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The Five Find-Outers and Dog (not to be confused with The Famous Five), also known as the Enid Blyton Mystery Series, is a series of children's mystery books. The Mystery of the Missing Man by Enid Blyton Page 1 The Find-Outers is a clever Download The Mystery of the Missing Necklace: The Fifth Adventure of the Five Find-Outers and Dog. ebook freeType: ebook pdf, ePub.

Characters[ edit ] The Five Find-Outers and Dog[ edit ] Frederick Algernon "Fatty" Trotteville — the leader of the Five Find-Outers from the third book on, when he justifies his leadership by demonstrating how to use invisible ink and how to escape from a locked room. He is given the nickname Fatty by the other children because of his initials, Frederick Algernon Trotteville, F. Being an only child, he receives generous amounts of pocket money from his parents and wealthy relatives, but Fatty is always willing to share his money with the group, often downloading rounds of cakes, drinks and ice-creams. Fatty also uses his pocket money to finance his interest in disguises and stores a large collection of clothes, wigs, greasepaint , cheek-pads, false teeth and other items in his shed at the bottom of the garden. Although boastful by nature, he learns to be more modest as his bragging causes the other children to become irritated. Fatty is a skilled orator and poet, and able to create poetry ad-lib. He is apparently top of his form at his boarding school and his ambition when he grows up is to become a detective. Fatty develops an interest in ventriloquism as the series progresses.

Now - spill the news. Have you got any? Fatty lay quiet and listened. Oh - and I nearly forgot to tell you - I met Mr. Goon this morning! Gosh, it makes me feel better again already to think of it. There was absolutely no one like Fatty for thinking up things. He slithered down into bed again and shut his eyes.

In fact, they both had a very nice time. Trotteville appeared, bearing a tray with two steaming platefuls of soup. Fatty eyed them in disappointment. Soup again! When am I going to have a real decent meal?

Save me two helpings, Mother. Trotteville laughed. All right - the doctor says you can be fed up well now your temperature is down. It was hot and well-flavoured. Fatty took two pieces of toast with it and crunched them up with appetite. He seemed to be hungrier even than Bets!

A distant bark came to their ears. Fatty listened and frowned. She might do it if you asked her. Do you really want some chicken now? I feel a bit full up already. Trotteville was surprised to hear that Fatty really wanted chicken. She filled a plate for him and one for Bets.

There - can you manage, Bets? He eyed it with satisfaction. Yes, certainly Fatty was on the mend. Nobody could eat like that if they were feeling at all ill! He slowed down a bit before he reached the end of the chicken and vegetables.

Fatty made a face. What a pudding to plan for some one in bed. Nor can I, as a matter of fact. Bets delivered the tray, broke the news about the lack of appetite for apples and rice, and asked about Buster. Oh, and Bets, your mother said you could stay on to tea if you like. She says Pip has got some one coming to see him this afternoon, and it would be good for you to have a change and be with Frederick for a bit.

Would you like to? You can come down here and have a book to read and then go back again when he is awake. He can bang on the floor or ring the bell when he has had enough sleep. And if he still wants Buster, you can take him up then. He must be missing us all so! He tore round her on his short legs, rolled over, bounced up again, and altogether behaved as if he was about six months old. He barked non-stop, and the two maids sitting with their cups of tea put their hands up to their ears.

Going to master! He flung himself at the closed door, and barked madly. Bets laughed.

The Five Find-Outers Mystery Series

She left him barking crossly. She had gone to see his beloved master, and not taken him, after all her promises? Wuff, wuff, wuff! Bets went back upstairs to tell Fatty the good news. He was now feeling sleepy and he snuggled down. Stay with me, Bets. Because of the Voices! Whatever did Fatty mean? And once it was a dog whining. He looked very earnest.

Bets, do stay with me. If you hear the Voices we could try and find out what they are. Do stay herc and sit in that chair. And see that dog in the picture?

He barks and whines! Or just being silly. She decided that he must have had such a high temperature that he had wandered a little in his mind and heard voices that were not really there. She opened her book and yawned. Bets fell asleep, and so did Fatty. Except for a log falling in the grate, where a bright fire was burning, there was nothing to be heard. Buster was snoozing in the kitchen, keeping one eye open for the big cat. The cat had to keep a certain distance. One paw over the line and Buster flew at her!

The clock on the mantelpiece ticked on. Half-past two. It was raining outside, and the afternoon was dark. It would have been too dark for Bets to read if she had been awake.

Half-past three. Both Fatty and Bets were perfectly still, and the fire grew rather low. Then Bets woke up with a jump.

