All networking aspirants can download these pdf free of cost and can enhance Download E-Books & Work Books to Prepare for CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Exams. Networking के क्षेत्र में routers का प्रयोग दो networks को connect करने के लिए किया जाता है। एक router एक network से packat लेकर. installed in accordance with Cisco's installation instructions, it may cause interference with radio and television reception. This equipment has been tested and.

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Ccna hindi books Free Download - ccna hindi book, hindi book for ccna, savvyengine ccna exam ccna test and more. PDF Computer. Ccna Books Books In Hindi Free Download Download eBook|eBooks|Software |Scripte|Fachwissen PDF|mit eBook Shop ebook Shop Download. The Complete Windows 7 Shortcuts eBook by Nitin View Download, k, v. 2, Nov 10, , PM, Rakesh kumar. ĉ,

It is stored in ROM and is uniquely defined. It is identified as Media Access Control layer in the network architecture. Q 23 What are the different types of passwords that you can use in Cisco routers? Q 24 How many types of memories are used in Cisco router? It is electronically erasable and a re-programmable memory chip. RAM — Store configuration file which is being executed. It loses its information when a router is restarted or shut down. It saves the information if the router is shut down or restarted. It maintains the instructions for POST diagnostics.

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Free Download Manager. ORG Size: Date Sep 25, Author traitel. Download screensaver paintings. Avril Lavigne Gorgeous Screensaver. Date Sep 25, Author WallpaperScreensavers. Avril Lavigne Pretty Screensaver. Avril Lavigne Punk Screensaver. Q 34 What does Multiple Access mean? Ans: In Multiple Access, it allows more than one devices to transmit the data at the same time.

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For Example, Star or Mesh Topology. Broadcast Domain uses local network for broadcasting the data packets to the receiver.

While broadcasting, massive data are broadcasted, hence the speed of receiving the data is less and it also takes more time to receive the data of their address. Collision Domain In the Collision Domain, data collision occurs more due to sending of more frames simultaneously.

If more than two frames are sent simultaneously then the data will collide with each other in between and the information gets lost due to an occurrence of a collision and the devices will not accept the data and due to this, the communication between the sender and receiver side will collide.

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Hence, the sender has to send the data again and like this, it will take more time to receive the data at the receiver's side. Ans: It works on Data Link Layer. Q 37 What does Round Trip Time mean?

Ans: Round-trip time or round-trip delay is defined as the time taken by a signal to send the data plus the time it receives the acknowledgment from the receiver of that signal. Q 38 What is MTU and what is its size for transmission?

It uses early Ethernet technology to overcome collision when it happened. Ans: It is either a single network or a group of networks that are managed by a single directive. It is defined by a unique number or code and is called as an Autonomous system number ASN.

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Sometimes, it is also called as a routing domain. Ans: Service Password Encryption is used to encrypt plaintext password into type 7 password.

Security is less and hence it can be easily decrypted.