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Maybe One Day Book

Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor is a deeply moving novel that focuses on friendship and dealing with illness when you think you are. Maybe One Day is a novel about two best friends: Zoe and Olivia. For the longest time their life has revolved around dance but when they get. Maybe One Day: Book summary and reviews of Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor.

In an even more unfortunate turn of events, one of the friends gets a terminal illness. The girls were convinced that their worst troubles are behind them the summer before their sophomore year of high school, they were booted out of the exclusive New York City ballet company they had been slaving away at for the past five years. While everyone tells Zoe she needs to get a new hobby to boost her college applications, Olivia teaches a dance class for underprivileged girls. But then Olivia finds out she has leukemia. But I had to know how the book ended so I of course kept on reading!

This review can be found on The Readers Den View all 4 comments. Jul 18, Laurence R. This book destroyed me. View 2 comments.

Aug 01, Ashley rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think my problem was that I like romance books, and this is not a romance; it's about friendship. Those kinds of books usually don't get me as excited as romances. Then I just woke up one day a few weeks later and was like, "Wait a minute..

Maybe One Day has one of those best friend relationships that I'm always jealous of. The best friend you do everything with, the one you call about anything and everything, the one you share dreams with, the one who you visit so often that their house is your second home.. I want one of those friendships!

I was so incredibly envious of Olivia and Zoe. Usually I don't get this obsessed over friendships I save that for the romances! I wanted it for myself! As I'm sure you can imagine, Maybe One Day is a definite tear-jerker. That's something you should expect from the synopsis alone, and it definitely pulls though.

Towards the end it was a little awkward for me because I was reading in Starbucks but I felt like I wanted to start bawling so I kept trying to blink back tears, to the point where I was blinking so much that I could barely read! And then there are some things you don't worry about. You don't worry about them because they're too awful to contemplate worrying about.

In the context of the story, I really enjoyed the day-to-day set up of it. I think it worked really well for an illness, because that's definitely something you have to keep dealing with, and it keeps affecting you. There is a tiny bit of a romance in Maybe One Day as noted in the synopsis but it's definitely not a focus. It's a side plot, and I'm really glad for that, because the friendship is what dominates this story and that's how it should be! This book left me with so much to think about.

There are a lot of messages about death, afterlife, God, dreams, and futures or lack thereof. I think it touched on a really strong and emotional topic but without being cheesy or lame especially about the afterlife parts. Seeing a teenager having to think about those things literally crushed my soul! Maybe One Day will leave you a broken, sobbing mess.

Totally amazing. Maybe One Day is an excellent cry book, but it's also so much more than that! It will emotionally own you and I promise it will haunt your thoughts for weeks to come! Then again, I'm just not the kind of person who reads books about illnesses they usually make me bawl my eyes out , so it could just be that these kinds of books just aren't for me.

Or, maybe the right "cancer book" for me is yet to come. It wasn't Maybe One Day , though. Again, I'm feeling like the black sheep. This one has gotten praise from a lot of bloggers I've seen, but it just didn't do it for me.

I thought that it would just be boring initially, considering we'd be introduced to Oliva's sickness and how lonely Zoe would be. But the whole book just dragged on , pulling me to the ground with it. The only feels this book got from me were irritation and utter boredom. Maybe it was the writing style.

Book Review — Maybe One Day by Melissa Kantor | Reading Books Like a Boss

Maybe it was the heroine. But something about the book just felt so flat and without any personality. Or maybe that it was more of a telling than showing kind of book. The point is, it didn't make me cry as much as I wanted to, or made me want to spend more time with my friends or family and things like that. It was just so plain for me. That's a look at the mind of our dear heroine Zoe. From the beginning until the end of the book, I felt that she was insensitive, selfish and judgmental.

Maybe it's because her best friend's dying that she acts and thinks that way, but I just couldn't get into her character. She was also one to give up quickly. When she deemed herself not good enough to dance, she just quit.

She did learn some lessons in the end, which was a bit of a comfort to know. Olivia, the cancer patient, was a much kinder character. Even when she was sick, she showed concern for her brothers and tried to teach little girls ballet through Skype. She really fought the disease, going through all sorts of difficult times, because she knew that she was young and she didn't deserve to die. They were very supportive of each other, and pushed the other to try their best, fight and to be strong.

