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Beginning. goudzwaard.info In C# and VB. Imar Spaanjaars written books on ASP .NET and Macromedia Dreamweaver, all published under the Wrox brand. Results 1 - 25 goudzwaard.info books, ebooks for programmers -- Microsoft asp net , Jumping from ASP to goudzwaard.info by Doug Parsons. June , Wrox Blox PDF. Trademarks: Wiley, the Wiley logo, Wrox, the Wrox logo, Wrox Silverlight and a technical editor for several other Wrox publications and has written . Chapter 7: Data Binding in goudzwaard.info Data Source Controls.

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Wrox Publication Asp.net 3.5 Pdf

Beginning goudzwaard.info In C# and VB (X) cover image use LINQ to SQL to access SQL Server databases without writing a lot of manual code. Beginning. download individual book chapters in pdf No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or . NET version of the book relies heavily on Marco's book and . tion or another reference-type book such as Wrox's Professional goudzwaard.info A good reference on search. goudzwaard.info Security, Membership, and. Role Management with C# and VB . No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or.

The ISBN is Many free ebooks file hosting sites like rapidshare, megaupload, torrents, ftp have broken links for Professional C Wrox e-book. Visitors have searched this site by: download Professional C Wrox; free download ; Professional C Wrox rapidshare; pdf chm; free download download this free ebookdownloadable free e-books online We have lots of other books from Wrox publications and written by Christian Nagel. In computing, an e-book for electronic book: also eBook, ebook is the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book. Such documents are either read on personal computers, or on dedicated hardware devices known as e-book devices or e-book readers. Click on the download link below to start the download of Professional C Wrox. Updated for. NET 3. Beginning with a look into the architecture and methodology of. NET, the team of superlative authors explains why the C language cannot be viewed in isolation, but rather, must be considered in parallel with the. NET Framework. After gaining an understanding of the foundation of C , you'll then go on to examine the fundamentals of C programming with each successive chapter. New examples provide helpful explanations on how to use C to solve various tasks. NET entities, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, arrays, system transactions, tracing, and event logging all deliver essential information to help you gain a clear and thorough understanding of all that C has to offer. Wrox Professional Guides are planned and written by working programmers to meet the real-world needs of programmers, developers, and IT professionals.

Subject to credit approval. Learn more — opens in a new window or tab. NET 3. Imar Spaanjaars graduated in Publicatjon Management at the Leisure Management School in the Netherlands, but he quickly changed his career path into the Internet world.

Imar has written books on ASP. Minimal damage to the book cover eg. Read more about the condition. Wrox programmer to programmer: Processed by PayPal Get more time to pay. Representative APR variable This wrlx is for anyone who wants to learn how to build rich and interactive web sites that run on the Microsoft platform. Generally, limiting returned data required that each programmer limit possible query results or invent some mechanism for micromanaging high-data-prone controls such as grids.

Then, things changed — and they seemed to change pretty quickly even for Internet time. Ajax had arrived.

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These later developments actually happened in and Web forms have a life cycle. When a page is posted back from the client to the server, it goes through the entire life cycle. This life cycle includes rerendering the page, which in turn causes the very visible page flicker users experience. Many times, much of what the user experiences is the result of static content and minor changes based on their interactions with the page; what they pay for with a postback is the re-creation of everything.

Ajax uses callbacks. A callback sends data back to the server, but only the relevant response is returned through the browser. Ajax plumbing literally used to require — as late as — programmers to inject dynamic JavaScript, wire up event handlers, and manually parse and stuff text returned into the client Web page with more JavaScript.

There are dozens of JavaScript examples throughout the book.

About Beginning ASP.NET 4.5.1 in C# and VB

The benefit of employing all this specialized knowledge is that users had a better experience because they paid for data refreshes only when something actually changed on a page. Also, pages seemed to update magically. You can still use wired-up Ajax with injected script if you want, but it is more error prone and requires great JavaScript authoring and debugging skills.

Microsoft shipped the UpdatePanel in late or Any control can get some Ajax support with the UpdatePanel.

To demonstrate the ASPxGridView, you can follow the examples in this chapter and the next to build the TotalFlight sample shown in Figure , which includes a 1,,row result set. Figure You can complete the TotalFlight passenger manifest sample by working through the samples in this chapter and in Chapter 2.

EnableCallbackCompression to true, the grid checks to see whether the Accept-Encoding request header contains gzip or deflate — if content encoding is supported by the browser — and ASPxCallback compresses the result if supported. You can check the Accept-Encoding value by using a free tool such as Fiddler see Figure or exploring the Page. The easiest way is to use declarative programming, add a data source, and associate it with the grid through the IDE. In this section, you can walk through a few of the ways to get data into the grid to experiment with the functionality of the ASPxGridView.

If you want to get started quickly, use Northwind or AdventureWorks. If you want a large quantity of data, download the TotalFlight database from the Wrox code download site at www. Select Choose Data Source. This selection adds the default data source name SqlDataSource1.

Click OK. For the sever name, enter. Leave authentication to Windows mode. In the Connect to a database option, select the TotalFlight database. In the Add Connection dialog box, click Test Connection. If the connection works, click OK. Click Next. Click the Test Query button.

Click Finish. The top of Listing are the Page and assembly registration statements. Note the definition of the SqlDataSource and the reference to the connection string and the select command. With the wizard and the declarative style approach, you can get a page up and running without writing a single line of ADO. NET code.

NET expression. NET expressions are used declaratively to set control properties at runtime based on connection strings, application settings, and configuration and resource file information.

To test the demo, click Debug Start Debugging. The page will take several seconds to show up because the database contains a million rows in the PassengerManifest view.

