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Commentary added by Dan Winter in italic letters. Otherwise is directly quoted from. Stewart Swerdlow's books as itemized. Internationally acclaimed author and lecturer, Stewart is a gifted mentalist, medical intuitive, and clairvoyant who has the ability to see auric fields, personal . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Internationally acclaimed author and lecturer , Stewart is a Blue Blood, True Blood: Conflict & Creation Kindle Edition.

Box 12, St. Joseph MI U. Arig served. Prin the United Sates of America. In Without her I would not be here any longer. They would have all been in vain if it were not for Janet, Thank you, my true love, from the depths of my being. There is also a great admiration for my parents and sister who also stayed vigilant during these trying times.

As an aside, the Hindu caste system is a direct replica of the Reptilian hierarchy. Because the Lyraens did not have a defense system in place, they were a sitting target for the Reptilians, also referred to as the "Draco. The remnants of the Draco attack on Lyrae are still seen by today's scientists. In , a newspaper article stated that scientists are able to observe remnant waves of a blast that fan outward, and emanate from a central part of this galaxy.

They believe this blast to be several million years old and of such intense proportions that the wave is still traveling toward the edge of the galaxy before dissipating They claim not to have any idea of what created the blast. In this solar system, the refugees colonized the planet now called Mars.

At that time, it was the third planet in the solar system. A world called Maldek was the fourth planet in this solar system, and was also colonized. The Lyraens were all blonde-haired, blue-eyed people, with an occasional red-haired or green-eyed person. In Lyraen society, red-haired people were considered special with extrasensory powers that connected them to non-physical realms. They were especially desired for breeding purposes. Special permission to breed with a red-haired person was required because of the extra, or superhuman, abilities that came with the offspring.

For this reason, red-haired people were kept separate from the rest, and even had their own subculture. They were also coveted by the Reptilians, who as a species, did not have much psychic ability. This practice eventually degenerated into sacrifices to appease the demons. The planet Earth in those days was a water world in second orbit from the sun.

There was little land above the surface. The only intelligent inhabitants were an amphibian race that was completely without technology. The atmosphere of the Earth was mostly liquid. The planet definitely could not sustain any type of human life forms. The dispersed Lyraen descendents developed their own cultures over the eons of time. Even their genetics manifested differently as a result of the mind-patterns of each of the colonies.

For instance, Mars and Maldek were similar to the current Earth environment, with warm to temperate climates and an oxygen-rich atmosphere. The gravity on Maldek was denser than Mars, so those people developed a thicker frame and a more aggressive attitude. Eventually, skirmishes developed between the occupants of the two planets. Mars was rich in resources. The people of Maldek thought that they deserved these resources for survival.

The Martians asked the beings of Sirius A, from the planet Khoom, for defense technology to shield their planet from attack, not only from the Reptilians, but from their humanoid neighbors and cousins. The Sirians are known throughout the galaxy as merchants of technology. They have the best, even sharing it with the Reptilians. So, the Sirians created a defense mechanism located in the Mars underground.

Mars is a hollow planet, as are Earth and Jupiter. Planets created with material ejected from a star have hollow interiors. As a molten ball is thrown from the star and starts spinning away, it begins to cool. The centrifugal force of the globe spinning and moving at great speed pushes the molten interior to the sides, forming the crust of the planet.

This, in turn, forces hot gases out of the poles to form openings at both ends. The molten core and gases that remain get trapped between the hollow interior and the plates below the crust of the globe. These are pushed out periodically in the form of volcanic activity. The nexus point on any such globe is always at the 19 th parallel of the planet. It is evident on Earth by the Hawaiian volcanoes, located at the 19 th parallel; by the Mons volcano on Mars located at the 19 th parallel; and at the red spot on Jupiter, also at the 19 th parallel.

The geometry built into the monuments on Mars by the Sirians and Lyraen colonists explains about the 19 th parallel through its geometric equations and measurements.

This geometry is also replicated and contained within the Giza Plateau in Egypt. The remnant Lyraens who colonized other planets formed an alliance against the constant Reptilian attacks.

They called this alliance the Galactic Federation, comprised of different colonies. The colonies belonging to the Federation wished to maintain their new identities, and no longer associate with the old way.

Together, the Federation colonists managed to repel the Reptilian attacks.

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There were three primary groups who did not join the Federation. These three groups were considered extremists, or nationalistic idealists, seeking to recreate the glory of the old Lyraen civilization.

One group was the Atlans, located on a Pleiadian planet. The Pleiades actually consists of thirty-two planets orbiting seven stars. At that time there were sixteen different colonies of Lyraen descent throughout the Pleiades.

These colonists all wanted to oust the renegade Atlans because they remained independent and did not assist their human cousins. The other two groups were the Martians and Maldekians, who were already at odds with each other. For this reason, the Reptilians turned their attention toward this solar system with its two human colonies.

In the Reptilian's estimation, it would be easy to divide and conquer. The Reptilians love to use comets and asteroids as weapons and ships, using them to travel through the stars. First, they create a small black hole as a propulsion system that pulls the larger planetoid towards its destination. When used as a weapon, they use a particle beam accelerator to create a blast that hurls the comet or asteroid to its target.

