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Get news about Young Adult books, authors, and more. Praise for the Bloodlines series: Praise for the Vampire Academy series. (Bloodlines #) Adrian's Lost Chapter by Richelle KB The Indigo Spell (Bloodlines, #3) by Richelle MB. The Indigo Spell book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans who dabbl.

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Richelle Mead The Indigo Spell Pdf

Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of humans and vampires. They protect vampire. 6SjY7YhG - Read and download Richelle Mead's book Bloodlines: The Indigo Spell in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book Bloodlines: The Indigo . The Indigo Spell is a fantasy novel written by the American author Richelle Mead. . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. Please edit the article to focus on discussing the work rather than merely reiterating the plot. December Learn how and when to remove this template message The Indigo Spell is a fantasy novel written by the American author Richelle Mead. Ms Terwiliger then drags her out to the middle of the desert so she can perform a spell, which she can't do herself because it has to be done by a virgin. Sydney is still resistant to learning magic but does the spell anyway. Her teacher is worried by Sydney's findings, as it means her older sister is nearby, and she uses an evil spell to suck the youth and power out of teen girls, which means Sydney may be in danger. Ms Terwiliger tells Sydney that she has to develop her magical skills quickly, whether she wants to or not.

She uses Ian's crush on her to get access to an Alchemist facility and, using magic, collects the information she needs. She then agrees to the breaking her tattoo process, but almost gets herself into a trap by questioning her superior.

She has to cover her tracks, but her quick thinking has unforeseen consequences. Adrian goes with Sydney to the bed-and-breakfast Veronica was staying at and explains to her why he knows she's in love with him. He says it's because of what her aura does when he touches her, and he's about to kiss her when the receptionist comes in, causing Sydney to pull away and her cross necklace to come off, and her other necklace, which protects her, to slip.

The Angeline and Trey situation is discovered and Eddie is hurt. Marcus takes his recruits to Mexico to 'seal' their tattoos with a special indigo ink. Sydney refuses to go with them, preferring to work from the inside, which the ex-Alchemists warn her against. Terwiliger's sister Veronica turns up in the coma that is the trademark aftermath of her spell. The receptionist, Alicia, is revealed to be using it after Sydney's car explodes into foam.

She finds her cross inside it, which is why she went after one of Jackie's coven sisters: After going to Jackie's house with Adrian, worried when she didn't answer her phone, Sydney has to engage in a magical showdown with Alicia, accidentally sets the house on fire, and they just barely manage to escape. Jackie's thirteen cats then lead them to her. Sydney eventually decides to go to Mexico with Marcus to get her tattoo sealed, and finds it hard to say goodbye to everyone, especially Adrian, who leaves her a letter.

Before she gets on the train to Mexico, she changes her mind and realizes she loves Adrian and doesn't want to leave him.

This is based on Jill's advice and a story from her and Adrian's old self-defense teacher, who told it to her when she went to return the gun she borrowed from him. She follows the latitude and longitude directions Adrian left her, and finds him at a museum of Roman antiquities. She professes her love for him and tells hims she's staying and that they will date in secret.

When she gets back to the school, she finds her little sister, Zoe, waiting for her in her room, with a golden lily on her cheek.

This is Stanton's answer to her plea for more help and protection, along with another Dhampir. View all 65 comments. Sep 24, kat rated it really liked it. Bloodlines has grown to be one of my favorite YA book series, if not the favorite. And of course you all know I'm more than crazy about Adrian Ivashkov. So reading this books has become something I'm looking forward to everytime. I must say I like these better than Vampire Academy! Especially when Adrian comes in.

So many amazing moments. Ahhh, Richelle Mead Bloodlines has grown to be one of my favorite YA book series, if not the favorite. Ahhh, Richelle Mead, you did it again!

The Indigo Spell (Bloodlines, #3) by Richelle Mead

We all know where that was. I loved how you could definitely see a change in Sydney, especially when she kept analyzing what happened with Adrian. So obvious, Syd! Like she didn't have a say in it. Classic Adrian. I can't believe how far she came, considering how she was when we first met her in Blood Promise. She might have her doubts a little bit about using magic but in the end it seems like her doubts have gone away. I mean, seriously this book was pretty much all of that.

