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Chronicle provides Best books and magazines for IAS Preparation in Hindi and English. Magazine Collection. Main Title Here. Civil Services Chronicle Monthly Magazine June PDF in Hindi Download – दोस्तों आज SarkariExamHelp आप सब छात्रों के. Sep 18, I asked this question last year when I started my preparation for civils. Today, after almost a year, I feel that it was a stupid question. If you download a Chronicle.

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Chronicle Magazine For Civil Services Pdf

Mar 20, The Civil Services Chronicle April Special Issue is based on Modern India Chronicle †English (CSC(E)) Magazine. Civil Services Chronicle Monthly Magazine June PDF in Hindi Download – दोस्तों आज SarkariNaukriHelp आप सब छात्रों के. Related Search: Civil Services Chronicle magazine aptitude r Civil Services Chronicle magazine aptitude r Civil service chronicle magazine.

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The essay should contain a declaration saying that its original content of the author and is not copied from anywhere. If the essay is found to be copied it will be rejected and senders ID will be blocked.

Civil Service India reserves the Copyright of the essays; however in case of copyright infringement copied matter Civil Service India is not liable for it. Civil Service India reserves the right to edit the essay for clarity of language, grammar and space. One person can send only one essay for one topic It's advised to go through the essay carefully before sending it once and finally.

The Essay must be between and words.

Civil Services Chronicle Magazine

An ideal essay should be of words. Please send your entries much before the Deadline to concerninfo gmail. Management of Indian border disputes — a complex task. Alternative technologies for a climate change. Selected Essay Topics: May - Know terms like international currency, internationalisation of Rupee, currency convertibility current account and capital account , Tarapore committee, etc.

It is all the more important this year as the news symbol of Rupee has been adopted.

Chronicle IAS Complete Materials

I came across D Udaya Kumar on wikipedia just now. Also, no need to remember the exact figures in the pre-conditions laid down by Tarapore committee. Caste based census is important from mains point of view as well as interview. The article contains good number of facts.

When was 1st caste census held, when was last held, the two Backward Classes commission, etc need to be remembered. Page A good article on capital punishment. This is also an important issue.

Facts stated should be remembered.

Also, note that you should not write in the exam that Amnesty International says so and so. Just write down that 58 countries have abolished or not carried out capital punishment in the last 10 years.

So present it as if you know it as a fact. Pros and cons stated are good as it is primarily an opinion based issue. Also, 55 executions have been carried in India since , the lowest among countries that retain it, is a very important thing to remember.

Page Not important. Page India watch: relevant ones: slum-dwellers, defence tech commission, linking rivers projects, Dholavira just remember what it is; the article is not relevant and UID.

Page World watch: Nile basin pact important for prelims point of view as well. This is another point which you can write in a question on water issues in the mains. SCO important. SOFA important. Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline important look up wikipedia for a better article on it.

IONS important.

Page Constitution watch: Governor article good, especially for pub ad. Latest development. Just go through the constitutional terms.

Civil Services Chronicle Monthly Magazine June का PDF Download करें

Green tribunal bill important. PTA is important. Economic terms on page 78 important. Page National mission on clean power and Banking services to all important.

Akatsuki and Cassini for prelims, not so much for mains. Internet protocol important; IPv4 and IPv6.

Monthly Current Affairs Magazines for IAS UPSC Preparation

Look up on the net for more on it. Page Health and nutrition: none of the articles in relevant for either prelims or mains. But iPS is important. Rest assured there will be better articles in Chronicle where iPS would be covered. Page Kaziranga national park important. Also, should know what is the difference between national park, wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve. Look up on the net to find out. IUCN is important.

Look up wikipedia for the IUCN red list classification. Page States watch: Should know briefly about Laila and Hogenakkal controversy. Page FDI in India: excellent article. Covers the whole topic in a nice manner.

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