They brought out the best in each other, and I enjoyed scenes with them together mostly. We also have a bit of romance thrown into the story. The love interest is Calvin, Olivia's crush and her brother's best friend. I did not like this aspect of the book. Zoe went from hating Calvin, to thinking he was a douche, to thinking he was hot, to falling for him.

Talk about bipolar. I did think they had some chemistry a bit , but mostly I didn't feel any development between them. It was just like, one moment, the "love" was suddenly there! I would've wanted more scenes of them together before kind of making out and stuff drunk at a party. Overall, I would recommend this one to fans of The Fault in Our Stars , if you're okay with a bit less romance.

I do think a lot of other readers will enjoy this one more than I did, so just keep an open mind out when reading this one! Mar 22, Rakel rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is so sad it's beautiful. I loved Zoe and Olivia so much!! This book will forever have a special place in my heart. Song listened to while reading: Natalie Taylor - Come to This. Jul 10, Jaime Arkin rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is now one of them.

Cancer just happens to be one of those shitty things. Olivia and Zoe have been best friends since the day Olivia asked for help with a barrette before a dance recital. So when Olivia gets a diagnosis that rocks their world, Zoe is determined to be there for her with positivity and support.

What I loved the most about this story was that the bare bones of it, despite everything going on around these characters, is about friendship and how amazing it can be. And how rare is it that we see a YA book that hones in on that instead romance these days.

It was also amazing to see the support system for these girls. Not only their parents, because they were a big part of it, but the other girls at school. I mentioned the parents above, and I have to say they were wonderfully done here. At times she may have been using him as an outlet to forget all the bad things going on, but I have to commend the maturity that he was written with, because despite Zoe being all over the place emotionally, he never really gives up on her and if it came down to it, he would and will be there for her in a heartbeat when she needs him.

The writing is wonderfully done, the story flows naturally and at a wonderful pace and you will be incredibly moved by this friendship and the relationships Kantor has created within. This review will post on Fiction Fare closer to release. Oct 14, Keertana rated it liked it Shelves: Only, unlike Green's renown novel, Kantor's latest is a little less humorous, a little less romantic, and has a little less to take away from it too.

Where Maybe One Day excels is in its portrayal of friendship. Olivia and Zoe, two high school juniors, have been best friends since the age of four.

Ever since they met in dance class, they've had the type of friendsh Rating: Thus, when Olivia is diagnosed with leukemia, Zoe is devastated. Kantor builds up the friendship between these two teens beautifully. It isn't riddled with flashbacks, but just from their day-to-day interactions we are able to glean just how close the two are. As such, when tragedy strikes it isn't only Olivia who is affected, but Zoe as well. Now, Zoe is forced to be strong for her best friend, caught between comforting her and going on with her life.

Kantor is unapologetic in her portrayal of both Olivia and Zoe. Both girls go through a series of complicated emotions in coping with their current situation and their friendship, but told from Zoe's point of view, this novel takes on a different subject matter than we're used to.

After all, just how does it feel to be that awkward best friend in a hospital room, surrounded by your best friend's family members? Is it an intrusion or a welcome hand of support? And how does one continue through life, talking to other people, when such an event occurs? All of these questions - and more - are answered with such an honest appraisal. It isn't easy to see Olivia's family members act out, even at Zoe, in their grief but it is understandable, as is the growth that Zoe experiences for the first time - on her own - without her best friend by her side.

I really appreciated that this novel took a no-nonsense stance on Olivia's treatment, explaining everything meticulously but also not focusing on it too much. Instead, it is the emotional relationship between these two girls - more sisters than friends - that takes center stage.

Even the romance, a side story at best, with Calvin, the best friend of Olivia's older brother who Olivia has a tiiiny crush on , is subtly handled. Admittedly, Zoe does come to have feelings for Calvin but instead of causing a rift between these friends, they genuinely want each other to be happy and both of their characters are so mature in the face of so much loss.

