The College Board publishes the bestselling The Official SAT Study Guide™, the College Handbook, the Book of Majors, and other books that help students. Review every skill and question type needed for SAT success – now with eight total practice tests. The edition of The Official SAT Study Guide doubles the number of official SAT® practice tests to eight – all of them created by the test maker. The Official ACT Prep Guide Review every skill and question type needed for SAT success - now with eight total practice tests. The edition of The Official SAT Study Guide doubles the number of official SAT(R) practice tests to eight - all of them created by the test maker. The Official ACT Prep Guide.

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Sat Guide Book

Read through the SAT Study Guide so you'll know what to expect on test day. You'll find practice tips, test-taking strategies, sample questions, and more. Nov 1, Well, not to worry because we've evaluated SAT books for you! This fully updated guide gives you our recommendations for the top 11 SAT. First, this guide is for students who are serious downloading SAT prep books is the first and easiest.

On the other extreme, if you have drifted through school and recently regained your scholarly zest, an ensemble of books might be required to get yourself battle-ready. Let us look at the major publications available in the market for SAT preparation. What it is: All the traps and nuances of the test can be seen through various question types, and an aspirant gets a chance to peek into the mind of the test-setter. Very good approximation of the question types that will be asked on the actual test. Explanations of the solutions leave a lot to be desired. They are often convoluted or vague which might make you scratch your head, or make you look for a better answer through a Google search. All-in-all, the instructional material provided in this book does not lend itself to self-learning. The exact practice content for SAT link is provided online for free by College Board, hence folks who just want to get the tests can skip the book. download it on site: Click here.

This is the best book which will boost your self-confidence because it is created by the test makers. The main disadvantage for this book is that it has three sections which vary in difficulty.

The Official SAT Study Guide 2018

Besides these, this book doesn't give the test maker a real valuation of the skills to pass the exam. It is helpful for achieving the best scores on the exams with strategies and vocabulary lists. The advantage of this book is that it is divided in three sections and is very helpful for solving the problems.

The best way to achieve the score of on your exam is to read the book and take a lot of practice tests.

The success is guaranteed. With its guide you very easily will learn the Grammar and the methods used for writing the perfect essay. Although the book does not have too many pages with the accuracy of the content it is very useful for preparing for the exam.

This book can really teach you how to write good essays and pass the exam.

Thus, you will need more tips and exercises because no book can teach you how to write good essays for such short time. The amount of practice content is great too: 6 full practice tests! Usually, I can cite exactly how questions miss the mark—maybe because the other publishers miss it so widely. The reading passages are sometimes spot-on. Other times they are too stylistic and more reminiscent of the old SAT. There also might be more of a focus on trap answers than on the actual test, but not in a way that would affect your performance on the real test.

The book does a great job in presenting the content you need to know for the new test.

For instance, it shows you the tedious and not-necessarily intuitive way of setting up complex equations rather than the tried-and-true way of plugging in values. Likewise, the writing section recommends always reading the question first instead of reading the passage first, or at least a paragraph at a time.

I advocate for a nuanced approach, one that takes into account both tactics. Even with the addition of some more SAT-like word problems, most of the word problems in the math section still tend to contain far fewer words than those on the actual exam. The contexts used in the examples are often a little too relatable. Gone is the more esoteric fare of the actual test—bacteria in a petri dish, strength of a satellite signal, etc. There is noticeably less support and advice for stats and functions, and advice on certain Writing features such as passive voice or reporting verbs have been removed altogether.

I intend to use it to tutor, which is a lofty compliment, given that I say this about very few prep books outside of the official materials. But if an older sibling has a previous edition post, that is , feel free to save yourself some money and use it.

This book has almost pages of material to review, strategies to learn, and practice sets to, well, practice. If you want a total math review with lots of practice, this is a great place to start.

Best SAT Books | 2019 – 2020

The verbal sections are really strong in how they introduce the test format, then walk you through progressively more difficult and SAT-like examples. Unlike a lot of other books, the verbal here is pretty solid as well. Seems overwhelming? It is, a little.

After all, you need to look at that composite score, too! Takeaway A great place to overhaul your math scores if you have a lot of time before the exam. Also worth looking into for the use of graphs in the verbal sections. Things to Love Many test prep books make the mistake of being dry—really dry. His affection for the material and the test comes across in nearly every page.

Luckily, the book gives us a clean breakdown of every question type in the Official Guide. That way, you can practice a concept on real SAT questions and have a rough idea of how difficult they are the difficulty of these questions depends on where the question shows up in the section—easier questions are at the beginning; harder questions at the end.

Overall, a strong book for the self-studier who needs an accessible refresher of the math tested on the SAT. It seems that some of them are still steeped in the old-SAT-style of asking questions.

The problem sets would have been improved had they included easier questions and broken up the questions into discrete difficulty levels. And you know what?

Verdict As a companion guide to a book of strategies and fundamentals, this book is a great place to start. All commentary here applies to the 10 Practice Tests book alone. In fact, the only major change is the obvious one that you can guess from the title: there are four additional new practice tests.

However, tests are the exact same 6 tests seen in the book.

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There is one other minor change, however. Two of the SAT essay prompt passages have been changed from older passages to newer ones.

The two new passages were written in and , while the older essay prompt readings were from the early-to-mid 20th century. It also stresses the importance of quickly eliminating wrong answer choices as a way of saving time.

Best SAT Prep Book Reviews | Test Prep Club

Notwithstanding the good strategic advice the book contains, it lacks the fundamental content to correct mistakes or explain a particular topic.

Hence, it is a good supplementary material but not a standalone book to go with. It is a good introduction for students who want to warm-up to the test without deep-diving into the details. It serves as a question bank for the folks who are just starting with their preparation.

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If you want to learn the SAT Math in entirety, it is a very good book. It has material to cover the topics in detail, strategies to tackle the test questions, and ample practice sets. The verbal section is also pretty good, yet some of the verbal advice is way off-the-mark.

You need to separate the wheat from the chaff with this one. Mathematics is the strong point of this book, and enough care is taken to teach basic concepts and strategies. However, the verbal section is lacking and could be avoided altogether.