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ShopNotes # - July - August English | 54 pages | PDF | MbEvery page of ShopNotes Magazine will make you a better. Woodworking plans and articles from ShopNotes No. goudzwaard.info Vol. 23 Issue A Publication of August Home Publishing THE LAYOUT TOOL THE LAYOUT TOOL Everyone.

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Vlae Kershner and Mike Taylor came, ready to roll their eyes at questions. Of course, we also needed research: Johnny Miller was on hand to tell us that the March 4 Wayback Machine column will have a Jerry Roberts byline.

And we had two copy desk vets who still do real work at the Voice of the West: Bernie Beck, on-call copy editor, and Deb Wandell, the spring chicken of Bill Pates once again did the organizing with his pal, restaurateur John Konstin who sent trays of food daily to strike HQ in Ron Kitagawa 2. Gabrielle Lurie 3.

Brandon Mercer 4. Esther Mobley 5. Ryan Kost 6. Mick LaSalle 7. Caroline Moira Grannan Copy chief Pete Wevurski, who seems to have a thing about animals, has owned or lived with the following: an albino skunk, two raccoons, Cuddles the porcupine, a boa constrictor that once spent a night in his waterbed, an opossum, a hawk with one wing, seven dogs at once five of them Rottweilers , lambs, goats, squirrels and a baby zebra.

This does not count the wild animals he is obliged to work with at Fifth and Mission…. Leah took a job with Reuters as White House, congressional and D. Jeff Johnson, calling out a certain editor, observed that wobbly things can happen when you serve alcohol. Curiouser and Curiouser took notes at the big staff meeting! The links between economic problems, theory, and public policy are emphasized. The learner investigates the range of sensor and actuator devices available, ways in which they communicate and compute, methods for getting information to and from IIoT-enabled devices, and ways of visualizing and processing data acquired from the IIoT.

Upon completion, learners will utilize hardware and software to construct a sensor network within an existing system and utilize industry standard tools to visual the acquired data. Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to operate and program industrial robots commonly used in Industry 4.

Motor control devices and components motor drives, relays, timers, counters, motor contactors, overloads including electromechanical and solid state equipment will be presented.

Learners will operate motors using PLC's. Upon completion of the course, learners will apply ladder logic, wiring diagrams, and PLC's to advanced manufacturing machines. These include standardized work instructions, Total Productive Maintenance TPM , mistake-proofing, changeover reduction, ergonomics, root cause analysis, Six Sigma, and quality management.

Learners are introduced to basic statistical tools and fundamental concepts needed to improve and control industrial processes. Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to use statistical tools to improve processes, define problems, set priorities, predict outcomes, and identifiy causes of quality problems.

Machine Mechanisms Course Number: Credits: 3.

Applied mechanisms will be presented including: levers, bearings, gears, cams, couplings, brakes and clutches, belt and chain drives through splines, pins, and keys. Learners explore mechanisms that are supported by structural components such as a frame, fasteners, bearings, springs, and other machine elements.

Upon completion of the course, learners will analyze the combination of force and movement within machine elements to determine if system requirements are met and machine functions safely. Materials and Processes Course Number: Credits: 2. The properties include: mechanical strength, chemistry, and basic material characteristic.

The processes include: modern manufacturing techniques, fabricating, casting, metallic finishes, plating and chip removal. Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to match materials and processes used in the manufacture of equipment.


But rather than fussing to set the miter gauge to the exact angle, I ShopNotes. By inserting a few playing cards, I can tweak the angle of the workpiece. Where you place the shims depends on where you need to remove material.

To close up a joint with a gap at the heel, slip the shims between the miter gauge and workpiece on the side closest to the sander upper left photo. Place the cards on the opposite end of the workpiece to close a joint with a gap at the point.

Glued Joints. But there are times when I deliberately make parts a little longer than necessary to ensure that joints come together fully. Through dovetails and box joints like the ones shown in the upper right photo are good examples.

ShopNotes #136 - July/August 2014

So instead, I use a small block plane. Since the parts are glued up, getting a clean cut is my main concern. There are a few things that can make that a certainty.

First, set the plane for a fine cut. Skew the block plane and plane toward the center from each side of the joint. I also moisten the end grain with mineral spirits.

This softens the wood and makes it easier to slice. Finally, move the plane so that the wood is supported on the back side, as you can see in the photo. One sure-fire way to prevent tearout when trimming the end of a workpiece is to score all the edges with a marking knife.