Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger .Kindle).MOBI).Epub).PDF). The New York Times best-selling author of Clean offers a groundbreaking. Clean Gut: The Breakthrough Plan for Eliminating the. Root Cause of Disease and Revolutionizing Your Health. PDF by Alejandro Junger: Clean Gut: The. Clean Gut - book by Alejandro Junger MD Clean Eats by Alejandro .. see http://

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Alejandro Junger MD com/media/files/ Reply Link. PNTV: Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger, M.D. More goodness like this. WELCOME TO CLEAN. Congratulations on committing to a healthier you! Alejandro Junger MD. I am thrilled to share the Clean Program with you. It has been. For Eliminating The Root Cause Of Disease And Revolutionizing Your Health By Alejandro Junger pdf download. Clean Gut: The Breakthrough.

The Clean Program by Dr. Alejandro Junger is a fascinating new take on weight loss and improving your health. It is part of a new wave of programs that help you make fundamental changes in your life. Alejandro Junger was born in Uruguay. He graduated from medical school there in and moved to New York City for his postgraduate training In this system of dietary classification, foods that decrease the energy of the body are considered tamasic, while those increase the energy of the body are considered rajasic..

Granted, I did download packaged pretzels and crackers from the grocery store, but pretty much everything I ate was good for me.

I didn't eat many sweets maybe a piece of chocolate here and there and definitely didn't eat any baked goods — including bread. My diet focused on fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains. And I lost over 10 pounds in the process. Then I started to get more comfortable with my gluten-free lifestyle. I started experimenting with baking. Cookies, muffins, breads, cupcakes started to become a regular part in my diet again.

I still limited my intake of refined cane sugar, but sugar is sugar and when you're eating baked goods everyday that are made with honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar , you've got to expect that you're going to have to work a little hard to keep those pounds off. This section talks about learning how to cook 5 meals that you prepare all the time, rather than asking you to eat 5 times a day. We may change the sauces, spices, and combinations, but the basic components of the meals are the same.

Instead of getting wrapped up in complex recipes or the fear of eating clean for the rest of your life, focus on mastering five healthy meals. I would like to start this protocol but I have issues with most protein foods except beef, bison and elk meats. Should I take it slow and introduce these supplements one at a time until I see how things go?

Sorry to hear about all your reactions. It sounds like you really need this diet to heal your gut! For protein, it asks you to limit some of the foods you react to, like nuts, and avoid others, like soy and beans. If beef, bison, and elk work for you, use them as your proteins.

Junger points out that each person is different so the best supplement programs will be tailored to your specific history and nutritional needs p. I concentrate on the food part of diets, rather than supplements, but for the supplements Dr. Junger lists on p. I have been on Dr. I am absolutely thrilled with these results. I believe this is the result of the elimination of sugar.

I am having so much fun trying new recipes and have inspired my husband to join me. I feel fantastic both physically and mentally. What I plan to do is stick to phase 1 and skip phase 2. Thank you Dr. Junger for showing me the way. Eating just the phase 1 foods can be very limiting, especially socially, and you may be avoiding foods that are potentially healthful for you.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I will try introducing some foods, but will eat gluten free.

I do have sugar issues and without the starches, I am finding things so much easier. I am scheduled for blood work next week and then I will find out from the doctor if there is any improvement. Whey protein isolate is a dairy food, which should be avoided in phase 1 of this diet, and reintroduced only if dairy has been tested and passed. Vegetables might be triggers, is better rosted or cooked than raw?

But the author of this diet suggests eating raw vegetables as well as cooked. Also try avoiding carbonated drinks. I tried starting my program today and I am already so discouraged.

I have never tasted anything this awful in my life. I tried so hard to eat it. Any advice is appreciated. Sorry to hear that. Thickness — try adding more liquid Taste — try one of the other recipes look to see if you like all the ingredients , or add an ingredient which you like the taste of e. You could also try drinking it slightly warm.

Keep in mind that Dr. Hi Kim, my daughter just called me with the same problem. I think that the 1. Hi, I just read the book. Maybe it just went totally over my head, but what on earth are we supposed to do for lunch and dinner?

I get the supplement protocol. Can anyone explain:. I see the recipe section… are we supposed to just pick a recipe and have that? For dinner, have a meal from the recipes and make it INTO an entree-sized salad? Or, have a recipe from the recipe section WITH a salad?

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I am so, so very confused. Have a look at the recipe section — if you want to eat something from the recipes that meets these guidelines, go ahead, or you can create your own meal from the guidelines. In phase 2: Is tofu an acceptable food during the 21 day cleanse?

It seems that it would fall into the vegetable protein category, but soy products were on the foods to avoid list. For an explanation, see http: Just wondering why fruits other than berries are not allowed during the 21 day cleanse. Also, are strawberries okay? Other fruits are excluded during the cleanse to reduce yeast overgrowth.

The only berry listed in the book are blueberries. I love the logic behind this program. Fix the gut and you solve a lot of problems. I am in week 2 and feel wonderful. I am also finding it easy to adhere to. But sometimes, I wonder if this book was quickly thrown together. I agree with a recent poster — the blueberry shake is inedible. It must be a mistake. And the shake options are very limited, esp.

Junger asks that you drink a green shake every morning. Wish there were more options. This book was a life changer for me! I found that my primary migraine trigger is gluten, and dairy is also a headache trigger.

I have completely eliminated them, permanently, from my diet. Luckily, I found a holistic doctor, who explained leaky gut to me. I took it upon myself to learn more and bought the book.

Like some other posters, I drank the same one every day. I was sick of it by the end, but I toughed it out.

I guess my point with all of this is, try as best you can to get through the 21 day cleanse, as written, but you also have to do what works for your body. Try to do it as closely as you can. My migraines are GONE. Most of the time, I am headache-free, but I am still getting one a day working on finding the trigger.

