Tungsten Book Font - What Font Is - Download Tungsten Book font. Tungsten Book by Tungsten Book by goudzwaard.info Eight weights from Thin to Black. Tungsten Thin. Tungsten Extra Light. Tungsten Light. Tungsten Book. Tungsten Medium. Tungsten Semibold. Tungsten Bold. Artography/_html/fonts/goudzwaard.info Find file Copy path. Alexandre Cougard Template HTML d63 on Feb 21, 0 contributors.

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Tungsten Book Font

The best website for free high-quality Tungsten Book fonts, with 26 free Tungsten Book fonts for immediate download, and ➔ 52 professional Tungsten Book. Hoefler & Frere-Jones Tungsten-Bold A copy of the End-User License Agreement to this font software can be found online at. 'Find My Font' is an easy to use application for identifying fonts in digital images.

Newt is a trademark of Nicholas Carvan. Copyright Copyright c Nicholas Carvan. All rights reserved. Phils Fonts, Inc. Under the terms of this License Agreement, you have the right to use the software on up to five 5 CPUs. If you need to have access to the Software on more than five 5 CPUs, you must pay Phils the ap- plicable fees for typefaces used in a multi-system environment.

This is probably more appropriate and may reduce unwanted interactions with animations during drags. Extensive rewrites in classes that read documents. Large documents often load significantly faster. Fixed a new crash after reverting, especially when multiple windows were open, which was caused by sending deletion notifications to the old document windows when loading the new hypertext.

A call to setUnderlyingQueue prevented 6. So Tinderbox 7 should support Mavericks as well as newer systems. A regrettable hack named updateRulers, intended to workaround a macOS bug in updating the text ruler when the text pane is not selected, generated unwanted and alarming console messages.

These should now be quieted. An exception could occur when closing a Tinderbox document, with logs indicating an attempt to access a menu item beyond the end of a menu. This could, in turn, lead to failure to properly close a window; when the window was closed a second time, Tinderbox would hang.

The underlying problem lay in ColorMenus, and should now be addressed. Fixed a minor memory leak when drawing badges. Fixed a minor memory leak that arose when constructing the AttributeBrowserModel, because each category in the model helps a strong pointer to the model.

Resolved a retain cycle with the Parking Space view, its Help controller, and its popover. This now restores two disabled tests in DeletionTests.

Resolved minor memory leaks when importing text files, opml files, and rtf. Corrected an error that prevented properly recognizing RTF data on the clipboard. New IDE, compiler, and tooling. The Link Types inspector gains popup menus for named colors. The Plot Expression field of the Plot Inspector is now hidden unless a plot type is selected.

If no note is selected, the appearance inspector no longer displays color wells with the error color. Quickstamp now offers an autocomplete menu for string, set, and list values. The Quickstamp Inspector gains a pulldown values menu that lets you select from any current value of string, set, and list attributes.

This count no longer includes Prototype links. The calendar button was sometimes disabled for key attributes when it ought to have been enabled. If you need lots of key attributes, the token field of the Key Attributes will expand to accommodate the list as it grows.

When typing in the key attribute picker, if your partial typing excluded all but one existing attribute, Tinderbox automatically selected that attribute. This is over-eager, since you might want to define a new attribute. Previously, the popover appeared, but since the attribute was invalid, it offered no attributes to create. Files may now be dropped onto URL attributes as well as File attributes. Autocomplete for set and list attributes failed to operate beyond the first element of the set or list.

Percent-encoded URLs in key attributes were double-encoded before being dispatched to the browser. The width of the key attribute value column is no longer limited to pixels, and so the pulldown menu icon will appear in the expected place in very wide windows. The key attributes table is again hidden when no note is selected.

In addition, the key attributes picker button is hidden when no note is selected. The date picker is no longer displayed for key attributes that are read-only. Links that do not override the link color of their link type now continue to inherit that color, even after the document is saved and reloaded. Dismissing the link parking space with the Esc key could attempt to make a link, despite the cancellation, if the destination that had been typed corresponds to an existing note.