All of the technology was obtained by the beings from Sirius A. The Reptilians, not being very technologically oriented, miscalculated the trajectory. The pull of the gigantic gas planet, Jupiter, pulled the comet off course. The ice comet then headed directly for Maldek. The citizens of that planet asked the Martians for help. Even though they were at odds with each other, they allowed some of the Maldekians to move to the Martian underground.

The comet came so close to Maldek that the planet got caught between the gravitational pull of Jupiter, Mars, and the comet. This caused the planet to explode, leaving an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The explosion also pulled Mars further away from the sun The comet then continued on toward the Earth. The heat of the sun and the gravitational pull between the two globes forced the watery atmosphere of the Earth to polarize.

This polarization pulled most of the ice from the comet to the polar regions of the Earth, thus covering most openings to the inner Earth, while at the same time exposing huge land masses for the first time. The comet then switched places with Earth, taking up the second orbit from the sun, becoming the planet now known as Venus.

The heat of the sun melted the ice on the comet, creating a cloudy covering to this new planet. The Earth was pushed out to the third orbit occupying the previous position held by Mars. The Earth was now ready to be colonized. Most of the surviving amphibians were transported to a new home on Neptune. Some stayed in the newly formed oceans.

The Reptilians who were inside the hollow comet, now Venus, came to the surface of this new world. They built seven domed cities, one for each of the seven groups in the hierarchy. In the mids one of New York's daily papers, Newsday, reported that a Soviet space probe penetrated the cloud layer of Venus and photographed seven white domes the size of small cities, all in a row.

After a page-long diatribe, the American scientists concluded that this was all a natural formation. The Reptilians drove a large, hollowed out object into Earth's orbit to begin the colonization process.

This object is now called the Moon. Conventional science considers the Moon natural, yet it is the only known object in space that does not spin on its axis. The Moon faces the Earth in the same position all of the time, leaving one side in complete darkness. A sonic resonance sent to the surface of the Moon makes a pinging noise like a hollow object. If the Moon were solid, the noise would sound like a thump or thud.

The Moon is hollow. A recent article in an astronomy magazine said that the Moon was being reclassified because it is considered to be hollow. The Reptilians chose a large continental landmass to begin their civilization on the Earth, now referred to as Lemuria or Mu. This was a vast area in what is now the Pacific Basin, extending from Japan to Australia, and from the coast of California to Peru.

The Hawaiian Islands are in the middle of this one-time landmass.

Blue Blood, True Blood

Here, an androgynous Reptilian culture developed. They brought with them the creatures that were their sustenance - the dinosaurs. All beings create beneath them animals and plants that are a reflection of the mind-pattern. Reptilians create dinosaurs, humans create mammals. They are not designed to coexist on the same planet. Additionally, the thinking process of the Reptilians differ from the human thinking process.

Because Reptilians do not evolve rapidly and remain unchanging, their expansion is also slow-moving and insidious. It would take several millennia for the Reptilians to decide whether or not they would coexist with humans. After all, Earth was still an outpost far from the center of the Draconian Empire.

In the meantime, the Martians were now living underground with their hostile Maldekian guests. Something had to be done quickly to prevent them from destroying one another.

So, the Martians petitioned the Galactic Federation to remove the Maldekian refugees to another planet. The Galactic Federation also received a petition from the Pleiadian Council at the same time, asking the Federation to remove the Atlans from their star cluster. The Federation thusly decided to use the Atlans as a counterbalance on Earth. If the Atlans survived, the Maldekians would also be sent.

In this way, the Federation would get rid of their undesirables. The undesirables would occupy the attention of the Reptilians. The Federation would gain valuable time to build their own forces against the Reptilians. When the Atlans arrived on the Earth, they colonized what became known as Atlantis. Their continent stretched from what is now the Caribbean Basin to the Azores and Canary Islands, as well as several small island chains reaching up to what is now the East Coast of the United States, including Montauk Point.

The industrious Atlanteans rapidly grew to a large, prospering civilization needing more territory. The dinosaur population was rapidly increasing and becoming dangerous to the human colonists. The Atlanteans began destroying the dinosaurs to protect themselves. Soon major battles occurred on the Earth between the Lemurian Reptilians and Atlantean humans.

At the same time, the Maldekian refugees arrived on Earth. They created a large human colony in what is now the Gobi desert, northern India, Sumer, and other parts of Asia. The Maldekians attacked the lunar surface where the Reptilians guarded their Earth outpost from invasion. The Maldekians also bombarded Atlantis and Lemuria with laser weapons. The dinosaurs were wiped out. Additionally, the Martians also attacked the Reptilians from space since they, too, were searching for a Reptilian-free environment in which to live.

This might be considered the real First World War on this planet. It was a mess! This hostility exists to this day.

It is intriguing since the beings in Orion were once very human, as Lyraen colonists, and then were taken over by the Reptilians. However, the Sirians and the Reptilians trade with each other and the beings from Sirius A sell weaponry to the Dracos! A complex political situation indeed. It is the only know planet that rotates north- South instead of East- West.

