headful of hair, thick-framed glasses, and unshaven stubble.

These are the only constant aspects of his appearance. It is interesting that in a series where Misir Ali is the main and, essentially, only recurring character and looks intimately at other peoples' lives, not much has not been revealed about Misir Ali's own personal life. In "Misir Ali Unsolved", his father is mentioned to be a teacher in a Madrasa and is portrayed to be a very superstitious and slightly eccentric man.

Other than his father, not much about his mother or siblings, or their existence, has been discussed. If anyone asks, a very rare occurrence, he tends to avoid questions regarding his personal life.

In "Debi",the first Misir Ali book, a younger brother is mentioned in passing. Misir Ali lives a very simple life, yet there are some peculiarities in the way he lives. In most of the books he is found in a newly rented house, with one or no servant to help him with the household errands. Although Misir Ali often rents a new house, the reasons have never been established. One may argue that he tries to avoid socializing too much by changing houses, as those he rents from tend to become fascinated by him, hold him in high regard, and often invite him to dinner and social functions.

Whenever he receives a letter, he habitually reads it at least three times. This enables him to decipher more about the writer.

10 Ami Ebong Amra By Humayun Ahmed.pdf

Misir Ali has never been married, and the books do not hint such may happen in the near future. Though some of his female students, in particular one by the name of Nilu, who was the main character in one of the books and has recurring small appearances in the series, have expressed their interest, Misir Ali has never reciprocated the feelings.

Misir Ali was shown married to Nilu at the end of "Onno Bhubon". However the author regretted what he had done and later showed that they had never married.

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