Available for the first time in paperback, this stunningly illustrated and intimate book—composed of Tupac's own words—is in many ways the autobiography. Start by marking “Resurrection, ” as Want to Read: A stunningly designed, richly illustrated companion to the Academy Award-nominated documentary film, Tupac: Resurrection brings unprecedented clarity and soulful intimacy to the life and work of the late Tupac Shakur. Tupac has been dead for almost 13 years now, and despite many books being written about him, there has never been an official autobiography. "Resurrection" .

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Tupac Resurrection Book

download a cheap copy of Tupac: Resurrection book by Tupac Shakur. A stunningly designed, richly illustrated companion to the much-anticipated documentary film, . See all books authored by Tupac Shakur, including The Rose That Grew From Concrete, and Tupac: Resurrection, and more on goudzwaard.info This book is an intimate and personal look at one of the entertainment industry's most complex, influential and intriguing artists of all time - Tupac Shakur.

Comprised entirely of Shakur's own words and published to coincide with the nationwide cinema release of a major documentary film by MTV and Amaru Entertainment, the book penetrates Tupac's iconic persona to illuminate a flesh-and-blood artist revealing his innermost thoughts and emotions with relentless candor. Featuring stills from never-beforeseen concerts and home movies; dozens of rare photographs donated by family, close friends, and the MTV archives; previously unpublished poetry; and exclusive excerpts from Shakur's journals, poetry, and personal correspondence, Resurrection crystallizes the enduring significance and impact of one of the entertainment industry's most complex, haunting, and influential artists of all time. Review "The past seven years have been extremely painful watching and listening while others incorrectly attempted to define who my son really was. Now, through patience, the strength of my family, and faith in God, the true story of Tupac is finally being shared with the world. Synopsis "When I was a baby I remember one moment of calm peace, then three minutes after that it was on. In many ways the autobiography he never got to write, Tupac: Resurrection features the artist in his own words, examining his complicated life and the controversial decisions that plagued him while he was alive.

He loved his mama. But as personable as he was, 2Pac also had a darker side. The famous rapper has had several run-ins with the law, hung out with some shady people, and had a penchant for drama.

He would try, but trouble followed him everywhere. I'm not saying I'll change the world, but I guarantee I'll spark the brain that will change the world. So keep your head up. Do what you've gotta do. And then inside of you, I'll be reborn. About Suge Knight… I left him out on purpose but he's mentioned in other reviews on my site.

View all 11 comments. Feb 28, Tiffany Nelson rated it it was amazing. After borrowing this book from a friend, I have downloadd and gifted this book to inner city Black Males at least 3x - and will continue to do so.

I think it is insightful, raw and honest. It's hard to describe his tone, but he is able to connect to the reader, by being a strong man, but also showing weakness.

I was captivated by his openness and authenticity, through the good and the bad. All the ugly parts of ourselves and our lives that w After borrowing this book from a friend, I have downloadd and gifted this book to inner city Black Males at least 3x - and will continue to do so.

All the ugly parts of ourselves and our lives that we may want to cover up and hide, Tupac reveals. There is something included from every part of his life, living in the inner city, his education, the movie industry, family and prison life, no part goes untouched.

With handwritten letters and family photos it is a fascinating journey through his eyes, one that I will never forget and only wish to continue to share with others. View 1 comment. May 12, Marie Antionette rated it it was amazing. He was a bright and intelligent man Way before his time Jan 22, Nada rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is his story told in his own words—indeed the autobiography he never got to write which makes it the only Tupac book that matters.

The excellent plethora of photographs are put together so nicely, and appropriate to the text. Collection of poems, letters and scripts all written by him are in here. I couldn't put it down I devoured it all in one-sitting.

A treasure to any Tupac's fan. Dec 01, Paula Lambert rated it it was amazing. Geez, Louise, this is a beautiful book. The photography is excellent and perfectly paired with text. The story of Shakur's life is told in his own words, revealing a truly beautiful, while simultaneously tragic, life. I wish I'd read this book years ago, and plan to see the documentary film. I love that one has lead me into the other.

If you've not read it yet or not read it in years, now's the time to take a look; it seems more relevant than ever.

Resurrection, by Tupac Shakur

I was especially touched by details of his l Geez, Louise, this is a beautiful book. I was especially touched by details of his lawsuit against the city of Oakland after being beaten by officers during a false arrest.

Or maybe, was always relevant and still is. This should be supplementary textbook reading in high schools and colleges everywhere. And music. Note that music comes as an afterthought, not because it isn't important but because Shakur's story, told here, is about so much more than that. It extends for miles. Favorite quotes? Many too too long to post here or provide proper context for, but these are two: What makes me saying 'I don't give a fuck' different than Patrick Henry saying 'Give me liberty or give me death?

But I like to think of myself as socially aware. I think there should be a drug class, a sex education class. A real sex education class.

A class on police brutality. There should be a class on apartheid. There should be a class on why people are hungry, but there are not. There are classes on Physical education. Let's learn volleyball. Oh, indeed. May 30, Tupac rated it it was amazing. This book hooked me up from beginning to end, this book is about of the story of the life of tupac shakur and your legacy.

Apr 11, Dylan rated it it was amazing. Oct 02, Kony rated it really liked it. So, 4 stars overall. The book is good, but it could be mind-blowingly amazing with savvier design and some context for quotes and photos. Jun 14, Steven Phillips rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: REAL gangstaz.

Sep 09, Emmanuel Perez rated it it was amazing. What a great way to learn about TuPac - through his own words. He was articulate, intelligent and a revolutionary. The good die young. Jan 25, Brenda rated it it was amazing. Jun 12, Nelson-buddha rated it it was amazing. Awesome book and a great read for fans of Tupac's music giving insight to the man that was and the man that could have been. May 27, Reem rated it really liked it Shelves: Great image collection.