These are pretty good results for everything running on a workstation; your results may vary but should improve in a deployment environment. See Figure I am not advocating that you routinely have million-row result sets, because 20 seconds is a long time in Internet time.

Anything more than a second is a long time in Internet time. I am telling you that you can return many rows in the ASPxGridView if necessary, and the results will improve based on the deployment infrastructure.

If you need to modify the data source, you can select Configure Data Source from the Tasks menu. If the underlying schema changes, selecting Refresh Schema from the Tasks menu will update the columns in the grid relative to the current schema.

You can always add hardware, tune, and write data-limiting queries after some careful profiling. It is worth stipulating performance characteristics in your requirements and keeping an eye on performance relative to these characteristics.

Editing Column Information Among the several task menu items you can click, one is the Column item. From there, you can open the columns Editor Form. You can use the Columns dialog box to add and remove bound and unbound columns, change the order of columns, and change just about every imaginable property associated with each column.

For example, to start the grid with the data sorted by Flight Number, select the Flight Number column, expand the Data property, and change the SortOrder subproperty from None to Ascending.

Filtering Data Filtering data is a critical aspect of programming, especially for controls such as the ASPxGridView, which is capable of showing large amounts of data. Customers want to put in some search criteria. Programmers, of course, are capable of handling filter queries entered through a control such as a TextBox and then filtering the data on a postback with an updated SQL query, LINQ, the Sort method of collections or by writing searching and sorting features manually.

The ASPxGridView supports filtering through a filter row and filter menu, a header filter button which is a drop-down list , or the filter control. The filter row, filter menu, and header filter button provide straightforward filtering. The ASPxGridView also supports advanced filtering through a control that supports a variety of Boolean-chained predicates, columns in the result set, every imaginable operator, and type-centric entry fields for the operand.

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In short, the filter control permits end users to build very complex filters in a visual and intuitive way, and these filters can be added programmatically as well. For the most part, however, the ASPxGridView offers an advanced filter that can be enabled and disabled without your writing a stitch of code.

You can start by working your way through the filter row and then through filtering options, including using the filter control and programmatic filtering at startup. Using the Filter Row You can enable the filter row see Figure in two ways. ShowFilterRow property to true. Either of these approaches causes a filter row to be displayed at the top of the grid with a TextBox for each column. In the example shown in Figure , the data is filtered by FlightNumber A slightly more limiting factor is that the filter row fields do not permit operators.

To include operators, you need to include the filter row menu or turn on the filter control feature. To clear the filter row items, click the Clear link that appears when filter data is present refer to Figure Using the Filter Row Menu A valid reason to use the filter row is that every user will understand the concept of entering the desired data. Some users may struggle with the concept of predicate calculus — building Boolean statements — that include operators and operands.

ShowFilterMenu to true. The filter menu is a drop-down list that provides plain-text values that act as operators behavior controllers on the filter data. As a programmer, you can decide in advance the level of control the user will experience, or you can make this a configurable item and allow the user to indicate an experience level and enable or disable features accordingly.

Advanced users will know the difference between And, Or, Not, Not And, and Not Or and may want more precise control over the filtering logic.

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ShowHeaderFilterButton to true, places a button next to the column header. The user clicks the button, and a list of actual values from the result set is displayed in the dropdown list. Scroll to the desired value, and the grid is automatically filtered using Ajax.

How Do They Do That? Properties that are displayed in the Properties window get there when a control author adds the BrowsableAttribute true attribute to a custom control. You can use the same technique for custom controls that you write.

ShowFilterBar and set it to Visible see Figure The Filter Bar is set to Hidden by default. Figure The filter control lets you add predicates and pick columns, operators, and operands that is, build filters from lists and drop-down lists. Click the And link to change the logical operator. The And link also supports adding a group or condition, or removing all the conditions in a group. The condition breaks down as a Boolean test with the column name, operator, and operand. Click the link for each of the elements to modify the element.

For example, if you add a condition, the first column, Equals, and the prompt are added by default. Click the column name to change columns.

Click the Equals link to change the operator, and click the operand to enter a test value. Clicking the x button removes the adjacent condition. The filter control is designed to dynamically add a data-type appropriate control for the operand on the right side.

For example, if the column is a datetime value, a Calendar date picker will be rendered for the value field. Using type-appropriate controls inhibits the user from entering invalid values. When you are finished adding filter expressions, click OK. To keep the expression but disable it, deselect the check box at the left of the filter expression.

To redisplay the filter control, click the link or key in the Filter Bar. If you want to clear all filter expressions, click the Clear link on the right of the Filter Bar bottom right; see Figure Figure The active filter is shown in plain text in the Filter Bar and can be cleared click the Clear link or disabled by deselecting the check box. You can combine filter features, too.

For example, if you show the Header Filter Button and the Filter Bar, you can create a filter in the Filter Bar and then further refine your search by selecting a value from the list of items displayed in the Header Filter drop-down list. The effect of combining a filter in the Filter Bar and picking from the Header Filter is to have additional conditions displayed in the Filter Bar. Filtering with a Logical Or Suppose you want to find a couple of specific flight numbers.

You can use the Filter Bar to create expressions that use Or logic. For example, to find passengers on flight or , follow these steps. Clear the existing filter if one is present. Design and Development, 3rd Edition. NET Need to download code?

View our complete list of downloads or find your book below. Sort Listing by: NET 3. November , Paperback. NET 2. Problem - Design - Solution. August , Paperback. NET Applications. Beginning ASP. In C and VB. March , Paperback. Hands - on ASP.

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