And I loved it. I've been waiting forever for this! Adrian and Sydney are perfect together. They complete each other perfectly. I did get a little annoyed whenever they kissed Sydney would back away again but she made up for it in the end in my eyes.

Not sure what to say about him. I do not like this dude. I don't know what it is about him but I'm not feeling it. So we'll see if he shows up in the next book if I still have that disliking feeling about him.

I'm not sure what everyone else thinks about him but I'd be glad to hear your opinions about him. Jill, Eddie, Angeline. They weren't in it as much, although they had their own little dramas to deal with. And I must say I love love love them as a couple.

So I hope they work it out. Well except when she view spoiler [ruined Adrian and Sydney's hot moment! Damn her!

What happened there in the end surprised me but I loved that scene. Another swoon moment for Adrian when he view spoiler [carried Sydney out hide spoiler ].

More than okay. D And boy do I love Hopper! I couldn't get enough of it. I was SO in my Adrian bubble and didn't want to get out. Everyone who hasn't read Bloodlines yet and I know there's a lot of you out there.

Get your business together and start it right away. You'll get an overdose of Adrian, which is a very good thing! Now on to waiting for The Fiery Heart. View all 19 comments. Not a single page grew and I had to let it go The swoon factor in The Indigo Spell was so high that I had to fan myself on several occasions. Here's how he sees his situation with Sydney: She is a far cry from the judgmental, prejudiced girl from Blood Promise and Bloodlines. She finally learned to stand up for herself and do her own thinking.

So who is Marcus Finch? A disappointment, really. But Sydney was never even remotely interested in Marcus, and it made me admire her even more. Both Jill and Angeline can be pretty tiresome and as soon as the story turns to them, it becomes infinitely more childish.

The word re-education is mentioned in the synopsis and it was more than enough to send chills up my spine. What do you think will happen? Are you as terrified as I am? Btw, am I the only one who desperately wanted fondue when I finished reading this book? View all 9 comments. Jun 08, Isabella rated it it was amazing Shelves: Beautifully written book and great sequel!! I actually loved the developments in here, even if I can't really imagine what could happen next And it IS coming.

Love the new pics from the trailer. Sincerely, me. THIS is what I need. And possibly more. I don't know what happened to his hair, but can't wait to meet him! I hope there won't be a love triangle--Sydney is not the type! Ok then, I got it. The tattoo will come later, but still Who's the man on the left?? He's supposed to have "straight blond hair"!!!!! TGL someone? Let's focus: Sydney's father has he dark hair? Anyone else????????? Maybe a new character?

Even November but the sooner, the better would be perfect, thanks. Love, Isa. Feb 25, Komal Mikaelson rated it really liked it Shelves: I wrote this while I was high on Sydrian. So it'll probably contain lots of incoherent gushing and fangirling. Just warning.

I needed to get that out of my system. But I'm so happy.

So freaking happy! I don't even know what to say. I am zapped. Yep, it was that amazing. What I loved Callistana. Hair gel. Math tutors. Airplane rides. Ivashkinato I wrote this while I was high on Sydrian. Quick Study.

Loving from afar. Adrian of course. The opening line. Old World Bed-And-Breakfast. What I hated did not like Ummm So I can't find any, not one, thing that spoiled the book for me. That's a first for me. So getting down to the book. I just can't stop smiling. This book makes me so happy. I'll tell you what the book was about in a nutshell. This book is a heaven for Sydrian. The Characters Sydney She finally, finally, finally grows a spine.

Hell with the Moroi-Human traditions, hell with the Alchemists, hell with Jill, hell with the world, I'll be with Adrian. Adrian Adrian Adrian. Yes, that's the spirit. Okay, I just can't do this anymore.

I can't write about the characters, I have to need to speak about Sydrian. I'll just list the scenes and my feeeeeelings, K? Now, Sydney, you poor girl, resist that!