This meeting took place outside of the Milky Way Galaxy with a neutral council because all civilizations within the Milky Way Galaxy were in some way connected to the fighting, and all had some sort of stake in belonging to the winning side.

The Hatona Council convened for many decades as the fighting continued in this solar system. Finally, with their intercession, an agreement was reached between some of the human factions and the Reptilian Earth colonists.

Keep in mind that this agreement was without the participation of the Reptilians from the original Draco Empire. The agreement stated that a new breed of humanity would be created on Earth that would contain the DNA of all interested parties who participated in the "peace" process. A designated area on Earth would be set aside for the creation of this new species.

The Earth-based Reptilians of Lemuria agreed to this under the condition that the Reptilian body be the foundation for this new being. This is why the original Bible states, "Let us make man in our own image. To achieve a new species from a Reptilian androgynous body, it was necessary to separate the genetics into male and female components. This is the allegorical story in the Bible of Adam and Eve.

Creating Eve out of the rib of Adam is actually the story of separating the androgynous Reptilian body into male and female. This is also why human fetuses go through Reptilian-style development in the womb before looking humanoid.

Under the supervision of the Hatona Council, races were created and then destroyed when it was not acceptable by all parties. This explains why ancestors of mankind appear and then suddenly disappear in layers of archeological analysis. Twelve humanoid, and one Reptilian, groups donated DNA for this purpose. Hybrids were also developed on Atlantis and Lemuria. The African versions were created by beings from a nomadic, artificial planet known as Niburu, or Marduk.

These Reptilian-like beings travel in a manufactured world looping our solar system. The Sumerians called them Annunnakki. The cosmic joke to this project is that all of the groups donating DNA secretly programmed sequences to cause their genetic strand to be predominant. This set the precedent for eternal conflict. Humanity was doomed to fight and be controlled.

No one group would ever be in charge. The project was doomed for failure before it even began! Such DNA programming invites tyranny and oppression. Soul- personalities attracted to such a planet have a victim- mentality. Many advanced cultures call Earth a prison planet, and dump their criminals here as punishment. The Reptilians ensured that the new Man would be forever attached to the Reptilian frequency because the foundational prototype was Reptilian.

This meant that the new Man could easily be mentally controlled by them. Upon discovery of this information that the Reptilians wanted control of the new race, the Atlanteans began a severe electromagnetic bombardment of Lemuria. This bombardment caused the bulk of the continent to submerge into the ocean, now called the Pacific Ocean.

Inner Earth became the "homeland" for most of the surviving Reptilians of Lemuria. This started the legends of hell and demons living in fire under the Earth. They built tubes containing fast, subway-like vehicles that can travel to any point on the Earth within a few hours.

They created the famed underworld cities of Akkadia, Agartha, Hyperbolea, and Shamballa that are sought by explorers to this very day. These cities are built along the inside wall of the inner crust that lines the interior of the Earth. Remember, the hollow Earth is not a theory, but a scientific fact caused by the cooling and spinning of a planet as it is ejected from a star or sun. The primary entry points to the inner Earth are via the North Pole, where there is an opening of miles, and the South Pole, with an opening of miles.

These can be seen from space. That is why commercial aircraft are not allowed to fly over these areas; not because of magnetic disturbances, which is the "official" reason. Admiral Byrd reported on these openings in the s until his information was concealed by the government. At the very center, or nucleus, of inner Earth, there is a globe of energy left over from the creation of this planet that acts as an inner sun.

It is the light from this object suspended by gravity and centrifugal force that causes the light of the aurora borealis. Numerous cave entrances to the inner Earth exist in the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Mountains in the western United States, as well as less numerous openings in the Ozarks and Appalachian Mountains. Entries also exist in the Alps, Himalayas, Andes, and the Caribbean. There are also numerous suboceanic entry points, particularly in the deep trenches of the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic submarine mountain ranges especially on or near the Azores, Canary Islands, and the Falklands.

All of these areas are closely guarded by local governments and N. Artificially created entrances exist under the new Denver airport, the Giza Plateau in Egypt, major Air Force complexes around the world, and many of the Temples in India and China. A major Chinese entry point is under the Shensi Pyramid that is out of bounds for everyone in Western China.

Of course, with the Reptilians off the Earth's surface, the Atlanteans were free to "play" with this new mankind and establish humans as the ruler of this planet. They established colonies all over the remaining portions of land. They invited the Sirians to "come and play" with them. They booted the Marduk beings off-world and took control of their slaves. They created new hybrids for sea and land, one of which became the Merfolk, a genetic blend of human and dolphin.

Whenever the Atlanteans detected underground Reptilian activity, they blasted the inner Earth with lasers and electromagnetic pulses to kill them. Unfortunately, this weakened the upper crust of the Earth's top mantle riding over the trapped magma between the upper and lower crusts. After several millennia of these attacks, the Atlantean continent started to break up.

Their civilization began to break up as a reflection of the physical deterioration of their continent. The Atlanteans became even more belligerent as fear and destruction overtook their mind-patterns. Black magicians and sorcerers took the place of scientists and religious leaders.

