General knowledge 2016 pdf in english with answers


6 days ago We collected some important Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers from our , , , daily quiz data base and make it as. Aug 18, Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF (, , & ) for absolutely FREE. Month wise PDFs for last five years. Sep 8, General Knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams PDF blog gives you the study material (PDF) to download and the GK PDFs.

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General Knowledge 2016 Pdf In English With Answers

Apr 11, General Knowledge GK and General Awareness Multiple Choice Objective Type Practice Questions and Answers in English PDF for. for downloading it from there; the download is very cheap Biology Quest general knowledge questions and. GK General Knowledge questions and answers for Competitive exam 80% OFF on + RRB,SBI,More Mock Tests Series and Current Affairs PDF.

General awareness needed for all exams and interviews. So, please go through this frequently asked questions from this topics. Take SBI Clerk free mock test for online practice test. GK PDF: Tricks PDF: Countries having Franc as their currency. Cabinet ministers of India PDF. Famous books and Authors list PDF. Agriculture and Rural development Quiz.

Question 10 Which is the second largest moon in our solar system?

Answer:- Titan Saturn moon is the second largest moon in our solar system. Question 11 Mostly which gases found of the planet Jupiter?

Answer:- Hydrogen and Helium.

Question 12 What are the name of Galilean moons? Answer:- Andromeda Galaxy. Question 14 What is the age of Earth as calculated?

Answer:- Age of Earth is 4.

Answer:- Jupiter. Question 17 What is the full form of ESA? Answer:- Email.

GK Questions 2019 - Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers

So, by the end of the day, you can justify and grade yourself on the basis of Question attempted. This is why, the Current affairs Quizzes are so important and reckon us then only you will realize how important it is to attempt Quiz on daily basis.

What are the Benefits of Current Affairs Quiz? Well, you can never measure the depth of an Ocean and the Current Affairs are like ocean — The more you dive, the deeper it gets and you find more and more peace day by day because you become aware of the benefits and believe me the benefits are enormous.


We have listed some here for you: Updates on daily basis. You can attempt at any time and any moment. Rate your performance on the basis of the Questions attempted. Save your precious time as you are just a click away. It is economical. List of Famous Mosques and Mausoleums in India. List of Nuclear Power plants in India pdf. List of Thermal Power plants in India with Capacity pdf.

Growth Estimates of India by different organisations.

Important Facts Of Census List Of Regulatory bodies in India pdf. List of countries and their rankings in different indexes. List of Countries and their parliaments name. Famous Archaeological Sites in the World.

GK & Current Affairs Quiz - Questions & Answers

RRB General knowledge notes. List of Space Research Centers in India. Practice Online General Knowledge test questions for Competitive exams. The Questions that can be asked from this General knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams pdf are:.

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