The Sorority Party To my horror he began painting a pirate skeleton riding a motorcycle. And what follows is the PDA on the floor of the sorority. Terwilliger snorted. Knowing the Sydney in Bloodlines, I would never, ever, ever have imagined that Sydney, Adrian and hickey will be used in one sentence. Talk about split personalities.

The Velvet Suite Here, Adrian goes all like if she doesn't feel anything for him, why does her aura change when Adrian comes near her.

Richelle Mead

And, the smartass, Sydney makes some really, really lame excuse about him being a Moroi and she a human. Really, Sydney? Accept it already. Sydney, honestly, for someone so smart and practical, you sure are exasperating.

The Dream No comments. None at all. Not even a gif. The chemistry way off the charts. Enough said. But just that I'm a quick study was hilarious, coming from Sydney. I mean, who says that? Cute, but funny too. Spoilers ahead. Don't read if you haven't finished the book And finally, finally when Sydney accepts her feelings for Adrian and they are together, I'm like, high time.

But, they are together and that's what matters, right? Just one more thing. It's not really a flaw in the book but it has been eating me since the end, Sydney doesn't say 'I love you' back to Adrian. Not even once. I mean, Adrian has said that like, every opportunity he gets. Sydney does say it to Markus in an offhand way but that doesn't count. The guy says that to you a million times and you don't say it back even though you feel the same, that's just rude.

Is it me, or does everyone have a really, really bad feeling about the ending? The Zoe and all. I'm so afraid that it's all gonna blow up in their faces in The Fiery Heart. Maybe Sydney will get caught and be sent to Re-Education because of Zoe who's all for being a perfect little Alchemist?

What, then? If that happens, I'll seriously lose it. No, no, no. Please don't let that happen in TFH. Please just let that be me and my morbid, pessimistic thoughts and not the fucking reality. Oh, I almost forgot. When Adrian points out the risk of getting caught to Sydney, she's like, it'll be alright as she'll have Adrian for company in the dreams.

Not cool Sydney, not cool at all. The Conclusion Read it, read it, read it now! You won't regret it. The best book in the Bloodlines series yet. If you like me, are hesitant to read this because of the VA connection. It has no very little connection to it, so don't let that keep you from devouring this one. And if you didn't like the VA, doesn't necessarily mean you'll dislike this one too!

Yes, I'm speaking from experience. Oh, and just one more thing. Adrian is happy with someone else. And he does not care or mope about you any more. He's over you. Take that, bitch. I owe you guys. Big time. View all 56 comments. Buddy read with the amazing sis Pearl.

Just a perfect read on a rainy night. Forgive me for fangirling, Adrian Ivashkov is just irresistible. The Bloodlines series just keeps getting better. I love how Richelle Mead adds more twist on Sydney's adventure as it focuses Buddy read with the amazing sis Pearl.

I love how Richelle Mead adds more twist on Sydney's adventure as it focuses on two conflicts: Finding Ms. Terwilliger's older sister, Veronica ,who absorbs someone's magic to make her stronger and enhance her beauty, leaving the victims in coma and frail. Sydney must prevent her from taking more by protecting them with charms.

She learns more defensive and offensive magic It was badass imo. Adrian's vampire magic protects her more since Veronica couldn't detect it. Meeting an ex-alchemist, Marcus Finch. He reveals that there is a conspiracy in the Alchemy world as they secretly coordinate with the Warriors of Light Vampire Hunters.

He proposed to Sydney on joining their group and as well as break the golden lily tattoo, replacing it with an Indigo ink which breaks the compulsion. I love Sydney Sage. She might holding back her feelings to Adrian at first, I think it's understandable since she was trained to follow the alchemist beliefs.

Seeing her character development is just wonderful. She's becoming more confident, and lets herself do the things according to her will without being controlled or dictates by anyone. I love how she breaks out of her shell.

