Doctor Who comic stories are a range of comic strips featuring the offscreen adventures of the Doctor, the protagonist in the BBC science fiction television series. In the American company IDW was the first American comic-book publisher to produce original Doctor Who comic books in the US, starting in early At the same time, those early issues of Doctor Who Weekly brought American comic strips in front of British eyes by having a long series of reprints taken straight.

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Doctor Who Comic Book

download products related to doctor who comic products and see what customers say Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day (Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor). A quick note beofre we dive into the guide: Titan Comics regularly releases Doctor Who comic books and graphic novels, so this guide will be. The Doctor regenerates into her most thrilling incarnation yet – played by Jodie Whittaker, and traveling alongside three brand new.

History[ edit ] The comic-strip adventures of the Doctor appeared almost from the beginning of the television series, first in the s publication TV Comic and then during the s in the mainly Gerry Anderson -related comic Countdown , later renamed TV Action. Both the First and Second Doctors were, for a time, shown travelling with two children named John and Gillian who were identified as the Doctor's grandchildren. Their place within established continuity has challenged fans ever since, although various spin-off fiction venues have attempted to reconcile their existence. The regular Doctor Who Annuals from World Distributors published comics most years from the first annual until they ceased publication in A comic strip also regularly appeared in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. This began as a Marvel Comics publication under the name Doctor Who Weekly in soon changing to Doctor Who Monthly , and the magazine continued to be published after the programme ceased production in The comic strip has usually featured the current Doctor in a series of adventures independent of the novels and the audios, and with another companion, though several crossovers with the worlds of the audio and literary Doctor Who and the comics have occurred. In the "Flood Barriers" feature in the trade paperback Doctor Who: The Flood, it is revealed the comic strip was given the opportunity to show the regeneration of the Eighth Doctor into the Ninth Doctor. The publishers of Doctor Who Magazine have also produced a number of special issues, annuals, and other publications containing comics. Two short-lived spin-off series, Miranda from Comeuppance Comics and Faction Paradox from Mad Norwegian Press , have also appeared, both featuring characters who had debuted in Doctor Who novels. Doctor Who Magazine, which is now owned by Panini Comics , continues to produce new comic-strip adventures.

Date This week Last week Past month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years Pre Pre Pre Pre Pre s s s s s s Search Advanced. Issue 1. Doctor Who Marvel 1. Published Oct by Marvel. Add to cart CGC 9. Issue 2. Doctor Who Marvel 2. Published Nov by Marvel. Add to cart Very Fine.

Add to cart Fine. Issue 3. Doctor Who Marvel 3. Published Dec by Marvel. Issue 4. Doctor Who Marvel 4. Published Jan by Marvel. Issue 5.

Doctor Who Marvel 5. Published Feb by Marvel. Issue 6. Doctor Who Marvel 6. Published Mar by Marvel. Issue 7. Doctor Who Marvel 7. Published Apr by Marvel. Issue 8. Doctor Who Marvel 8. Published May by Marvel. Issue 9. Doctor Who Marvel 9. Published Jun by Marvel. Issue Doctor Who Marvel Published Jul by Marvel. Add to cart Very Good. There are five discs; 2 for each of the two stories Iron Le W Jody Ho Not in packaging, but still in great condition. See pictures for details.

Doctor Who: I am the original owner of this book and I never read the Cover A comics. This comic has 12 doctor and Clara on the cover, it is in excellent condition.

New, unread, bagged and boarded for your pleasure. A Reader's copy with substantial wear. In-Vision Doctor Who. I want your comics to arrive in the advertised condition just as much as you do. On lots that include more than one comic, the Clara thought she was in for an evening of marking essays, followed by a date, if things went well.


Izzy , Fey. The Final Chapter. Izzy , Fey , Shayde , Rassilon. Izzy , Fey , Shayde. Happy Deathday. The Glorious Dead. Unnatural Born Killers. Kroton , Sontarans. The Road to Hell. The Company of Thieves. Izzy , Kroton. Izzy , Destrii. Beautiful Freak. The Way of All Flesh. Flower Power TV Comic reprint. John and Gillian , Cybermen. Character Assassin.

Children of the Revolution. Me and My Shadow. Feyde , Destrii. Izzy , Feyde , Izzy , Destrii. Where Nobody Knows Your Name. The Flood. Doctor Who and the Nightmare Game. The Power of Thoueris!

Doctor Who comic stories

The Land of Happy Endings. Sins of the Fathers. Destrii , Cybermen. The Love Invasion. The Cruel Sea.

A Groatsworth of Wit. The Betrothal of Sontar. Rose , Sontarans. Rose , Mickey , Jackie. The Futurists. Interstellar Overdrive. The Green-Eyed Monster. The Woman Who Sold the World. The Widow's Curse. Death to the Doctor!

Doctor Who Comics

Universal Monsters. The Crimson Hand. Donna , Sycorax. The Time of My Life. The Stockbridge Child. Mortal Beloved. The Age of Ice. The Deep Hereafter.

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Ghosts of the Northern Line. The Child of Time. Planet Bollywood. The Golden Ones. The Professor, the Queen and the Bookshop. The Screams of Death. Forever Dreaming. The Chains of Olympus. Amy , Rory. The Cornucopia Caper.

The Broken Man. Imaginary Enemies. Amy , Rory , Mels. Ian , Barbara. A Wing and a Prayer. The Blood of Azrael. Welcome to Tickle Town. John Smith and the Common Men. Pay the Piper. The Crystal Throne. Vastra , Jenny , Strax.

The Eye of Torment. The Instruments of War. Space Invaders! The Highgate Horror. Blood and Ice. Spirits of the Jungle. The Dragon Lord. Theatre of the Mind. The Pestilent Heart. Doorway to Hell. The Soul Garden. The Phantom Piper. The Parliament of Fear. The Clockwise War. Bill, Fey , Shayde. The Warmonger. Graham , Ryan , Yaz. Herald of Madness. Seaside Rendezvous. The Man in the Ion Mask.

The Brigadier , Benton , The Master. Bringer of Darkness. Jamie , Victoria , Daleks.