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F/BILLY/_PROJECT/_MOBILE/PDF/English/_RESULT/PGNB/PrintDraft/ goudzwaard.info Good News Bible .. using the LORD's holy name in worship. The translator of The Good News Bible (also known as Today's English Version which is what the original Greek says, has been taken out of the Holy Scripture. Select any Bible verse or passage, linked directly to any of YouVersion's + versions, in + languages. People viewing your Event can tap your reference.

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Holy Bible Good News Pdf

Download the Free Bible App. Good News Translation (GNT)(US Version). The Good News Translation, formerly called the Good News Bible or Today's English . their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good. ΒΆ And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our. IT IS NOT JUST A Good News Bible Translation. It has 6 other translations (NIV, KJV, RSV, The Living Bible, +more). Read on to learn how. A free Holy Bible.

Romans 1. What can we learn about the gospel from these four passages? Why is it important to bring it up with someone when you have the chance? John tells us that those who believe in Jesus and receive him into their lives become his children. John makes it clear that Jesus is the only way to God. Romans reminds us that Christ died for us even before we could get our life cleaned up. When we talk about the word gospel in the Bible, it means the good news of Jesus Christ and how to have a relationship with him. To have this knowledge and keep it from others we care about would be like not telling a sick friend about the cure for his illness. One issue that comes up when talking about the gospel is the problem of sin. How would you define sin, and what does it have to do with a conversation you might have with someone about the gospel? Sin is anything that is contrary to or against the will of God. We all have a natural tendency to sin which Romans explains. It is this problem of sin that keeps us from having a relationship with God. This is a key point to talk about when we are in conversations with others about our faith. What is the answer to this problem of sin according to the passage we read in Romans ?

GNB Good News Bible

These versions do not have any evidence of bringing revival, only confusion and division to the body of Christ. They remove, muddy, and alter key verses that affect vital doctrines such as the blood atonement, the diety of Christ, salvation, and the role of Christ in our lives.

People who say what I just said are labeled as judgmental, legalistic, and divisive, and many other things, but the Bible says to go back to the "old paths.

Wouldn't that be considered "divisive"? We need to get back to the old Authorized King James Version that brought about the greatest revivals of the last 2, years. Millions were saved and Christians lived right under the preaching of the AV. It has the seal, blessing, and authority of God on it. Ecclesiastes , "Where the word of a king is, there is power Only a very few of these are based on the Received Text or have the AV text.

Good News: The gospel message is truly Good News | Truth Or Tradition?

Standard American Edition, Revised Version, the 3. American version of the Holy Bible, Revised Version 4.


Amplified Bible - AB - , includes explanation of words within text 7. Basic Bible - TBB - , based upon a vocabulary of words Bible in basic English-Stresses common easy to understand words Black Bible Chronicles--a ghetto slang contempory version available on site.

Emphasized Bible - EBR - , contains signs of emphasis for reading Emphatic Diaglott - EDW - Easy-to-Read Version, designed to meet the special needs of the deaf God's Word - GW - , a. Jewish Family Bible Inclusive Version - AIV - , stresses equality of the sexes and physically handicapped, includes Psalms Authorized Version, originally included the Apocrypha Living Bible - LB - , a paraphrase version including the S.

B phrase Message - TM - , a.

The Holy Bible

New Testament in Contemporary English, a translation in the street language of the day, includes Psalms and Proverbs Noli New Testament - NNT - , the first and only book of its kind by an Eastern Orthodox translator at the time of its publication Original New Testament - ONT - , described by publisher as a radical translation and reinterpretation Rapping with Jesus,the good news according to the four brothers--a urban slang version of the 4 gospels available on site.

Imagine being a Jew near Jerusalem at the time of Christ. Life was harsh, and the Roman occupation made things almost unbearable. Acts Given that scenario, imagine traveling down a street near Jerusalem and, seeing a crowd, walking over to see what was happening. There is good news?

What is it? Now that was something to get excited about!

This fact is made even more amazing when we take into account how much larger the Old Testament is than the New Testament. The message of salvation through Christ is a dominant theme throughout the New Testament.

It certainly is good news that anyone and everyone can have the blessings of everlasting life simply by believing in the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. No wonder God commands us to spread the message of Christ and of salvation! What a blessing it is for Christians to live in an age so full of good news: Christ has been raised and is coming back!

We will all get new, wonderful, bodies! Earth will be re-made into a Paradise! Harris, G.

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