Fortunately, the population foresaw the destruction that was coming. Many refugees relocated to what is now Egypt, Peru, the Appalachian mountains and western Europe, just before the continent collapsed into the upper crust of the Earth.

This collapse caused the Earth to flip on its axis, creating the legend of the Flood written about in the Bible, and in other world cultures. This catastrophe was used as a window of opportunity by the groups that donated DNA to create mankind. They immediately began "reorganizing" the humans into new groups that became the basis for future nationalism. The Sirians helped to create the ancient Egyptian culture. Those from Tau Ceti organized the Slavic culture. The Rigelians were busy in China and the Orient.

The inner Earth provided a subterranean locale for the Reptilians to regroup and formulate plans to retake the surface. At this point, the Reptilians were completely cut off from their home in the Draco constellation. Their spaceship, the Moon, was in human hands.

They were alone, isolated on a now hostile planet. They needed to defend themselves. They developed a plan to insidiously retake the surface by blending their genetics with the genetics of the surface humans.

Because the human prototype already had Reptilian genetics, it was easy to access the mind- pattern. The Reptilian frequency was already established in the brain stem as well as the Reptilian brain section of these hybrid humans. The population of Sumer was chosen as the starting point.

These humans were primarily descendents of the Martian, Maldekian, and Lyraen refugees. The Reptilians have a preference for the genetics of blonde-haired, blue-eyed people whose mind-patterns and genetics are so easily controlled.

They abducted members of the ruling classes, including political leaders. Using these humans, they began a new hybridization program that took several generations to perfect. This would produce a human-looking Reptilian that could easily shapeshift from Reptilian to human, then back again. Shapeshifting was accomplished simply by concentrating on the genetics the hybrid wished to open, or lock up, whatever the case may be. For this program the Reptilians engaged the help of the Sirians who had the technology to implement such a program.

The Sirians knew a lot about genetic alterations and mind-programming, which they freely shared with the Reptilians. The new Reptilian hybrid became the elite of that culture.

Their blood, because of the increased Reptilian DNA, contained more of a copper content. Since copper-based blood turns blue-green upon oxidizing, these Reptilian hybrids were called "Bluebloods. When the split increased too far to the Reptilian side, shapeshifting became difficult, and holding human form became impossible. In these cases, it was discovered that the ingestion of human hormones, flesh, and blood, allowed the Reptilians to maintain the human form. Human form was necessary to maintain to avoid scaring the population, which was now not accustomed to the Reptilian form.

Control of the masses was easier when the orders came from a humanoid. The Reptilian format was kept to religious icons and legends. The statues of their gods and goddesses reflect the Reptilian influence, even showing a female Reptilian holding a hybrid baby.

The shapeshifting Reptilian Bluebloods asked the Sirians for help with the daily maintenance of their human forms. The Sirians determined that feeding the hybrids human hormones and blood in an altered animal form would be the easiest way to do it unnoticed by the population.

The sacrificial animal used by most Middle Eastern people was the wild boar, so the Sirians chose it as the basis for this new animal hybrid.

Human genetics were mixed with those of the wild boar to create the domesticated pig. This animal was served daily to the Bluebloods as a method of temporarily maintaining their human form until they could use an actual human in a sacrificial ceremony.

Because the domesticated pig is a combination of human and animal genetics, eating it is a form of cannibalism. This explains why the Hebrews considered it unclean to eat. This is also why the pig is considered to be the most intelligent animal on Earth, why pig skin can be grafted directly onto humans in burn cases, and why pig heart valves can be used in humans with little difficulty.

Cancer drugs and other chemicals are often tested on pigs before humans. The domesticated pig frequency, or group mind, is the perfect vehicle for animal species to enter before entering human form on their evolutionary progression. In many respects, pigs can be considered a form of humanity.

To a lesser degree, the same is true about cats. Vast migrations from Sumer to other locations in Central Asia occurred. The migrating peoples took their Blueblood leaders with them, as they were their royalty and kings. The Sumerians became known as the sum- Aryans, or just, Aryans. They spread out across Asia into the steppes of Russia and into the Northern Indian subcontinent. In India they encountered the dark-skinned Dravidians, who were Reptilian remnants from Lemuria.

The Dravidians were driven to the central and southern parts of India, while the Aryan hybrids took control of the north, and into the foothills of the Himalayas. The Aryan leaders, all Bluebloods, became the Sultans and Rajas of legend and history. Sumerians also created Babylonia. The Sumerians also migrated to the area known as the Caucasus Region, where the Khazars developed.

From the Caucasus Region, the Blueblood kings and their people spread west toward Europe, developing into the Franks, Cambrians, and Teutonic nationalities.

These nationalities were also being manipulated by various alien cultures like the Antarians, Arcturians, Aldebarans, Tau Cetians, and other remnants of the Lyraens, such as the Atlans. The Atlans located here eventually became the Celts.