I have decided to stay gluten-free, dairy-free, mostly grain-free and refined sugar-free. I am trying to stay with the correct food combinations as well. I have three friends now reading the book and their jaws dropped, as mine did, when they learned how it all comes down to your gut!

For your only remaining headache, look at habits and situations that may be triggering it — which could be environmental, food, or stress. Junger covers environmental and other other toxic factors in his earlier book, Clean. Dates are fruits, and the only fruits allowed in the cleanse are fresh and frozen berries, lemons, and limes.

Any other fruits, including dates, and any caloric sweeteners, including date syrup, are not to be eaten in phase 1 or phase 2. Many cleanses ask you to exclude yeast completely.

So… maybe try not to have Marmite during phase 1 or phase 2, but reintroduce it after phase 2. Why are eggs included in the clean gut program and not in the clean program? In the clean program we were told not to eat eggs in phase 1. Why the change? Junger lists eggs as a possible allergic or toxic trigger in Clean and Clean Gut. He also lists a number of other foods as not to eat in Clean but okay in Clean Gut including chicken and meat. How can you and the author possibly assume one would have read the clean book before reading clean gut?

I have started the 21 day cleanse in the clean book. So far so good. The creamy blueberry shake on page was impossible to make. I have a Vitamix. Is it 1. It says coconut but there is no liquid so I added water to be able to mix it.

Was that a typo? Also is the clean gut book much different? I have both. Should one do the clean cleanse first then the clean gut or what is suggested. Thank You Looking forward to seeing what happens on the cleanse.

Looking at the ingredients, that would make an extremely solid shake! You could try with coconut milk or coconut water, similar to the other recipes. The author suggests trying Clean first — it has much more than just dietary advice, it claims to help you to reduce toxins in your whole environment. My only question is can you get sufficient protein when eating only a side of quinoa, lentils or split peas per day?

Thanks so much for a great synopsis of the book and great responses to the questions people have asked here. Bee pollen, spirulina, and blue-green algae are also listed as vegetarian proteins, as are vegetarian protein powders rice protein powder, hemp protein powder, and pea based protein powder. Hi I am hoping to start this programme in a weeks time. However I am really going to struggle with having a meal for lunch. So I am going to have to have a shake for lunch and then the meal for dinner.

Will it still have the same health benefits? Thank you for a wonderful summary on the book and the cleanse. Are you supposed to continue the supplements during phase 2 as well or take them only for the 21 days during phase 1? Thanks again! Unfortunately I only concentrate on the food side of diets, not supplements….

My boyfriend and I are going to start this diet soon! Try reading the recommendations in the book and finding something that matches them closely enough. Good luck with the diet! Hi Maria, Yes, that should be fine as long as you find supplements with the correct dosage as outlined in the book. Good luck! I am on the third week of the program, and SICK of the smoothies.

Can hardly get them down. But I am wondering about the tea. Book says herb tea, what is wrong with instant tea?? And WHAT is a green juice? A green juice is what you get when you juice green vegetables without any fruits or non-leafy vegetables. Is there anything else I can drink or eat in morning besides those shakes? Sorry, but the shakes are the only alternative that the author gives for breakfast!

As well as the recipes in the book, you could try the ones http: You probably need to ease into the diet slowly. Try an elimination diet first for a week where you simply avoid all the food allergens and junk, but continue to eat three meals a day. If you really hate the shakes, you could try deconstructing them, making sure you chew really well. The diet guidelines indicate to go easy on the allowed Legumes split peas, lentils as well as quinoa, only a side serving a day.

My question is: Junger just reminds you to go easy on them. I cannot digest, red meat, poultry, wild game, anything but fish, for some reason. I eat fish and eggs mostly, daily, but I also have to watch my fish and egg intake as I have very high levels of B12 just recently checked so I must watch how much B12 I take in a day. Also, I do not digest fats well. I have to limit fats or my digestion is effected. Not sure what to do. The most helpful resource I found was http: Has your doctor given you guidelines about how much vitamin B12 you can eat, or just asked you to limit it?

It could be that, for you right now, more starchy protein sources such as grains and legumes might be a better source of protein and energy. Hope that helps a little bit.

Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself

Check out cleangut. Thank you. Hi, my husband and I started the program two weeks a go. We followed the instructions strictly the whole time.

Now my husband is going fine and he lost 5,5 lbs. How about ME? I gained 2 lbs, felt awful all the time! What on earth did happen and why?

We both are quite of normal weight but wanted to lose some. How annoying! Did you chew your food really well? Also, was there anything you snacked on or ate a lot of? I read the book in Korean verision and then have just started the program. In the Korean book, there is a saying that strawberry kiss smoothie from smoothie king can be substitute for cleangut shake.

I am wondering that there is natural fruitsugar in the smoothie. Is it possible to drink? I can tell I will find this difficult to stick to! But I totally want to give it a go! Thanks for the extensive information. Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with something im a little confused about.. I once read you shouldnt pair 2 proteins, competing proteins.. I had friends "LOL" me when they heard I was going to attempt it. Thanks guys. But I decided that I was going to read the book and try this cleanse.

Sure I might fail on the second day, but I had never tried anything like this before and I thought "what could it hurt? I did three days of the elimination diet first eating normally, but only the foods you can eat on the cleanse , and then I made it right through to the very end and it wasn't a struggle at all.

I don't know how it happened. I noticed a lot of changes for the better.

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I lost weight. My blood pressure normalized My moods balanced. I gained energy and was able to wake up easier. Lots of good things. Now that I'm done, I'm sticking with the smoothies in the morning, cause they are yummy. No processed or fast food, because I don't want it.