Maybe One Day isn't a novel about grief, however. It's about living with someone who may not have much time left. Where my main issue with this novel arises is in the fact that, ultimately, there isn't much to take away from it. Is it sad? Gosh, yes, it's sad. We begin to feel Zoe's emotions right alongside her as Kantor draws us so deeply into the friendship between these two girls. As such, the writing is impeccable, pacing admirable, and growth of Zoe just right.

Yet, where The Fault in Our Stars brings up fascinating questions about the purpose of our lives, infusing light humor into a dark tale, Maybe One Day didn't make me think much beyond the scope of the novel itself. It isn't a flaw, per se, but it does make this story an ever-so-slightly forgettable one.

For fans of contemporary fiction, issue novels, or just gritty emotion this novel is a must-read which I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. I just wish I could have taken more away from it.

It was okay, it just didn't click for me. A fairly typical cancer book on my opinion. Zoe the MC was a bit annoying, but not enough for me to hate her. She was just kinda annoying in the background of my mind through the whole thing, but she never did anything for me to dislike her outright.

Olivia was nice, but though I hate to say it, she did kind of become her illness. I just know close to 0 about her character, and I know quite a lot about her leukemia. I think these priorities are the wr Meh. I think these priorities are the wrong way around! I wish that the friendship was explored more. I felt like there was too much focus on some other elements of the story, and more could have been done to build on the friendship of the two girls.

But there was hardly any of this acted out. They talked about their friendship more than they had one. You actually need to do stuff together in more than like 5 scenes in the book. But I did like the book. It was well written, and even when the characters were being idiots, I still felt the need to keep on reading. I was never bored while I read this, and that was definitely a positive. Also, I got emotionally attached to the characters. All in all, it was a fairly typical cancer book.

There was nothing about the story that made it stand out, or particularly relatable or realistic. Oct 12, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss. Then one day Olivia phones Zoe with bad news — she has leukaemia.

Can Olivia recover from the leukaemia? Will she need a bone marrow transplant? And wi Source: And will she ever be the same again? This book was so sad, that I really just cannot stop crying. I loved both Zoe and Olivia in this story. The storyline in this was really good. The whole thing flowed so nicely, and was just so real.

The emotions and the way things happened just felt so realistic and believable. This was a sad story though, a really sad story. Overall; sad, but good. View 1 comment. Jan 07, Sabriena rated it really liked it. This book I'm not talking about slow tears going down or even just my eyes getting teary, I'm talking full on ugly cry.

I had to stop reading because I couldn't see the words anymore. Don't let the fact that it's a tear-jerker dissuade you from reading Maybe One Day though. My goodness no, this story is not sad all the way through at all.

Maybe One Day is about two friends who have been friends for alm This book Maybe One Day is about two friends who have been friends for almost their whole lives, they are the best that friends could be, they danced ballet together, and did everything together. Livvie ended up getting sick, which they thought was the flu. It turned out to not be the flu at all and a lot more serious than they expected or dreamed.

Zoe is there for her every single step of the way and also dealing with the new way their friendship is, finding her feelings out and how she can go on doing things when Olivia is sick at home or in the hospital.

The twos relationship is fantastic because Zoe does stick with Olivia through the whole thing. They have their ups and downs and it just seemed real to me. Their jokes, their fights, the way they bond, it was all just so real. One of the reasons that I was wishy washy about reading this book after I had been accepted for the eARC was this sentence in the summary: It's not.

It's totally not. While it does touch on the romantic relationship of Zoe and Calvin a tiny bit, the focus is Zoe and Olivia's friendship. There was a part of the book that I didn't agree with at all. I mean, it's kind of messed up and a huge stereotypes to people that play sports.


I know that Zoe is pretty angsty at times but, was that necessary? That was the only thing that annoyed me about Maybe One Day though. Everything else was fantastic. Time passes. Jun 04, Erin rated it it was amazing.

This heart-breaking story about friendship really got to me. It starts out all hopeful, but soon it just keeps on getting worse and worse, making the reader worried about both Zoe and Livvie. I also really liked this book because it also taught a lesson of how when someone knocks you over with your passion, it doesn't mean you can't get back up and enjoy your passion anymore.