To back-track for just a bit, I had said in a previous chapter that the descendents of the Reptilian hybrid Sumerians went into Central Asia and the Middle East. They mostly established themselves in the Caucasus Mountains and became the Khazars. From here, they spread west toward Europe, seeding the national identities for the Vikings, the Franks, the Teutonic peoples, and the Russians. Keep in mind that when Atlantis sank, some of those refugees went to western Europe and developed into the Celts.

Some went to Greece and others to the Italian Peninsula. These peoples were here before the hybrids moved in. It was during the interim time period from the destruction of Atlantis until the Sumerian descendents moved in that other alien groups started to add their genetic mix to the pot and develop individual cultures based on their home worlds.

At the same time in Egypt, the Sirians were reorganizing the Atlantean descendents there, known as the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians were blonde-haired, blue-eyed, with some green-eyed, red-haired people among them. They even colonized parts of the Northeastern North American continent, all the way to the Great Lakes area.

Some of their mines and writings on stone tablets can still be found in the woods of North America. The Jewish people are actually a combination of these genetically manipulated Hebrews and the Sumerians. These Jewish people were then released into the Palestinian territory. The name, Palestine, comes from the ancient people, the Philistines, who were actually Phoenicians.

All of these mixed in the coastal plains of Palestine and created a new religion based on sacrifice and an avenging alien controller, that they called God, or Elohim. Similarly, when the Aryans mixed with the Dravidians in India, they created the Hindu religion, which is actually a recreation of the Reptilian seven-tier hierarchy. The caste system of India is a direct copy of the Reptilian division of function. At the same time that all of this was going on in western and central Asia, the Rigelians, were developing the remnants of Lemuria who escaped to the coast of eastern Asia.

The Rigelians were a human civilization that was controlled, and eventually assimilated, by the Reptilians. In their mania for control, the Reptilians used the various races that donated DNA to the original human project. They fastidiously monitored these related sections of hybrids to determine which was best suited for overall control, and which for subservience. All the hybrids could be controlled through the Reptilian brain that hooked them into Reptilian mind-patterns, but some were more controllable than others.

In Europe, the Bluebloods insidiously took control of the various tribes and groups, becoming their kings and royalty. They infiltrated the Arcturian experiment, called the Etruscans and started to create a new global empire through the Romans. These European Bluebloods then entirely eliminated the Antarian experiment in Greece, and instigated their plan for globalization through the Roman Empire.

The Reptilians even offended the Sirians by infiltrating the Egyptian experiment and implementing their religion there. The Reptilian hybrids became like the endometriosis of the known world, slowly growing into all areas and creating control through the Blueblood system.

In all there are twelve other groups who donated DNA to the production of the experiment. Add the Reptilians to the twelve groups, resulting in human beings with a genetic mixture of 13 different strains. The result was a general free-for-all. This is similar to a lab professor who leaves the door open while he is gone, and all his assistants add their own genetics to the experiment. The Tau Ceti aliens centered their attention on the eastern European area, from what is now Serbia to the slopes of the Ural Mountains.

From here, they influenced the Slavic and Russian peoples. The geographic conditions resembled that in the Tau Ceti star system, and its colony Epsilon Eradanus.

The Tau Ceti added their DNA to the human prototypes that were already established there, creating what is now known as the Slavic peoples. The results were a race of humans who were stocky, barrel-chested, and averaging 5 '6" to 5 '9" in height, with a dense bone structure and dark eyes. They were aggressive, and preferred a cold climate. The Tau Cetians vowed to follow the grey race and destroy them.

Many experiments involving radiation on the public were performed here from through the s. A United States spy plane was shot down over Sverdlovsk in the early s when the United States was trying to learn about the secret activities taking place there. In central Europe, the German tribes were genetically manipulated by beings from Aldebaran. These people are very intelligent and scientifically-oriented. They are generally blonde-haired and blue-eyed, with a minority of dark-haired, light-brown to hazel-eyed people.

They are militaristic, and prefer to keep to themselves. For almost 2, years, the Aldebarans have been energetically connecting to the Germanic peoples, telepathically sending information to them and promoting a national sentiment.

Many humans of the Aldebaran frequency have mixed with the Tau Ceti descendents in the Slavic area, particularly in Poland and Russia. Hitler knew this.

That is why he was so adamant about invading those countries and incorporating them into his empire. Hitler was only half Germanic. His father was a wealthy Jewish businessman in Austria. His mother worked at the home as a maid.

True Blood - Wikipedia

She had an affair with the master of the house, and when the wife found out about it, had the maid thrown out. The Jewish businessman did nothing to help Hitler's mother. For this reason, Hitler hated the Jews and sought to destroy his own genetic lineage, basically because he hated himself.

He was also deeply mind- controlled. The Aldebarans also genetically infused the Vikings. These Nordic people inherited the aggressive and militaristic tendencies that are also seen in the Germans. The Vikings plundered and raped across Europe for centuries, but did not have the technological ability to stay in power. An accidental manipulation of genetics occurred on the Italian peninsula years ago. A ship from the Arcturus star system crashed landed on Etruscan territory.

These humans were actually extremely spiritually-minded, and instead of trying to get back home, stayed and blended into the humans of that part of Earth. Their descendents became the Romans who were then infiltrated and mixed with the central Asian hybrids.