She sat up, wondering where she was. How low the fire was! She gazed incredulously at the big china duck on the mantelpiece. Did the quacking come from there? Her heart began to beat fast. She stared at the duck and thought she saw it move. There was a hen clucking now - a hen in the bedroom! But how! And now there was a dog whining softly! She glanced at the picture of the dog but could hardly see it in the darkness. It whined again and gave a little yap. And then a quavery old voice came from the wardrobe in the far corner.

Just a cigarette! Your Voices are here! He sat up in bed, looking at Bets. Bets looked across at once. Fatty, what is it? You are a little silly, Bets, not to guess. What is it? Did you really guess? Gosh, the noises that have come from the corners of our dormy each night! And the noises in class too.

Once I even got a master to open a cupboard to see if a cat was mewing there. It just shows I must be jolly good. Gosh, I must be a better ventriloquist than I thought! How do you manage to throw your voice somewhere else, though? Whatever will the others say! A chap came down to our school last term to entertain us. He was a ventriloquist and he had a couple of idiotic-looking dolls, whose heads could turn from side to side. Their eyes could open and shut, and their mouths worked up and down.

Well, he was absolutely super, this chap. But you must know, Fatty, because you can ventil - ventrilo Fatty wished he could say he was. But honesty compelled him to admit that another boy was better than he was. Anyway, when he knew I was trying to learn to throw my voice, he showed me a few tricks.

It comes from two words - venter, which means tummy, and loqui, which means to speak - in other words a ventriloquist was supposed to be a man who could speak by using his tummy in some way. The tummy is not used. What is, then? She was quite sure she would be no good at it at all. The whole thing sounded quite impossible to do. But Fatty, as usual, had tackled the impossible and done it! She instinctively looked over to the wardrobe again. Fatty was looking there too, as if somebody was really there.

How do you throw your voice like that, Fatty? Though this Zulu chap I was telling you about can really throw his voice, it seems to me. Fancy you being a ventriloquist now - whatever will you be next? Trotteville with a tremendously excited Buster rushing in front.

He leapt straight on to the bed, of course, and flung himself on Fatty. Buster followed at once, and a curious heaving earthquake formed itself in the bed, accompanied by yells and barks. Buster must come out! You can get up, put on your dressing-gown, and stay up for two hours. But this time he was not so uproarious. He had given Fatty the welcome he had been saving up for him, now he was content to lie by him, licking his hand whenever it came near his black nose.

Fatty got out of bed. At first he meant to leap out, but somehow his legs failed to obey his orders. He found that his knees were still very shaky. She and Daddy would be sure to think it was messing about with ventriloquism that made him not work hard at his class subjects.

I always think hot, buttery toast and honey make a jolly good pair - but usually you get one without the other. Be a pet and go and ask for some, Bets. Fatty looked down at Buster, who was sitting beside him, looking up adoringly, his mouth open and his tongue hanging out because of the heat of the fire.

Buster was agreeably surprised. He swallowed twice and then held out his tongue again. Buster looked at him inquiringly and wagged his tail. Quark, quark, quark! Perhaps a spurt of brilliantly fine weather had something to do with it. All of them felt that they must be out in the sunshine, however cold it was otherwise.

They went for their first walk together that holiday, enjoying the stroll, though only Bets really felt like running. In the summer they had ice-cold milk there, and ice-creams, or lemonade. In the winter the little shop did a roaring trade in hot milk, cocoa, and hot chocolate. A short, plump woman came to serve them. What would you like? He drew a handful of change out of his pocket to pay. Fatty always had plenty of money!

He knew that it often made Larry feel embarrassed when he so often had to allow him, Fatty, to pay for their treats.

Enid Blyton - Mystery

Anyway, Fatty could always pay for the second round of chocolate and biscuits! Buster suddenly got up and went to the door. He barked loudly.

Up on the mantelpiece was a model of a cow, standing about two feet high. It had a head that would nod up and down if any one set it going. She got up and went over to it. Buster began to bark again, and the five swung their heads round to the door. Goon was standing there, looking so plump that the buttons on his tunic were stretched to bursting-point.

Five Find-Outers - Wikipedia

Are you coming to have a drink of hot milk or something? He deftly put Buster on the lead, and made him sit down. Fatty was hoping against hope that Mr. Goon was indeed coming to sit in the shop and have a drink. Fatty had a bright iden, and wanted to carry it out! He called for a cup of cocoa and a bun. Goon, sir? Goon took no notice of her. He glanced across at the children. You must have felt funny not being able to stick your noses in a mystery. Fatty spoke a few words to Larry, and Larry said a few back.

Nobody looked at Mr. He raised his voice. Goon probably knows all about those by now. Goon, biting violently into his bun. Lot of silly make-up! They all knew about his ventriloquial powers now, and he had practised a few of his tricks in front of them.

