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Constantine is a former ongoing comic book series published by DC Comics. John Constantine is a fictional superhero, appearing in comic books published by DC Comics and its alternative imprint Vertigo. The character first appeared in. Hellblazer is an American contemporary horror comic book series published by DC Comics, and subsequently by its Vertigo imprint since March when the.

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Constantine Comic Book

From a young age, Constantine sought refuge in the occult as an escape from his hard life. It didn't take long for See All Comic Books and Graphic Novels. c. g. John Constantine (b. May 10, ) is the protagonist of the comic book series Hellblazer and first appeared in Swamp Thing issue 37 in June He is a. Following the creation of the Vertigo imprint, John Constantine appeared almost exclusively within his own title Hellblazer, requiring several stand-in and.

What would you be willing to sacrifice? For occult detective John Constantine, the only thing more difficult than answering that question almost every single day, is living with his decision. From a young age, Constantine sought refuge in the occult as an escape from his hard life. Since then, Constantine has vowed mastery over the occult and the demonic creatures that seek to abuse its power. While Constantine prefers to bluff his way out of trouble by relying on subterfuge and slight of hand, he also never hesitates to lie, double-cross or hurt and betray those closest to him. But this apparent callousness masks an interesting truth about Constantine: If the fight against evil forces requires a willingness to sacrifice everything and everyone that you hold dear, then a hard attitude is likely necessary. Can you believe the television season is already over? It seems like just yesterday Barry and Iris began raising an adult daughter and Oliver was serving his sentence in Wonder Woman and the Justice League Dark are in a race against time as the Otherkind close in on the rest of the magical community. While our Last season, Damien Darhk sacrificed himself to save his daughter I mean, if Gideon can heal the injured and chart With all the different versions of the character on TV in the past few years, it's a great time to be a fan of Constantine. With Matt Ryan—who was born to take on this role—playing

In modern-day Harlem, Midnite embarks on a vision quest that takes him back to his boyhood years ago in colonial Manhattan. When the island's slaves revolt against their white captors, young Midnite sees an opportunity for profit. But his self-serving tricks cause a catastrophe that haunts him to this day in a tale inspired by true historical incidents. On sale Feb 2? Written by Ray Fawkes. Art and Cover by Juan Ferreyra. After a desperate five-year quest, John Constantine has claimed the ultimate occult prize: Regular cover, not 3-D.

Collects Hellblazer By Ennis, Simpson, Pennington, Sutton. This TP tells the story of John Constantine's fight against his own impending death, brought about not by magic or the machinations of Heaven or Hell - but rather by lung cancer. Mature Readers. Covers on reprints may vary. Volume 1 - 1st printing. Written by Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes. Art by Renato Guedes. Cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.

Volume 1 - 2nd and later printings. Art and cover by JOCK. When an alluring Muslim woman catches John Constantine's eye, she also brings trouble clattering to his doorstep: To save his life and freedom, Constantine embarks on a desperate trail blazing from the back streets of London to the detainment centers and battlegrounds of contemporary Iraq - where the man who's seen everything will witness a modern-day horror unlike anything he could ever have imagined.

Softcover, pages, fullc olor. Damnation's Flame, this trade paperback collects the first solo tales of John Constantine. Collects Swamp Thing 2nd Series 37 and Hellblazer 11, 27, 41, 63, , , and Cover by Tim Bradstreet. Introduction by Sting. Celebrate 30 years of John Constantine, one of Vertigo's most enduring and controversial characters, in a collection featuring his most memorable tales!

This title features a new introduction by Sting, the famed musician and actor whose appearance inspired the creation of Constantine. Includes the first-ever complete timeline of John Constantine's life up through his long-running Vertigo series. Hardcover, pages, full color. Collects Hellblazer , and Hellblazer Annual Written by Peter Milligan.

Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli. Cover by Simon Bisley. A series of murders sends Constantine to Ireland in search of his long-lost nephew.

Collects John Constantine Hellblazer Special: Papa Midnite Written by Mat Johnson. Art by Tony Akins and Dan Green. Cover by Ronald Wimberly.

Constantine comic books issue 1

The King of Voodoo has a long history, but where did it all begin? PAPA MIDNITE, collecting the acclaimed 5-issue Vertigo miniseries that follows the story of the curse that made Midnite immortal, from its origin in through the failed slave rebellion of and into the present day, where he continues to pay the price for his original sin.

Softcover, pages, full oclor. Written by Warren Ellis. This new trade paperback features five bone-chilling tales of horror, magic, loss and regret with art by five world-class illustrators, originally presented in the last four issues of Warren Ellis' run on the book. Softcover, 96 pages, full color. John Constantine's pulled a lot of shady stunts over the years, but perhaps none as bad as the time he "resurrected" organized crime boss Harry Cooper's 5-year-old son, Ronnie.

Now, 15 years later, he's got to deal with the ungodly consequences of his actions as the now-adult Ronnie prepares to bring an unprecedented evil into the world. Written by Jamie Delano. Cover by Phil Hale. Constantine finds himself encamped with a new-age pagan group that's tapping into their own psychic abilities - but a defense contractor is out to exploit their powers.

Is the company's aim just political, or is it something much more sinister? Collects Hellblazer Presents: Chas The Knowledge Written by Simon Oliver. Art by Goran Sudzuka. Cover by Glenn Fabry. Having lived a good and adventurous life, he happily accepts his fate rather than trying to fight it like he always does.

When the last day came, Constantine was ambushed and shot in his own home right in front of a horrified Epiphany. After he died, Epiphany and Finn had an affair as a way to comfort each other.

John's ghost saw them having sex in a graveyard and seemed to give his blessing, making the fates decide that John wasn't going to try to come back to life.