Beings from the Antarian star system were behind the genetic manipulation of ancient Greece. These people were a society predominantly based upon homosexuality. Females were used for breeding only. In fact, there were Antarian observers at the Montauk Project who were interested in the programming aspects of sexuality as they related to the Wilhelm Reich methods.

They have a fabulous musculature due to the density of their home-world, and are known for their body-building goals. The Greek- Antarians colonized Spain and Portugal. These then colonized Central and South America, mixing their genetics with the native Indians who were of Atlantean- Procyon descent. The Procyon star system does not have much technology. The Procyons were brought to this planet after the fall of Atlantis to boost the survival rate of the refugees.

They became the Maya, Aztec, and Inca. They tried unsuccessfully to recreate these cultures, including emulating the building of the pyramids, performing medical procedures, and finally, sacrificing to the Reptilian gods. This is why their legends speak of blond men returning in chariots from space to take them away. The Anasazi Indians of the American southwest were also brought from Procyon. It was the Sirians who so generously provided transportation.

The Sirians even attempted to bring the Hebrews to the American west. Strands of genetics have continuously mixed with one another, especially in North America, Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, and South America. The result is that there are few pure races left, and the racial and cultural unity makes it easier for group control. In South America, the Inca Empire was flourishing as it was mixed with the genetics of the Procyon star system.

All of these cultures used blood-ritual and human sacrifice. This indicates that the Procyonians were themselves conquered by the Reptilians and did their bidding, even though they were humanoid. All of the Central and South American cultures used snakes and Reptilians as symbols. First, if the Earth beings were left to develop on their own, how would they know their true origins, and second, if there was no interference, how could they be prodded in the correct direction.

One E. These muscular beings were tall with golden-bronze skin, golden hair, and violet eyes. On an etheric level, this E. They also programmed this object with the history of the universe and all the technology that would ever be necessary.

For the object this group chose the shape of a female human skull without any racial features. The skull represented all humanoids, symbolizing brotherhood and harmony. The female was chosen because it was to be placed in physical reality as a symbol of ego being overcome. Crystal was chosen because it represents the highest vibration possible in physical reality — purity, clarity, focusing, and magnification.

The movable jaw piece symbolized the fact that it was a communication device. The E. Other alien groups made inferior copies of it for use with their own human creations. Those in power tried to use it for negative purposes, not realizing that this magnified and reflected back all their evil deeds and intentions.

In addition, the Crystal Skull was created in such a way that whatever is thought in its presence reflects back, becoming a part of the thinker's experiences. The Crystal Skull teaches that the physical universe mirrors thoughts. When Atlantis sank, high priests fleeing the continent brought it to Central America to where the Procyonians brought the Maya.

Here, it was used as an object of worship and reverence until the Maya were removed from the Earth. Eventually, the Crystal Skull remained buried in ruins until its discovery in the early part of the 20 th Century, when the Crystal Skull allowed itself to be discovered. The Crystal Skull operates through the trinity of communication - color, tone, and archetype.

When any combination of these three is beamed or thought of in the presence of the Crystal Skull, it opens a program that is coded to a particular frequency resonance. An infinite number of combinations can be used, and any one will unlock a program in the Crystal Skull to teach mankind. The left-brain represents language, and the right-brain represents pure thought. The pineal gland of communication balances and translates the left- and right- brains with the use of archetypes.

Archetypes can be geometric shapes, letters, numbers, Ancient Hebrew symbols, pictograms, or any combination of these. Colors are also part of the triad with a language all their own. The left-brain is dark, the right-brain is light, and once again, the pineal gland balances and translates this through colors.

Tones also represent the trinity of sound, balancing music and silence. In the same way, the Crystal Skull balances the Mind of God and physical reality. At times, the Crystal Skull becomes non-physical. Because it was created without a body, this symbolizes the needlessness of the physical body. The Crystal Skull is a bridge between all levels of reality. Anyone who knows the sequences of the trinity of communication becomes all- powerful and omniscient.

There are in fact, many different physical types of Jews, covering many racial characteristics. This supports the fact that they are not a homogeneous group, but a religious group that spans many cultures. The story of Abraham going out from the city of Ur and coming to Canaan is really telling the story of the Reptilian hybrids leaving Sumerian territory and colonizing other parts of Central Asia and the Middle East.

In the year , the University of Pavia in Italy did a genetic study of European men. This supports the statement that the Sumerians entered into Central Asia and then migrated to Europe and the Middle East. This also nullifies the theory of Africa as the birthplace of mankind. There is absolutely no genetic connection from Asia or Europe to Africa.

The ancient Hebrews have nothing to do with modern Jews. As mentioned in the previous chapter, the Hebrews were Sirian-created in Egypt by combining Sirian and Lyraen genetics. These people were tall and powerful, and spoke the Sirian language which is the equivalent to the ancient Hebrew language.