Overall, this is one of my favorite books and I wish that one day there will be a movie. Karakterleri de sevdim. Mar 30, Thomas rated it liked it Shelves: Zoe always thought she and Olivia would be together forever. Through getting into one of the most prestigious dance academies in New York, getting cut from said dance academy, and trying to figure out what to do with their lives afterward, they have stuck side by side for as long as Zoe can remember.

Until one day Olivia learns that she has leukemia, and Zoe has no idea what to do. Unsure of how to function in school without her best friend, Zoe ends up teaching Olivia's dance class for disadvantaged kids and trying to keep her act together until Olivia gets better. But when Olivia's condition worsens Zoe realizes that what she thought she would always have - her best friend at her side - is not a guarantee anymore.

I liked Maybe One Day. Melissa Kantor wrote Zoe and Olivia's friendship with honesty and emotion, and I came close to tearing up once while reading the book. She did a good job of portraying Olivia's battle with leukemia by incorporating just the right amount of detail, and Zoe's voice stayed consistent throughout the story.

However, I felt that so much more could have been done with Maybe One Day. Zoe's relationship with dance, Olivia's religious parents, and Zoe's attraction to Calvin all could have improved with more development. Perhaps Kantor could have spent more time showing Zoe rekindling her passion for dance, or maybe she could have created more room for conversation between Zoe and Calvin about how they felt regarding Olivia's illness or their emotions for one another in general.

The concept of God came into the story a few times, but it felt as if Kantor dropped it in to make us think just a little bit, instead of developing the idea of religion as a solid theme in the book. The writing, while nice and non-distracting, did not convey the emotional depth of the characters well enough for me to genuinely care about them. Overall, a decent read, but not one that will stick with me like The Fault in Our Stars or other young-adult works of realistic fiction.

Recommended for those who want a story about cancer or strong friendship between two girls. Thank you to The Midnight Garden for a free copy of this book! Everybody knows how much I love to read realistic stories. I can never get tired of them. I didn't read the blurb so I ignored it altogether. And then one day, the cover was changed and I had to read the blurb. Once I did, I knew I would be reading it sooner of later. It turned out to be later because I didn't read the book for months.

I'm not even sure why that happened. Zoe and Oli Everybody knows how much I love to read realistic stories. Zoe and Olivia were inseparable. They've been friends since they were little. They were thinking about being professional dancers one day and living in Manhattan together and then Olivia got sick.

What seemed to be a simple case of flu, turned out to be leukemia. Now both girls need to find a way to stay strong despite everything that's going on. Maybe One Day was a hard book to read.

Maybe One Day

I'm still not sure what to say about it. I did cry towards the end a lot.

I was expecting it because Kantor did prepare us for the worst. I was waiting for it to happen a lot sooner but I'm glad it didn't. Zoe was impulsive and in the moment type of person while Olivia was usually the kinder person who was well liked in every circle. They complimented each other in every possible way.

Their friendship was the center of this novel. Nothing else came even close. Not even the romance which was believable and hot despite the fact Zoe and Calvin not having a lot of scenes.

He was suck a good guy I found myself wishing he was a bigger part of the novel even tough it was obvious he would be there for Zoe, no matter what. I'll be on the lookout for other Melissa Kantor books because she proved herself as a writer with this wonderful story about friendship.

I don't know if I can say that I really finished this book because I literally just thoroughly skimmed through the middle and just read the first 10 and last 10 chapters and mind you, I'm definitely NOT that kind of LAZY reader but this book made me one.

I hate it so much I just did what I can do to really finish it. I rarely give low ratings because if I don't like the book, I try to put myself into the mind of its target audience and review it as such but this one is just too disappointing.

I I don't know if I can say that I really finished this book because I literally just thoroughly skimmed through the middle and just read the first 10 and last 10 chapters and mind you, I'm definitely NOT that kind of LAZY reader but this book made me one. I really felt awful through out my reading experience, not just because of the horrible main character or the condition Olivia is in, frustration is what really made me feel bad, I just wanted this book to be good so bad, I tried to forget about how annoying the narrator is.