I love the way it presented; the gold cover, the images and the context in general except for the pages layout, in my humble opinion, I think it could've been better. Anyhow, the collection really does show Tupac. Oct 06, Wesley rated it liked it.

Apr 22, Cortez rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was really good it told some tales of tales Dec 01, Kuforiji Adebambo added it. I want to read this book desperately.

Feb 02, Chantelle added it. Apr 22, Baby rated it it was amazing. Jun 20, Meesh rated it liked it Shelves: Jul 30, Beverlee rated it really liked it. I think Tupac: Resurrection is an essential read for his fans. It's 'Pac's written account of his life with a plethora of photographs, letters, song lyrics, etc. I haven't watched the documentary, mainly because I like to read first, watch later.

I think what makes Resurrection great is the explanation given for what thug means, the difference between nigger and nigga a debate unto itself , and the background info on Tupac's childhood. He articulated why poverty is so unforgiving and unacceptab I think Tupac: He articulated why poverty is so unforgiving and unacceptable.

It's a look into the inequalities between the "haves" and have-nots" specifically as it relates to education. I only wish there was more info, probably because I'm naturally nosy. I realize that as a person, very few people want all of their innermost thoughts available for the world to critique.

I sincerely hope that lessons can be learned from Tupac's life, that the wide gulf that exists between wealth and poverty can be closed and eradicated.

Resurrection, 1971-1996

May 27, Asia rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book does not only showcase Tupac's lyrical and intellectual brilliance, but his vulnerabilities, his fears, and his quest for true love in a broken, shattered world filled with suspicion and distrust.

Feb 09, Kevin Figgins rated it liked it. I'm convinced Tupac was an insane genius. Aug 14, Assassin'sRead rated it it was amazing Shelves: Being a massive Tupac Amaru Shakur fan, I had to be a proud owner of this title. I've looked and continue to do so, into the conspiracy of his death. I've made my own conclusions on whether I think he's alive or not, but all I will say is that there is more evidence of him being alive than being dead.

Tupac is a great individual, who definitely went too soon. This book made me feel closer to my hero. There aren't too many people who think about society and poverty at the same level as Tupac, he suspected things that most would brush aside.

He knew exactly what was going on in the music industry and he made the biggest sacrifice of all, he exposed them. To lose him if he's actually gone at the very young age of 25 that's only 3 years older than me breaks my heart. He's achieved a lot during his late teens.

Maybe he grew up too soon? As for the book, if you're a fan, you will read it. Understanding and realising what Tupac went through opens doors for everyone.

Believe you can and you're halfway there. Makaveli - America's nightmare. Feb 09, Diego rated it it was amazing. This book came to me at a tough time of mine. I sense hope in the future but struggling to be stronger.

This book connected to the younger me when I was 6 when I heard of Pac's death.

Tupac : resurrection, 1971-1996

This is an example of how incredible his work ethic was. I remember how excited I was to download this book. This big beautiful hardcover stood out with its gold colour.

The simplicity of the covers makes this book stand out in a stunning way. In large uppercase letters spells his name 'Tupac'.

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In much smaller letters spells 'Resurrection' and the years of his life and death. Their arrangement form a cross that represents the Christian faith. This may hint Shakur's faith was in Jesus, but I am still uncertain.

The back cover is also in large uppercase letters spelling his last name Shakur. I spent my teenage years learning about this rap star. Now I want to learn more about the actual man himself. This book is considered to be the autobiography that Shakur never got to write. He shares his thoughts and feelings on his life. He talks about the controversial decisions he made during his complicated life.

Shakur takes the reader through the very beginning. From his mother's days as a Black Panther activist, to his acting years at the Baltimore School for the Arts.

His discovery by Digital Underground led to his first rap album with Interscope. This began a long trail of the many controversies that plagued his life as he rose to stardom.

There are also never before seen writings which is a treat for huge fans. This collection showcases the intelligence, brilliance, and creative force of Shakur. Impressive for such a young age.

I was able to read this book in under two hours. Most of this book was rich in beautiful stunning photos and many of his writings that are well preserved.

There were more pages dedicated to photos than there was of his actual words. When it comes to quality, you can sense the craftsmanship and love going into this book. I come back stronger. Everyone changes, becomes better people. We all should get that chance. I just want my chance.

At least in the sense that Tupac did not write these words towards the goal of publishing his own book. I can appreciate the effort his family and friends made to have his story published using his words. I can sense his personality when I read his words. The problem is that a s much as it wants to be an autobiography, it does not feel like one. His words are a collection of interviews, thoughts, feelings, pictures, and personal writings.

Afeni Shakur felt that Tupac's spirit wanted his story told not only in film, but in print. There is nothing wrong with that, especially since he was not alive to do it himself. In their defense, Tupac Resurrection does not claim to be the official autobiography. While there is a wealth of beautiful photos, many of them are missing captions.

This leaves the reader in the dark when it comes to explaining who was in each photo? What year? What event? This would have been helpful in providing relevance and understanding of the photos. I was once a huge fan of Tupac which made owning this book justifiable.

I would only recommend this book to fans that have studied his career and life like I did many years ago. Watching Tupac's various interviews in the movie helped make sense of his story. Those same words do not translate well in the book format. Without the visual context, a lot of Tupac's story feels broken and disjointed at times in this book.

His story bounces from one message to a completely different topic and time frame. This makes his story at times incoherent. Tupac Resurrection serves more as a commemorative keepsake to fans following his life. For those who never heard of Tupac's story, this book gives beautiful glimpses of his life.

This is on full display with its beautiful photos, authentic documents, and writings. The trade-off is its deficiency in words and context.

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