Scholars agree that the Hebrew language suddenly appeared on the scene. The ancient peoples of Palestine spoke Aramaic, which was the parent language of Arabic, Farsi, and several other Middle Eastern dialects. Originally, Hebrew was a language used exclusively by the priesthood and the Egyptian secret society. Eventually, ancient Hebrew began to mix with Aramaic, among other languages.

They were sent to Canaan to assimilate the native cultures for the Egyptian Empire. They mixed with the local tribes of Sumerian-hybrid descendents, practicing blood-ritual and human sacrifice. That is how Judaism was born.

The story of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt is a poor retelling of the destruction of the island of Santorini in the eastern Mediterranean Sea by volcanic explosion. The lava dispersed into the sea causing it to turn blood-red. The volcanic ash and rock that spewed forth created the legend of the plagues on Egypt. Many citizens fled the area. The Red Sea parted when the ground under the water rose up, exposing land that could then be crossed.

Several hours later, it sank back down, drowning whoever was still trying to cross. The actual translation of how the Ten Commandments, or the Bible codes, were transmitted to the people of the Exodus, states that the people spontaneously started speaking the instructions.

This is a demonstration of mind-to-mind communication. In this case, programming was electromagnetically activated, revealing DNA instructions that were then written down. The Middle East became a focal point for the Sirians and their Reptilian allies.

Together, they generated a new version of religion and culture for ease of global control and domination. What better way to do that than by programming a race of nomadic people that would carry the religion and culture everywhere on the Earth. Whenever the conditions within the experiment became unmanageable, the particular overseer group made corrections.

For example, most people are familiar with the story of the cities of Sodom and Gemorrah, where a group of humans in the mankind experiment went awry. Their sexual habits were not conducive to propagation since they were predominantly homosexual. A virus was introduced into the population to destroy it. However, it started to spread outside the immediate region. This disturbed the controllers, so they sent two agents to investigate, and to determine if anyone was salvageable.

The local inhabitants called them angels, because of their blonde hair, blue eyes, and perfect bodies. Lot and his wife took the agents into their home to protect them, since all the men in town wanted to have sex with them. Soon after, Sodom and Gemorrah were destroyed. To this day, radiation can be detected at the site. Melted rock is seen in the canyon walls. Sodom and Gemorrah were eliminated with a nuclear weapon.

American scientists were called in because they had better equipment. What they found in the preserved body tissue was a sample of the virus. The Americans reconstituted it with living cellular nuclei. Quietly it was tested on a terminally ill patient in a St. Louis Hospital in The man died a horrible death. The virus was called AIDS because it removed whatever immune system the man had left. The American research determined that this thousands-of-years-old virus was artificially genetically created.

The ancient Hebrew religion was a conglomeration of the Sumerian- Reptilian belief system, ancient Egyptian- Atlantean-Lyraen belief system, and the Reptilian tribal subcultures found in the land of Canaan that were incorporated into one acceptable dogma.

It included blood-ritual and human sacrifice, which is why Abraham was so eager to please God by killing his own son on an altar. This symbolism came in handy later on for religious purposes. The Hebrew language itself did not appear until after the Hebrews left Egypt, and then only for religious ceremonial purposes by the priests.

In fact, many of the terms and names used in the Hebrew religion came from the Egyptian ceremonial rites. The name, Moses, originates from the title given to adepts of the secret Egyptian pyramid cult. This Egyptian ceremonial title, Moshe, means "he who is anointed with crocodile fat from the Nile River.

In Hebrew it meant "out from the water," in reference to the crocodiles. The Egyptian word for crocodile fat, was Messeh from which the term Messiah is derived. To be anointed with crocodile fat rendered into an oil, was to absorb powerful, unchanging Reptilian energy and assimilate this into the body. Moshe, or Moses, was a ritual title, not a person's name and was a reference to the crocodile fat used in temple and pyramid ceremonies. A leader such as a Moses was a logical choice to spearhead a migration of people to safety from a place of turmoil, such as when the destruction of the island of Santorini, also known as Thera, blew up and created havoc on Egyptian territory, causing many to flee.

It would also make sense for the Sirian controllers of Egypt to send out their genetic creations, the Hebrews, to a place of safety in the Sinai desert like a safekeeping until needed.

It was then that the Torah, or Holy Commandments, was given to this people as a code by which to live. This document is in a code that can only now be deciphered with the use of a computer. In effect, the Hebrews were the next sequence of the experiment, and the old versions were to be eliminated or assimilated.

The Hebrews carried the new coded laws in the Ark of the Covenant Coven of Ants , that only the priests could touch. When the University of Minnesota in the s attempted to build the Ark as described with instructions in the Bible, it was so electrically charged that it had to be dismantled!

This is why the ancient Hebrew priests entered into the Ark area alone, for safety reasons. They also had to wear white linen, as non- conductive clothing, and wore a special breastplate that grounded them electrically and acted as a protective shield. The Ark was really a communication device.

This is why the priests had "messages from God" whenever they were in the Ark's presence. The Ark also acted as a location device for beacons originating outside of this planet. The Ark was originally kept in the Great Pyramid to focalize energies. It was sent with the Hebrews for safekeeping. However, there are actually two Arks.

