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This first book in Veronica Roth's #1 New York Times bestselling Divergent trilogy is the novel the inspired the major motion picture starring Shailene Woodl. Read Divergent Novels Online, Read Novels Online, Free Novels, Best Books, Top Novels. There is a lot about Divergent online- fan websites and you can read the book for free. If you would like to read Divergent online free (by Veronica Roth) or you.

The novel is the first of the Divergent trilogy, a series of young adult dystopian novels set in a Divergent Universe. Underlying the action and dystopian focused main plot is a romantic subplot between Tris and one of her instructors in the Dauntless faction, nicknamed Four. The novel has been compared to other young adult books such as The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner because of its similar themes and target audience. In particular, the novel explores the themes common to young adult fiction, such as adult authority and the transition from childhood to maturity, as well as such broader motifs as the place of violence and social structures within a post-apocalyptic society. Its major plot device, the division of society into personality types, is one used in other science fiction works. Roth wrote Divergent while working on a Creative Writing degree at Northwestern University, and it was quickly downloadd for publication alongside the subsequent books in the trilogy completed in October Summit Entertainment downloadd the media rights to the book in and subsequently produced a film adaptation titled Divergent which was released March 21,

That's exactly what happens as the book series progresses and closer examination of what's beneath the hood of Divergent leads to less and less satisfying answers.

Divergent Trilogy

You could argue that this is simply proof of the story's commentary about the irreducibility of the human spirit, but its strawman approach to world-building proves little. That's not to say that Roth won't go on to make many books of quality; there's imagination and promise in her work, but ultimately it's just that: promise, not skill.

It is better, and fairer, perhaps, to view Divergent as her juvenilia, rather than hanging the mantle of The Hunger Games on shoulders too thin to carry it.


At two-and-a-half hours, the movie version of Roth's work is fairly long—and it doesn't earn its size, nor does it make the most of it. In its desire to be faithful to the book, it ends up doing too much, too insubstantially.

Several of the most defining relationships and losses for Tris end up feeling rote; without her inner monologue to anchor the emotional significance, pivotal turning points feel mechanical rather than moving.

Dead loved one to inspire crying and motivation? Strong emotional connection between protagonist and said loved one established prior to their untimely demise?

Allegiant (Divergent #3)

Not so much. The unfortunate miscasting of Woodley as Tris certainly doesn't help matters. Woodley is a fine actor, but while she perfectly captures the institutional shyness of Abnegation, she never believably transforms into the fierce, powerful Dauntless persona.

Although we're told Tris has to fit in perfectly at Dauntless lest people find out she's divergent, if anyone were making a list of the people that might not belong in Dauntless, she'd be at the very top. Many viewers may end up feeling less like Four Theo James , the romantic interest who believes in Tris, and more like her sadistic instructor Eric Jai Courtney : unsure why this girl is here in the first place, and completely unconvinced that she can hack it. Even her biggest moments of rebellion feel whispery rather than steely—and ultimately so does Tris.

This failure is a pretty fundamental problem, because if you don't download her as a member of Dauntless that means you don't actually believe that she's divergent.

She fundamentally does not seem to contain the multiple elements that set her apart, and the performance does a better job of affirming the category system than debunking it.

Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

Tris doesn't seem like a rich tapestry of multiple qualities; she seems like someone out of her element, trying on a skin that doesn't fit—a member of Abnegation who strayed where she didn't belong. There's an interesting story to be told about a society that breaks itself into groups based on interpersonal values, and about the Procrustean bed of social categories like gender, race and sexuality and how society tries to stretch or cut us to fit them.

Divergent just isn't that story. It's the equivalent of a dystopian sorting hat that resolves into a trite statement about how each and every one of us is a special and unique snowflake. If you still subscribe to the print magazine, please proceed to your profile page and check your subscriber number against a current magazine mailing label.

If your print subscription has lapsed, you will need to renew. You must be logged in to read full text of reviews. In the future, you are born into one of five factions, each of which has its strength and focus: Abnegation service , Candor truth , Erudite intellect , Amity friendship , or Dauntless fearlessness.

What follows is a contest, where only the top 10 initiates are accepted into the final group. This framework of elimination provides the book with a built-in tension, as Tris and her new friends—and new enemies—go through a series of emotional and physical challenges akin to joining the marines.

Roth is wisely merciless with her characters, though her larger world building is left fuzzy.

Is there a world beyond this dystopian version of Chicago? The simplistic, color-coded world stretches credibility on occasion, but there is no doubt readers will respond to the gutsy action and romance of this umpteenth spin on Brave New World. Forgot your password?