As always, Adrian Ivashkov is the most romantic vampire ever. He's just there for Sydney no matter what, even if it means loving her by afar. That spirit dream Absolutely on point! I am looking forward on the next book. I am nervous and excited at the same time because I can sense some trouble and more Sydrian moments, haha! I peek on the next book and it's in dual perspective! I'm a happy fangirl. Richelle Mead is amazing! Jan 30, Danielle rated it it was amazing. View 1 comment.

Jun 09, Alexa rated it it was amazing Shelves: My review can also be found on my blog Collections. After reading The Golden Lily, I was on a high for months. I just adored that book so freaking much! Even when I eventually managed to calm down, I still had to get some kind of Sydney and Adrian fix at least a few times a week thank you Tumblr!

It kept me sane, but it was never enough. Then starting about three weeks prior to the release of The Indigo Spell, I realized that I could not read a single book. No matter how hard I tried I couldn' My review can also be found on my blog Collections.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't focus on other stories. All I wanted was The Indigo Spell. Basically, the wait for The Indigo Spell was complete and utter torture, and it was such a relief when the release date finally arrived.

If I haven't made it clear enough, I'm obsessed with the Bloodlines series and the relationship between Sydney and Adrian. The Indigo Spell is definitely a Sydrian fan's dream come true!

Not only for the romance although I will be talking about the romance in a bit , but with how much both Sydney and Adrian have developed and grown as people. They are awesome and inspiring, and I can't help but to adore them to pieces. I've admired and believed in Sydney ever since she appeared in Blood Promise. And it's amazing how much she has changed! I always knew homegirl had it in her to do what was necessary to protect her loved ones, even if it went against her beliefs.

And I think it's great that Sydney wants to be known as more than a brainy and reliable person. She feels all kinds of emotions just like everyone else. She likes to be complimented and even gets jealous of others. And she wants to feel beautiful, especially to be called beautiful by Adrian. Sydney's honest personality and her insecurities make her such a relateable person in my eyes. The transformation Adrian has gone through is probably the most surprising to me.

It seems he was at first, but then he had a epiphany and realized he had to try a different approach with Sydney or neither of them would be happy. Adrian was seriously all chill and calm in this book. It was amazing to witness how much patience he has learned.

He wants to do things right with Sydney, unlike the disaster with Rose, and he wants to be a better person. This change really worked for him, and I'm glad that through it all he never lost his hilarious and loveable personality.

Sydney and Adrian's relationship is so fun to read about. They have a strong friendship and a passionate romance developing between them. They compliment each other so well and continue to bring out the best in one another.

I love how Adrian's determination to become a better person all started because of Sydney, and I love that Sydney has become more confident because of Adrian. I also love how adorable and hilarious they are together. Sydney may be clueless about romance, but she is no prude. Little Miss Quick Study! You go, Sydney!

But I'm seriously going to cut the next person who interrupts their um I'm sure my poor Adrian won't be able to handle it much longer either. I cannot wait for everything to work out smoothly between them because they have one of the best relationships and are meant to be together! I do have some minor complaints about some of the things that occurred in this book though. First, Marcus Finch really wasn't a big deal. I don't think he's a horrible character, but I don't think I care what happens to him.

Another thing, although I think Sydney is brilliant, she did some not-too-smart things near the end. I almost wanted to hurt her. She did pull through, so I'm hoping we never have to experience something like that again. Finally, I thought this book was too short. It went by too fast! It's actually shorter than the first two books, yet it has way more plot lines to follow.

If there's going to be many plot lines, I want it to be longer. Seems like the short length will continue into book four, which I can't help but to feel a bit disappointed about considering we will also be getting Adrian's POV.

That being said, The Indigo Spell has the most action and romance out of all the Bloodlines books released so far! I feel that it also made the world that we first learned about in Vampire Academy even bigger. There were many surprises and the beginnings of more revelations to come. This series continues to be one of my favorites ever, and I'm so looking forward to more Sydney and Adrian in book four, The Fiery Heart! View all 21 comments.