The second one is in Jerusalem. The Annunnakki like to develop slave races for specific purposes, creating them out of lower animal forms. In the case of their Earth creations, they used simians to create a slave race to work the mines in what is now known as Africa.

This race was genetically designed to work and live in hot, humid conditions with a limited life span. Diseases were programmed into them to prevent development of culture, and cause them to become dependent on their creators for existence.

This is why in the genetic memory of all other races, the blacks are slaves. These Illuminati concluded that if the Blacks were no longer here, the Annunnakki would find the condition of their slaves unacceptable, and not interfere with Illuminati plans. The green monkeys of east Africa were subsequently infected with the AIDS virus, along with the blood supply of Haiti.

However, a "monkey" wrench turned up in the plans. A gay French- Canadian flight attendant had sex with a bisexual partner in Africa. The infected flight attendant angrily spread the disease wherever he went.

New York City and San Francisco were two of his primary destinations. He alone is determined to have been the main carrier outside of the intended target. The Illuminati does not think of everything. Those who are not infected will be killed via Ebola, war, or famine. In , newspapers reported that US astronomers said that a huge planet had been detected beyond Pluto with an elliptical orbit opposite to all the other planets in this solar system.

They said it was on a trajectory that would take it to near the Earth in ! Not another word was printed about it after that. The beings from Marduk, the Annunnakki, also known as the Abbennakki, left the Earth, continuing on its elliptical journey through the solar system and beyond.

This artificial planet passes near Earth every 12, years. A complete orbit takes 24, years. The last time they passed Earth, approximately 10, BC, its gravitational pull exerted in conjunction with Atlantean crystal experimentation, caused the Earth to flip on its axis, sinking Atlantis. These ships have a crew of workers that look like dwarfed bears.

They are known to be aggressive, even attacking humans in the past. These bear-like creatures are cyborgs with brain implants that allow control from a distance. Their bodies are organic and powerful. These creatures started appearing in the late s. Government- released UFO investigation reports document their existence. More of these creatures will be seen in the next two years.

Stay away from them! They are dangerous. Most likely, they will surface in Africa to check on the Black race for their masters on Marduk. According to Farrakhan, these contacts explained that the Black race was created by them.

They further told him about the need for the Blacks to develop without interference from other races.

This was augmented by experiments on gay men in New York City under the guise of Hepatitis shots. Their religion believed in a God-Mind that contained a hierarchy, or caste system. This caste system was extrapolated to the several Reptilian species incorporated into the Draco Empire. Each species had its own place in the structure of their society. Every individual knew its functions and respected these boundaries.

To violate these rules meant death.


The Reptilians operate as a group mind, meaning that no single Reptilian can make a decision for itself. Only the upper caste, or winged ones, have the semblance of individuality. They were, and are, the leaders. When this religion was brought to Sumeria, the caste system was infused into society as a religious hierarchy.

They, like the Atlanteans, maintained the original belief system of the Lyraen culture. The Lyraen belief system encouraged individuality, as well as promoted service to others as a pathway to self-growth.

The Lyraens believed that red-haired people were connectors to God-Mind, and as such, used them as oracles. The Reptilians worshipped the transparent beings from the astral planes as their creators. The transparent beings have a mass consciousness, like an Oversoul.

They are basically genderless, although in terms of physical reality, their characteristics and traits render them more masculine than feminine. When the Reptilians brought this religion to the Sumerians, they were careful to introduce it in a way that would be accepted and followed. First, they created a gender base for a gender-minded population. Then, they instilled fear to control the mind-patterns. Cleverly, they devised a religion based on a male-female, god-goddess control system.

They are depicted as half-human, half-Reptilian. Their appearances were designed to frighten the humans into submission. Because of the "masculine" tendency of the transparent people, and despite being androgynous themselves, the Reptilians prefer the powerful male over the female.

They represented their androgyny in Sumer by placing three horns on the Reptilian God, Nimrod. There are many layers of symbolism to this: Thus, the number three was an important symbol to the Reptilians on Earth. They represent this in many ways, including the lily, or fleur- de-lis with its three points.

They also use the scorpion with its stinger and two piercing claws. The advanced version of the scorpion is the eagle, which represents the scorpion in its higher form. Because of this, the eagle came to represent raising from a lower form to a higher one. It represented power and globalization. I have learned brutal lessons these past couple of years.

They would have all been in vain if it were not for Janet. Thank you, my true love, from the depths of my being. There is also a great admiration for my parents and sister who also stayed vigilant during these trying times. They left no stone unturned in exposing the vulgarity and depravity of the demons sent to harm me. I give my wonderful family eternal hugs, and love, and the peace of mind that I shall never be captured again.

As always, my incredible children, who love me without end, have proven to me that there is no space or time that can separate me from them. As they grow into adulthood, I realize that children are a gift that we are allowed to take care of for a while so that the magnificent blossom can grow forth on its own and create a new garden. My children are my jewels and my treasures. Thank you for believing in me. Finally, I want to thank my fabulous and generous friends who have made my return to my own life easy and happy.

Their generosity is overwhelming and their love unforgettable. You have all been as dear family to me.

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