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NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. NPTEL · Civil Engineering; Surveying (Video); Module 1 Lecture 1 Watch on YouTube; Video; Video Download; Full Video Download; PDF Download. civil engineering in IIT Kanpur, and over the course of all these lectures, I will be talking about this So, a module is basically a major chapter in basic surveying.

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Nptel Civil Engineering Surveying Pdf

you are at right place. Use NPTEL Civil Engineering App to understand your subjects better using video lectures and PDFs and make your. Structural Reliability Surveying Transportation Engineering II Urban transportation. Surveying. Lectures by Prof. Bharat Lohani Department of Civil Engineering IIT Kanpur. Module - 1 Lecture - 1 Surveying Module - 2 Lecture - 2 Surveying. Under revision. 8. Engineering Survey. • These are surveys undertaken to provide special information for construction of. Civil Engineering and building projects.

True meridian: A-Line or plane passing through geographical north pole and geographical south pole. Magnetic meridian: When the magnetic needle is suspended freely and balanced properly, unaffected by magnetic substances, it indicates a direction. This direction is known as magnetic meridian. The angle between the magnetic meridian and a line is known as a magnetic bearing or simple bearing of the line.

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Sometimes for preparing a map some state agencies assume several lines parallel to the true meridian for a particular zone these lines are termed as grid meridian. The magnetic bearing of a line measured clockwise from the North Pole towards the line is known as WCB.

Quadrantal Bearing: The magnetic bearing of a line measured clockwise or anticlockwise from NP or SP whichever is nearer to the line towards the east or west is known as QB. Reduced Bearing: When the whole circle bearing of a line is converted to quadrantal bearing it is termed as a reduced bearing.

Magnetic declination: The horizontal angle between the magnetic meridian and true meridian is known as magnetic declination.

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Dip of the magnetic needle: If the needle is perfectly balanced before magnetisation, it does not remain in the balanced position after it is magnetised. This is due to the magnetic influence of the earth. The needle is found to be inclined towards the pole. This inclination of the needle with the horizontal is known as dip of the magnetic needle.

First Method: Sum of the interior angle should be equal to 2n-4 x Then starting from unaffected line the bearings of all the lines are corrected using corrected interior angles. Bulu Pradhan Institute: Dhrubajyoti Sen Institute: Govindaraju Dr.

S Institute: Rajib Maity Institute: Veeraragavan Institute: Mandal Institute: Partha Chakraborthy, Pro Institute: Rajagopal Institute: Parida Institute: Nainan P. Kurian Institute: PSG College of Technology. Maity Institute: Manohar Institute: Nagesh Kumar Institute: Gosain Institute: Mohan Kumar Institute: Rajib K. Bhattacharjya Institute: Subhankar Karmakar Institute: Satish V. Kailas Institute: Mukesh Khare Institute: Onkar Dikshit Institute: Gali Madhavi Latha Institute: Anbazhagan Institute: Ashish Verma Institute: Saravanan Institute: Ojha Institute: Ghangrekar Institute: Arunasis Chakraborty Institute: Ravindra Gettu Institute: Pandey Institute: Sharad Kumar Jain Institute: Sreedeep Institute: Mallikarjuna Institute: Mittal Institute: Viswanadham Institute: Laishram Boeing Singh Institute: Priyanka Ghosh Institute: Javed N.

Malik Institute: Satyaki Roy, Dr. Mainak Ghosh Institute: Brajesh Kumar Dubey Institute: Nirjhar Dhang Institute: Amit Shaw Institute: Amit Shaw Prof.

Biswanath Banjerjee Institute: Manoj Kumar Tiwari Institute: Biswanath Banjerjee,Prof. Indumathi Nambi Institute: Franziska Steinbruch Institute: Koshy Varghese Institute: Garg Institute: Jayanta Kumar Ghosh Institute: Arun K.

Saraf Institute: IISc Bangalore. Uttam Kumar Bannerjee Institute: Course Name: Strength of Materials Course Type: Fluid Mechanics Course Type: Mechanics of Solid Course Type: Soil Mechanics Course Type: Design of Steel Structures Course Type: Surveying Course Type: Foundation Engineering Course Type: Building Materials and Constructions Course Type: Hydraulics Course Type: Introduction to Transportation Engineering Course Type: Concrete Technology Course Type: Concrete Engineering and Technology Course Type: Water Resources Engineering Course Type: Advanced Structural Analysis Course Type: Structural Analysis I Course Type: Structural Dynamics Course Type: Advanced Foundation Engineering Course Type: Finite Element Analysis Course Type: Modern Surveying Techniques Course Type: Advanced Hydrology Course Type: Environmental Air Pollution Course Type: Transportation Engineering I Course Type: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Course Type: Design of Concrete Structure Course Type: Engineering Geology Course Type: Urban Transportation Planning Course Type: Construction Planning and Management Course Type: Seismic Analysis of Structures Course Type: Prte-stressed Concrete Structures Course Type: Design of steel structure II Course Type: Advanced Hydraulics Course Type: Ground Improvement Techniques Course Type: Stochastic Hydrology Course Type: Application of Soil Mechanics Course Type: Foundation Analysis and Design Course Type: Water Resources Systems: Modeling Techniques and Analysis Course Type: Applied Elasticity for Engineers Course Type: Infrastructure Planning and Management Course Type:

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