Some reminders: This is not a dance book. This book is not primarily about friendship 3. This book is about a boy and a girl and their love story. I had nightmares after reading this book. Detailed review to follow. Jul 10, Hazel Stay Bookish rated it really liked it Shelves: Actual rating: There were tears! Loved how it depicted such a beautiful and strong friendship between Zoe and Olivia!

Review to come! Apr 13, Michelle Wrona rated it it was amazing Shelves: How could my friend have cancer? Cancer killed people. But Olivia wasn't going to die.

We were sixteen. People who are sixteen, people you've known your whole life, don't die of cancer. Why not? Why don't they die of cancer? Cancer stories are my favourite contemporary reads. They make me cry, inspire me, and crack my heart every single time. That's not the only positives of them--there's many more. Melissa Kantor has absolutely created a gorgeous petrifying read about loss and friendship, and both of those mixing together. The Darlings series by Melissa didn't really please me.

It compared too much to Joanna Philbin's Daughters trilogy, and I didn't see the main idea very well. But when this was released, it got critically acclaimed very quickly and most reviewers were saying that this is the best book of And it really is.

In order to read this book, you need to have a good amount of patience. If you don't, well then you'll be crying every minute. You need to have patience with the author and protagonist because nothing will happen quickly.

These types of stories are slow-paced, and that's the way they're meant to be. You can't be expecting a fast-paced roller coaster with plot twists every two pages.

These stories need to build and build up to become something heart-pounding and scary at the same time. This book is about two dancers slash best friends, Olivia and Zoe. They have been friends for over a decade, and there's no signs of slowing down. When they get kicked out of their studio, they're both devastated but Olivia moves on faster. They both have big plans for their futures involving each other, and when Olivia gets sick with leukaemia, that all changes.

She begins to miss months of school because of chemo-therapy, and Zoe slowly begins to break without her best friend by her side.

Then Zoe begins to fall for Olivia's crush, Calvin. Zoe keeps on telling herself that Olivia will make it through this, and everything will slowly go back to normal. But the alternative ending is still haunting her all the time. I was broken after reading this book. I cried like crazy and I felt so broken like I was Zoe. This is a very sad but happy book at the same time. Zoe's voice makes everything seem like it's okay and her and Olivia's friendship will always be there.

The bond that they have was so unbreakable and so beautiful and I'm absolutely jealous. Olivia and Zoe had one of the most powerful friendships that I've ever read about. Together, their voices made the bookish world a better place. This book was amazing. The plot was very real and beautiful. The beginning was the only flaw. Everything wasn't sorted out correctly and it fell apart, but the middle and the struggles that the characters had built everything back up and made up for the struggle that the plot had in the beginning.

It got stronger by every page, and by the end, my heart was racing and I was unable to leave the book's pages. Zoe's voice stuck with me, and is still stuck with me to this day. I received an unforgettable book hangover, and I felt like I was in their world for a long time.

Zoe's voice makes you feel like you're living the pain and struggle that the characters were going through, and it's so difficult to pretend like you never read this book. I was seriously broken because of the not-knowing-part. Not knowing how Zoe moved on, and how her life came to be in the end without Olivia. I can't stand to think Zoe without Olivia. It's like one shoe without the other. It just doesn't fit. So as you can see, the characters formed a very relatable relationship with me.

I learned to love them. Zoe was such a strong person, much stronger than I would ever be. She was depressed and tiring out before the end of the book, but she stayed strong and stayed with her best friend until she left her for the angels. She didn't show her hurting and it was all stuck inside her, slowly falling apart.

Olivia was an angel. She was beautiful, and she was amazing and such an inspiration, although she is fictional. I can tell that many people could look up to her and her passion and strength.

She knew her time was coming, but she lived her live according to the amount of time she had left, and didn't think about it, although the people around her were slowly hurting inside. I loved her and you will, too. The romance wasn't needed in this book. I disliked Calvin, and Zoe certainly deserved better. This type of book written by this author didn't need that, but it didn't bother me too much that it was there.

The ending was predictable, but I loved it. You'll love this one. Jul 10, Rabiah rated it really liked it Shelves: Originally posted at: I received this one a while ago and it took me a really long time to finally read it. Especially at the start of the book. She seemed to constantly make it all about her when her friend was sick.