Why had he mentioned Strange Voices to Mr. Goon again, and took a sip of hot cocoa. Goon to hear. Somebody casting a spell on them, I suppose. Goon, drinking his cocoa rather loudly. Goon, swallowing the last of the currant bun. Fatty scribbled something quickly on a piece of paper and pushed it across the table to the others.

Goon wiped his mouth. Bosh and rubbish! Goon looked across at it too. The mooing was so realistic, and so exactly in time to the nodding, that even the children, with the exception of Fatty, thought for one moment that the mooing noise did actually come from it. Goon stared at the cow, astounded. Goon looked at the nodding cow again. It had stopped mooing - principally because Fatty had been overcome with an urge to laugh.

But, as Goon looked at it, it gave such a large and unexpected moo that the policeman jumped violently. Goon swallowed hard. Nobody would ever have believed that it was merely Fatty throwing the noise across to the mantelpiece! Goon felt rather sick. He looked at the children again.

They were taking absolutely no notice at all of the mooing cow. Neither was Buster, of course. Was it possible that they were not hearing what Mr.

Goon was hearing? The little plump woman came bustling into the shop with some more buns for the children. The cow stopped mooing. Goon cleared his throat and spoke to the shopwoman. Very life-like? What are they? A Warning? The cow began to moo once more, but so softly that Mr. Goon was not absolutely sure if he was hearing it or not.

Could he be imagining it? He gazed so earnestly at the nodding cow that Bets felt an irresistible giggle rising up from the very middle of her tummy. She knew from experience that they were the worst kind of giggles - the ones that heaved up and broke out helplessly.

From then, I can read them. But now for your website,I can Enjoy all my favourite books. Your website rocks and can I have Enid blyton's Magic faraway tree all series for free download? I still love them myself and read all of them before getting my grandson to read them] Thanx a million and god bless you for this favor you have done by giving us the books online Thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx Thank u!!

I was getting tired of going to the library which had bad shaped books. Now I can do all this sitting at my house. I thank you sir very very much. Please reply to my E-mail vrnihal yahoo. Great collection! Thanks A Ton! Now I can read all my favourites online! Thanks again! This boy had a small, wizened face, and tiny eyes! Clever as Fatty was at disguises he could never make himself like this! Bets went scarlet. What was Bets doing, flinging her arms round the telegraph boy? The boy was just as embarrassed as Bets.

He handed in the telegram without a word. Hilton, sharply. The telegraph boy stared after her, amazed.

Larry, Pip, and Daisy laughed till they ached. The very next person must be Fatty! He came cycling up the drive, plump as ever, a broad grin on his good-humoured face, and Buster running valiantly beside the pedals! Buster capered round, mad with excitement, barking without stopping. Fatty was thumped on the shoulder by every one, and hugged by Bets, and dragged off into the garden. He was awfully startled. Any one would think you were a foreigner! Darling Buster!

We have missed you! Fatty grinned round. Then he made a surprising statement. In disguise? What did he mean?

Shame on you! I was a bit afraid of Bets, though. The postman - no, impossible. That old gipsy-woman - no, she really was too tall, and anyway she ran like a hare when she thought I was going to fetch Daddy. Go on - own up! I was here this morning - and I tell you, Bets was the only one I thought was going to see through me. Awful creature! He clipped one on each ear. He pulled out a wig of greasy black curls from another pocket and put it on his head. The others looked at him silently, really startled.

Even without the big feathered hat, the shawl, the basket, the long black skirt, Fatty was the gipsy woman! Take that awful wig off! I honestly thought young Bets here was going to get her father.

I wore frightfully high-heeled shoes, and I could hardly run. Well, you took us in properly. Good old Fatty. Hilton appeared.

The Mystery of the Strange Bundle

Fatty got up politely. He always had excellent manners. Hilton put out her hand, and then stared in astonishment at Fatty. He dragged them off at once, trying to say something polite and shake hands all at the same time. Bets gazed at him in delight. Good old Fatty - it really was lovely to have him back. Things always happened when Fatty was around! Bets quite expected some adventure or mystery to turn up immediately, now that Fatty was back.

She awoke the next morning with a nice, excited feeling, as if something was going to happen. Here he kept many of his disguises and his make-up and here he tried out some of his new ideas. Many a time the others had arrived at his shed to have the door opened by some frightful old tramp, or grinning errand boy, all teeth and cheeks, or even an old woman in layers and layers of skirts, her cheeks wrinkled, and with one or two teeth missing.

Yes - Fatty could even appear to have a few of his front teeth missing, by carefully blacking one here and there, so that when he smiled, black gaps appeared, which seemed to be holes where teeth had once been.

