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Fluency Book 5. Helps children to develop natural intonation when speaking English. View PDF Contains practice exercises for the Language Book activities. Worksheets and teacher's notes for Units of Level 5. Worksheets. Level 5, Unit 1 Worksheet. Downloadable student worksheet. View PDF. Download. For information about Macmillan Language Learning products 5. For teachers. Macmillan English Campus provides a wide variety of .. Student Book 5.

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Macmillan English Language Book 5 Pdf

Macmillan English Teachers Guide Level 5 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File Practice Book Prepare children by checking they understand the tasks. Download the Ready for First Workbook - Macmillan English illan Education English Language Teaching Catalogue ADVANCED Even my mum's. This page has been downloaded from younglearners 1 Read Language Book 4, pages 8–9 again. 3 Write five proper nouns.

Lesson 1: This page has been downloaded from www. A storm. The place where a story something bad is going to happen. Children should remember Shared reading worry.

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Zak: How did I go to Bangkok? Kim: I went to Portugal. We stayed in a little fishing Benni: Did you get all those? I hope so.

Macmillan English

Ive got a photo here of the boats in the Over to you! Voice: So Aunt Jemima is flying off to the city. Lucy and Teachers Guide samples harbour. The fishermen go out in them every day. This Parrot 2: Its good to squawk! Tom are in Uncle Theos old 4 x 4.

They are driving to is my favourite photo. The suns shining and the Mel: Where did you go for your holiday? What did you his house on the edge of the rainforest.

Talk to your friends.

It looks gorgeous. Parrot 2: Squawk! Uncle Theo is a scientist. He studies the Squirty person: What pretty boats! Benni: Now its time for a puzzle. What are these animals in the rainforest and he is especially Benni: Thanks, Kim. What about you, Ollie? Ollie: I went to Scotland. The sun doesnt shine so Mel: 1 You take photos with this.

Macmillan English Teachers Guide Level 5

Uncle Theo: Welcome back, children! Lucy: I love your house, Uncle Theo! We saw lots of castles. Ive got a picture of one Mel: 3 You can travel a long way quickly in this. Tom: Why are all these things in the hall, Uncle Theo? Benni: 4 A sandy place to sit by the sea. Lucy: Are you planning one of your trips? Benni: Look at that! Its huge. Did you go inside it? Mel: 5 You put your clothes in this when you go on Uncle Theo: Yes. Im going into the rainforest tomorrow.

Ollie: Yes, we did. I took a photo of a man playing holiday. Its very important.

Very important indeed. I must go Scottish music inside the castle and I recorded this, Benni: 6 When the sun is very bright you wear these.

Mel: Did you get those words? Clever you!

Now try this Lucy: But what about us? How many words can you make from Tom: We cant stay here all alone. Mel: Wow!

Whats that?

Have a go at that. Uncle Theo: Of course not.

Youre coming with me! Wed like you to choose one of your Lucy: The rainforest is a dangerous place.

Im scared. Benni: Amazing! Zak, what have you got for us? Who or what is in Tom: Well be fine. Uncle Theo will look after us. Zak: Well, I was really lucky. I flew all the way to the picture? What is happening? Lucy: What about all those insects and spiders and Bangkok in Thailand this summer.

Mel: Send in your photos and your writing. Mel: Ooh, how exciting. Photo Finish - Worksheet Answer Key. Shooting Stars - Test Sheet. Shooting Stars - Test Answer Key. Shooting Stars - Worksheet Answer Key. The Umbrella - Test Sheet. The Umbrella - Test Answer Key. The Umbrella - Worksheet Answer Key. The Well - Test Sheet.

The Well - Test Answer Key. The Well - Worksheet Answer Key. Alissa - Test Sheet. Alissa - Test Answer Key. Alissa - Worksheet Answer Key. Blue Fins - Test Sheet. Blue Fins - Test Answer Key. Blue Fins - Worksheet Answer Key. Gulliver's Travels in Lilliput - Test Sheet. In the Frame - Test Sheet.

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