Corrected erroneous link colors observed after a new link type had been defined.

Tungsten Book font

When no link is selected in the Link Browser, the link terminator popup shows the common case arrow rather than the less common value circle. Map View Notes newly dragged into a container are now placed and drawn correctly. Previously, child notes might not be drawn immediately, and child notes were placed incorrectly when drawn into a note that had no children, because the height of the title bar was treated incorrectly.

This can be invaluable in presentations and meetings, facilitating easy movement to new topics.

Note that option-drag may now be a more convenient way to duplicate notes. In map view after zooming into a container, links were sometimes drawn in the wrong place or the wrong links were drawn, thanks to a race condition between the link animation and the zoom in animation. This long-standing cosmetic issue should now be resolved. The update is now split between willSetParent and didSetParent methods to prevent the race condition.

A variety of detailed enhancements reduce CPU load while grabby-hand scrolling and mouse-wheel scrolling in maps. In maps containing one or more containers that hold hundreds of notes, dragging notes could be very slow because Tinderbox was doing unnecessary sorting of the outline during the drag, and sorting a thousand notes can be slow. Additionally, Tinderbox was recalculating the size of child notes during the drag, which involved a great deal of unnecessary work.

The tendency of some Tinderbox maps to twitch slightly after a new note is added has been diagnosed and corrected. In the view pane, option-drag duplicates the note and drags the duplicate.

Shift-option-drag makes an alias of the note, and drags the alias. In map view, Tinderbox sometimes allowed too more vertical space for the title than was actually needed, creating a gap between title and subtitle. The wrapping rectangle for drawing text in map items requires less minimum width, improving the appearance of smaller notes.

Various guides, including the aspect-ratio guide, that affect properties internal to the composite, are no longer displayed while dragging a composite. The link count displayed in inbound stub links incorrectly included prototype links.

Tungsten Book Free Font

After items are dragged in the map, Tinderbox immediately restores them to their proper layer. Dragged items must be temporarily moved to the foreground; if they were not, the item you were dragging might be hidden beneath other notes.

Tinderbox was insufficiently proactive in restoring the layering, which gave rise to transient anomalies. The map contextual menu now offers a Create Composite submenu. The outbound link count in map view is now drawn using lining figures, which are better-aligned with the boundaries of the circle in which they are drawn. Clicking on a locked adornment did not select the adornment. When an adornment action changes the prototype, the LinkAnimator can crash because the LinkAnimator still has a pointer to the old, deleted prototype link.

We are now careful not to take action during the drag, and to reset the link animator on mouse up. Improved map performance by reducing unneeded refreshing of tabs while dragging notes. Previously, the change only took effect after the layout had been updated. Distribute Horizontally, now in the Arrange menu, is now implemented correctly. The leftmost and rightmost notes remain fixed in place, and other notes move so the spacing between notes is equal.

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Corrected the measurement of item heights in outlines, which occasionally chopped off the last line of an outline item. Notes created in outline view are automatically assigned plausible map positions. This should no longer occur. In documents that use Darker Colors in outlines, the selection highlight now also uses the darkened color. In outlines, separators now respect document settings for Darker Colors and Black Titles. Formerly, the separator line was not darkened. Roadmap When links are added or removed from a document and a torn-off Roadmap window is open, the link counts in the roadmap are updated.

Stamps Applying a stamp now refreshes the text pane, in case the stamp changed the title, key attributes, or text. Stamp inspector now selects more sensible key views after adding or deleting stamps.

Tab bar: the tab bar sometimes failed to show tabs on opening, or failed to show a newly-created tab, because the animation showing the tab appearing interfered with the animation showing the other tabs sliding into place.

If an image pasted into the text is wider than available space, it will automatically be scaled. Previously, the image was displayed at full resolution but cropped.

When a new note is selected, windows that are not the frontmost window no longer update their text pane to reflect the selection change. This makes working with multiple windows simpler.

Resolved visual artifacts in the text pane beneath the title and above the text area when initially opening a document. Himeno, M.


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