Bets had been horrified when she had first seen him, with, apparently, three front teeth gone! But this morning it was Fatty himself who opened the door. The floor was spread with open books. The four children stepped over the madly barking Buster and looked at them. Questioning of witnesses! Any one seen old Goon lately? He went an awful bump too, and he was so angry that nobody liked to stop and help him up.

He just sat there shouting. And Peterswood is always half-asleep in the summer. Nothing doing at all. He had been pleased with their help in solving many queer mysteries. But Mr. Goon had not been nearly so pleased. The bad-tempered village policeman had wished many and many a time that the five children and their dog lived hundreds of miles away. I picked them up on my cruise. He opened a trunk and showed the four children a mass of brilliant-looking clothes.

I got suits for all of us. I thought they would do for fancy-dress, though they will do for foreign disguises too! She picked out a gay, red skirt of fine silk, patterned in stripes of white.

It will suit you fine, Daisy. He was like a grown-up in that, Bets thought. He seemed to have dozens of rich relations who showered tips on him. He was always generous with his money, though, and ready to share with the rest of them. Bets had a curious little robe-like dress that reached to her ankles. It had to be swathed round and tied with a sash.

The others looked at her, and marvelled. What a wonderful disguise it would make for her! She glanced into the big clear mirror that Fatty kept there, and was startled.

She looked a real little foreigner! She drew the hood of the frock over her head, and looked round with half-shut eyes.

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Fatty clapped. An Indian princess to the life! Here, Larry - stick this on. And this is for you, Pip. All of them were so brown that in a trice they seemed to be transformed into a different race altogether. Nobody would have thought them English. Fatty stared at the four parading round his shed. He grinned. His brain set to work to try and evolve a plan to use these gay disguises. A visiting princess? A descent on Goon for some reason? He racked his brains for some bright idea. Bets explained.

He brought a State Umbrella with him, but the paper said he only used it once! He looked at every one admiringly. Of course, your dark-brown faces make you look first-class in those foreign clothes. Any one would think you belonged to some black or brown race of people.

I only wish you could parade through the village! But Fatty had no time to answer because Buster began to bark loudly, and tore out of the open door at sixty miles an hour. Fatty shut the door of the shed and faced the others. His eyes sparkled.

If you speak English, speak it badly, see? And if I speak to you in nonsense language, you speak the same. Goon the policeman. He had once been to stay with his uncle and had been involved in a mystery.

Now here he was, coming to pay a call with two others. Footsteps came right up to the door. Both of you. And spit that toffee out, young Sid. Bets giggled and Pip gave her a sharp nudge. There was a knock on the shed-door. Fatty opened it and stared solemnly at Ern. Then his face took on a surprised and pleased expression. He smiled broadly and held out his hand. Ern Goon! This is a pleasure! Do come in, Ern, and let me introduce you to my foreign visitors!

Then he turned to the two boys behind him. They were not so old as he was, and very alike. Speak up Sid and Perce. Remember your manners. Ern glared at him. Bets turned her head away, afraid of giggling.

Bets inclined her head majestically and looked at the three awed boys through half-closed lids. Who are the others, Fatty? His toffee had got stuck again, and he was concerned with that. His jaws moved unceasingly. Em started back in surprise. Then he gazed at Fatty in awe.

So off we skipped, and put up our tent in the field next to one of the School Camp fields. He suddenly put his hand into his pocket and brought out a round tin. He took off the lid and offered the tin to Fatty.

Fatty peered in. It was almost full of dark-brown, revolting-looking toffee in great thick pieces. Gets himself a tin of toffee that way each day.

Ern, Sid, and Perce stared at him. Been nice to see you, Fatty. I say, Fatty - any more mysteries going? He looked at the other four, who gazed back expectantly.

The Princess must go first, Ern. Fatty looked at Ern as if suddenly struck with a good idea. The others waited expectantly. Has she got one too? Fatty disappeared and the others waited. He came back, with an enormous, gaily covered umbrella over his head. He blushed and looked at Fatty.

Sid and Perce, get behind. Pip was purple in the face with his efforts to stop exploding. Fatty looked at him. The others immediately took the opportunity of joining in and Larry, Daisy, Pip, and Bets rocked from side to side, roaring with laughter, holding on to one another, much to the astonishment of Ern and his two brothers.

The house parlourmaid stood there, shaking a mat, and she stared open-mouthed as they passed. Ern felt terribly important. It was very disappointing not to meet more people on the way down to the river. They met old Mrs. Winstanton, who was so short-sighted that all she saw was the big umbrella, which made her think it must be raining.

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