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Editorial Reviews. goudzwaard.info Review. Recipes from Smokin' with Myron Mixon Click on the photos below to download printable recipes from the book [PDF]. Smokin' with Myron Mixon: Backyard 'Cue Made Simple from and millions of .. Click on the photos below to download printable recipes from the book [PDF]. Read "Smokin' with Myron Mixon Recipes Made Simple, from the Winningest Man in Barbecue: A Cookbook Winningest Man in Barbecue" by Myron Mixon.

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Smokin With Myron Mixon Ebook

chapter 1. Barbecue Basics. Men like to barbecue. Men will cook if danger is involved. -Rita Rudner. A funny thing happens when I get to. Times bestselling cookbook author, and a judge on the hit show BBQ Pitmasters on Discoverys Destination America, Myron Mixon knows more about smoking. Smokin' with Myron Mixon book. Read 19 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The secret to the best barbecue from the man who barbecues.

Posted by Unknown at PM chapter 1 Men like to barbecue. Men will cook if danger is involved. These are people who want to watch me cook, see what I do, and figure out what techniques they can steal for their own food. I'm not ugly to them. In fact, I'm fine with their prying eyes because I know that no matter what they see me doing, they're probably not going to be able to replicate the magic themselves. That's not because I think I'm so divine-although of course I do think that-but it's because there's just no substitute for the amount of practice I've had. I've spent a lifetime growing up around barbecue, and I'm closing in on twenty years of competing on the professional barbecue circuit. So watch all you like, I say: you won't be able to do what I do unless you put in the time.

And so no matter what, the essential flavor of the meat should come through. This rule is equally true for what you cook up in your own backyard. Beyond that, good barbecue should obviously be moist and tender, but it should also have layers of flavor that are balanced and that cooperate with each other in your mouth. So the first layer of this is the natural flavor of the meat you're cooking. On top of that are the flavors it picks up from the marinade and rub you apply and the sauce you finish the meat with.

Finally, and just as important, is the flavor of the smoke that enters the meat. Because at the end of the day, smoke is what makes barbecue. What is the difference between grilling and barbecuing?

The fact that there's confusion over the exact differences between grilling and barbecuing shows me that people really like to cook outside, but they sure need a little more knowledge-because anything you cook on a grill is not necessarily "barbecue.

Think of it this way: It's the perfect way to sear a steak, because grilling is great for meat that is already relatively tender. Barbecuing is an altogether different process: It's cooking over a low or indirect fire with a heat that's F or lower, and it involves smoking.

When you barbecue, you want to not only cook the meat but also infuse and tenderize it with the smoke and the flavors coming from the wood. A little tip to remember: You can barbecue anything that you can grill, but you can't grill everything that you can barbecue. You can barbecue and grill chicken breasts, for instance, but you wouldn't want to grill a big tough cut of meat like a beef brisket.

What's the best barbecue cooker? Let me demystify this for you: To make delicious barbecue, there is no requirement that you must have high-end equipment like I use in competitions. Barbecue came about because there was a need for people to be able to feed themselves simply and cheaply. With the right recipes and an understanding of time, temperature, and flavor, you can achieve tasty food on any type of smoker, whether store-bought or homemade.

The best barbecue cooker for you is the one that you feel most comfortable using. When choosing a cooker, there are a few things to consider: price range, what size meats you'll want to cook and what quantities you'll want to use, and, most important, your level of expertise. It is easier to learn on simple equipment and then move on to more advanced types of cookers than it is to jump headfirst into top-tier smokers and try to figure it out from there.

Now, most American households own a grill or smoker. The majority of these are grills fueled by propane gas-they're by far the most popular choice. On their own, gas grills don't give off that smoky flavor we who love barbecue crave, but they can be adapted so that they do.

Regular kettle grills, like the much-loved Webers, also have capability for smoking. As far as smokers go, there's an incredible range, from the charcoal "bullet" smokers to rigs like the ones that I have custom-built. There are also Asian-inspired ceramic cookers, like the Big Green Egg, which have an army of enthusiasts. To my way of thinking, your cooker is your cooker; I can help you adapt any of them to properly smoke food.

The most important thing, far more important than what style of cooker you use, is the mastery of proper barbecue cooking techniques. Can I smoke food on a gas grill?

Myron Mixon

You bet your ass you can. Most of the models of gas grills have either two or three burners that can be controlled individually. Here's what to do: Take your favorite wood chips and soak them in water overnight.

Drain them, wrap them in foil, and then poke several holes in the top of the packet. Set the packet of chips aside. On a two-burner gas grill, light only one side; on a three-burner unit, light the two outside burners and leave the middle one cold.

Place your packet of wood chips on the lit section or sections. The flame will smolder the wet chips, producing smoke for your meat. To smoke on a gas grill, place your meat on the unlit section. That's it. Don't worry about the side vents and making them closed airtight; do the best you can to shut them, but none of my smokers are airtight, either. All my methods are simple, so let's not worry so much and make them complicated, all right?

Can I smoke on a kettle grill? Soak your wood chips or chunks in water overnight. Drain them. Set them aside. On a regular kettle grill, you need to bank your charcoal to one side, leaving a cold area for the meat to be placed. Put the wood chips directly on your coals. Hannah Kaminsky. The Jerky Bible. Kate Fiduccia. Stefanie London.

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