We chase away the shadows around each other. Introducing me This is the madness that I experience when I'm waiting for the next book in a series to come out! It's just Realising is still like a fucking millennia away! But who gives a shit! At least I kno Introducing me At least I know my Adrian is on his waaay! Excuse me one moment, I just need to…. But inside I'm still Ecstatically excited!!! View all 4 comments.

Jan 15, Taschima rated it really liked it. There was nothing but flesh and fire left, and I wasn't going to lie to myself—at least not tonight. I wanted him. I arched my back, fully aware oh how vulnerable that made me and that I was giving him an invitation.

He accepted it and laid me back against the table, bringing his body down on top of mine. That crushing kiss of his moved from my mouth to the nape of my neck.

He pushed down the edge of my dress and the bra strap unde "Whatever logic and reason I normally possessed had melted away.

He pushed down the edge of my dress and the bra strap underneath, exposing my shoulder and giving his lips more skin to conquer. I am not as in love with it as I was with Vampire Academy, where I devoured the book seconds after it was published, but I still have a healthy dose of love towards this series. I think the culprit for this is not Adrian specially though, come on, he is charmingly hot, and even BETTER in this book since he got over the whole Rose debacle and is all manly and protective and loving!

Sydney is so different from Rose, but that isn't a bad thing. She is tough as nails, and quite honestly a little more relatable.

After her debacle with Adrian in the last book kissing disaster Sydney is more adamant than ever to avoid Adrian at all costs, though that doesn't seem to be working too well since they are both kind of involved in the same mission to keep Jill hidden.

She also needs a partner in crime when it comes to everything she has to solve. He was even wagging his tail. You aren't coming out. I like how it is in the same world as Vampire Academy, but it still is completely different. First off I love the magic component. Sure I wasn't expecting it at first, but now Sydney kicks ass!! Now, Marcus Finch. I was a bit disappointed about him. Since he was portrayed as being a BIG ass deal with all the marketing around the blogsphere and all I thought he was going to be something for Adrian to contend with.

But, he is just not that impressive. At least to me he wasn't. Sydney on the other hand I just know it. And of course, there is plenty of sizzling romance With the venue change complete, his lips found mine again.


The urgency in the way I responded surprised even me. I never would've thought myself capable of a feeling so primal, so removed from the reason that usually governed my actions.

My nails dug into his back, and he trailed his lips down the edge of my chin, down the center of my neck.

He kept going until he reached the bottom of the dress' V-neck. I let out a small gasp, and he kissed all around the neckline, just enough to tease. She pulls away, he pulls even closer. This is because the Moroi are trying to make amends to them. She is supposed to be flying separately from Adrian so people don't find out they are in the same place but, due to an overbooked plane, Sydney gets switched to Adrian's flight.

She tells him he can't love her, but he says he is going to keep doing so whether she loves him back or not, and he is convinced she is in love with him and just doesn't know it yet. Changing the subject, Sydney ends up telling him about Ms Terwiliger and the desert spell, and the fact that she is supposed to find one neighbourhood in L. At the wedding, Sydney is shocked by the strength of Ian's revulsion to the Moroi, who doesn't even want to shake hands with any Moroi.

Sydney is the put on the spot when Adrian asks her to dance in a show of fostering good relations. She accepts, and Sonya and Rose comment on how good they look together, troubling Sydney. Later in the evening, she goes outside in the moonlight with Adrian to do the spell again, this time to try to find Marcus Finch, and she sees a building in Santa Barbara.

Back in Palm Springs, Sydney has to fix Angeline's math problem by finding her a tutor, and eventually, Trey agrees to do it, but little does she know, that leads to Angeline cheating on Eddie with Trey. Sydney's problems mount as Ms Terwiliger wants her and Adrian to go and warn potential victims of her sister in disguise of course. That leads to romantic interludes, including one that leaves her with a hickey.

Sydney keeps telling herself to forget about them and is in complete denial of her feelings for Adrian. She finally finds Marcus, but not before ending up in a fight with him.

She sees a girl who was with the Warriors with Marcus and learns that she is a double agent. She discovers that Marcus finds Alchemists and Warriors that want to leave their groups, and helps them.

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