I mean, come on. But making it about you? Not cool. There was also the whole language thing. But when it becomes part of your vocabulary and you put it in every sentence then it becomes a problem. However, what I did absolutely love was their friendship: Cars pulled in and out of the parking lot, and kids rumbled from the building, taking the stairs two at a time as they raced into the liberty of the afternoon.

The sky over my head was almost painful blue, the grass a bright and vivid green. It was a crisp, beautiful, perfect fall day. All that beauty was completely wrong. The sky should have been black, the grass withered, the students wailing with grief.

Olivia is sick! I wanted to howl. What are you people doing? My friend is sick! It was impossible—the sky, the cars, the kids walking around as if it were a day like any other day. Nothing made any sense. As a reader you can really see the ups and downs that not only Olivia goes through but also Zoe. In one word, Maybe One Day is powerful. Beautifully written, make sure you have tissues on hand when reading this book: Jul 10, Estelle rated it liked it Shelves: Review originally posted on Rather Be Reading Blog Have you ever read a book that was completely addicting, really moving enough to make you cry , and in the end, still had no idea how to rate it?

On one hand, I was so thrilled to have a strong female friendship portrayed in my young adult literature. And on the other, some rough transitions, offhand comments from the main character football players learning to rape?

They were lifers. So I can only imagine how heartbreaking it was for both of them with Olivia got sick. First you guys are both cut from the New York Ballet Company, and now your partner-in-crime is laying in a hospital somewhere — hoping that treatment can zap this villainous disease out of her system. She visited the hospital, she called, she even took over her dance class on the weekends and Skyped her in when she could.

But most of the time, she feels helpless. Truth is, Zoe was kind of lost before this happened with Olivia. I can imagine how out of control everything felt for her. But I really liked him. Even when Zoe was difficult, he never stopped trying to be her friend. Nice guy. I could have used more of him to lighten up the book and make his story arc a bit more complete.

He felt glossed over, and his chemistry with Zoe was just too good to be ignored. Or maybe how the first section of the book was substantially longer than the others making it feel a little uneven? Oct 30, Alexia rated it it was amazing Shelves: I received this e-ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for my honest opinion.

Bare with me here as there's bound to be a lot of tears that I will disguise as allergies while I write this review. This book was pretty much near perfection for me. Actually I would argue that they are extremely similar in a lot of ways. The way Maybe One Day sounded w Disclaimer: Zoe and Olivia were more than just best friends. They were sisters, not bound by blood,but by love and friendship. Their friendship made me jealous. I wished so badly that I could have had a friend like that at their age.

They were there for each other in way that their parents and families couldn't understand. Olivia's mother had the most problems with the friendship.

It was implied that Adriana Greco didn't believe that Zoe was a good influence on her daughter. Once Olivia starts treatment, it becomes very clear how Mrs. Greco sees Zoe. She sees her daughter's best friend as "just a visitor" That was heartbreaking. No one wants to think that their best friend's mom doesn't like them. It becomes clear what Mrs. Greco's motive is. She's gone into protective mama bear mode. Her entire existence has turned into keeping her immuno-compromised daughter as healthy and germ free as possible.

Back to Zoe and Olivia though, Zoe is the perfect friend. She's unbelievably supportive and she spends hours upon hours visiting Olivia in the hospital. Hospital visits are something no teenager should have to do. She wondered what to do for her birthday and whether Olivia would be jealous of her boyfriend. Normal things but extreme circumstances. As mentioned, there was romance in this book but in no way was it the focal point. The relationship was there to drive a key plot point, not to distract from the story or to satisfy any romantic needs.

It fitted in nicely and didn't feel pointless. There's so many stories about romance and illness but so little about the love of a friend and illness. This book filled that gap and also filled my entire body with sadness. It wasn't the sort of sadness that made me pity myself or regret reading the book. It was the sort of sadness which made me feel something and I found myself texting my friends a great big thank you for being there, even if it was at in the morning. Maybe one day is a must read for anyone questioning the value of their life or their friendships.

It will fill your heart with joy but will also make you want to have a great big sob. It's soft but harsh and happy but sad.