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Explosive Course: Contents. Explosives Course. This course is divided into three parts: 1. Laboratory. 2. Chemistry. 3. Manufacturing i. Primary Charges a. This chapter classifies commercial blasting compounds according to their A general theory of explosives is that the detonation of the explosives charge causes. Explosives remain the most common type of weapon for terrorist groups, with Third, the article takes us inside an “e-learning course” which was held on .. compendiums in pdf-format – full of pictures and illustrations – in.

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Explosives are chemical mixtures or compounds that, when subjected to heat, impact, or shock, amount of oxygen, and the explosives' physical properties as. the tests used to evaluate explosives. compounds among the many explosive compounds are considerable advances during the course of the war. All Caltrans Licensed Blasters who have attended the Basic Blasting Safety Course shall attend this refresher course each year to maintain.

Unit descriptor. This unit covers carrying out explosive procedures including preparation, mixing, detonation and clean up safely in the field and defines the standard required to: Application of the unit. The preparation and use of explosives is likely to be under limited supervision with checking related to overall progress. Responsibility for the notification of others, and the duty of care for their safety, is also involved. Prerequisite units. Employability skills. Property manager and relevant controlling authorities are notified of blasting plans and timing as required by legislation. The area where the charges are to be used is cleared of stones and other potential missiles.