Then, of course, he did. He contacted Epiphany and asked her to help resurrect him by making him cigarettes from his ashes, which, after he smoked them, made him corporeal again. Thinking to disappear and live happily ever after with Epiphany, they moved to a tiny house in Ireland, courtesy of Finn, that was totally off the grid and far removed from any apparent trouble, the last place anyone would think to look for John. That didn't last long, though, as John realized he can never run from his past.

He stole the last dart holding the concoction that killed his demon twin, but ultimately gave it back to Gemma and told her either she could kill him, and live her life without him in but consumed with guilt for killing him, or she could let him disappear from her life forever, without any guilt for murdering him.

Gemma shot the dart at him, but John disappeared. The final panel of Hellblazer reveals John, looking shocked and much older than we'd previously seen him, standing in a bar appropriately called "A Long Journey's End" surrounded by people, in front of a shelf full of bottles with the names of the comic's staff over the years.

In , it was announced that a younger John Constantine would feature in Justice League Dark , one of the new titles launched as part of September 's DC Universe reboot.


On November 8, , DC announced that Hellblazer would be cancelled following its th issue, and would be replaced by Constantine written by Robert Venditti and drawn by Renato Guedes [70] starring the younger New 52 John Constantine, rather than the version from Hellblazer, depicted as being in his late 50s.

Nonetheless, the character would again star in another solo series entitled Constantine: Rebirth was released as part of DC Rebirth , a major relaunch in an effort to return famous DC stories from before the New 52 back into the reboot. The plot concerns John Constantine finally returning to London after being cursed by a demon that forced him to leave the city. Former Hellblazer characters such as Chas Chandler and Mercury made appearances in the series, and the comic was written by Simon Oliver who previously wrote the spin-off series Hellblazer Presents: Chas - The Knowledge.

Hellblazer was first published during the early days of the Modern Age of Comics , and so its themes were as dark, edgy, and politically and morally complex as its contemporaries. Because of this, writers of the series often places their era's culture and social commentary in their run. Delano would be the first to put his political views in the series, an element never before seen in mainstream comics, [12] such as his negative views of Thatcher's regime and by includes the War on Terror.

When Garth Ennis took over writing, he included his trademark representation of racism and religious fanaticism , as well his depictions of the Falklands War. The most controversial writer, Brian Azzarello , tackled issues such as neo-Nazism , prison rape and homosexuality. During Warren Ellis ' run, he included American school shootings in a one-shot issue which led to a major controversy.

In his run, Peter Milligan managed to put punk ideology in the series, with the protagonist trying to reacquire his former punk self, while also characterizing the Conservative government as a demon infestation with the punk subculture fighting against this supposed subversion and abuse.

As stated by Warren Ellis, Hellblazer's major themes were cynicism , nihilism and " sudden violence ", with the protagonist oftentimes narrating the story in dark proses with occasional breaking of the fourth wall. His friends, family, and others would be sacrificed or be caught in the crossfire, many of them are dead or have left him. John tries his best to make something good in his life, but most of it leading to failure. Over the two decades that it had been published, Hellblazer had normally been quite well received.

While not attaining the sales of 'mainstream' comics, it had sustained healthy figures, consistently being one of the top selling Vertigo titles, and was sustained by healthy sales of trade paperbacks. Jamie Delano's original run on the title is looked on fondly, with journalist Helen Braithwaite stating, "His take on the character of John Constantine has never been equalled.

Delano's Original Sins graphic novel should be in every comic book fan's collection. In the same article Brian Cronin describes John's one time love, Kit Ryan, as one of the series' most memorable characters. The creator of the protagonist, Alan Moore, praised Jamie Delano's portrayal of the character, commenting "[Delano] demonstrates brilliantly that English horror didn't vanish with the fog and gas lit cobblestones at the end of the Victorian era.

The character received positive critical reception while starring in the series. The comic book's initial cancellation, and the introduction of the character to DC led to many negative feedback and reception.

I, Vampire writer Joshua Hale Fialkov expressed sadness he would never get to write "the 'real' John Constantine", noted crime author and former Hellblazer writer Ian Rankin stated that Constantine was the only comic book character he ever wanted to write for, and Alan Moore's daughter, Leah Moore expressing doubt that Constantine could replace Hellblazer , among others.

The new Constantine series will return him back to his roots in the DCU and hopefully be the start of another incredible run. Hellblazer boosted the popularity and image of the occult detective fiction genre and shaped it to its modern form. The first adaptation of Hellblazer ever filmed for the screen is one of the scenes in the documentary feature film The Mindscape of Alan Moore , which was shot in early The dramatization consists of the John Constantine character wandering through London and, in the film ending, experiencing a mystical epiphany of sorts.

In , Constantine was released, a feature film that did not use the same title as the comic book, in order to avoid confusion with the Hellraiser horror franchise.

The only links to the character of John Constantine were the name and a plotline loosely based on the "Dangerous Habits" story arc Hellblazer 41— He stated: We want to do a hard, R-rated version of it. We're going to scale back the size of the movie to try and persuade the studio to go ahead and make a tough version of it.

Neil Marshall directed the pilot episode. The series will follow Constantine in his early years, defending humanity against dark forces from beyond. Ryan reprised his role as John Constantine in the fourth season of The CW's Arrow [] and in multiple episodes of the third season of Legends of Tomorrow.

The series was developed by Warner Bros. Goyer one of the creators of the live-action series serving as executive producers, and Butch Lukic served as producer. DeMatteis wrote the series, and it was directed by Doug Murphy. THQ released a video game tie-in of the film Constantine. Fantasy fiction author John Shirley is credited in writing three Hellblazer novels, including the novelisation of the Constantine film. The novel Hellblazer: War Lord features Constantine talking about "another John Constantine in an alternate universe , [who] has black hair and lives most of his life in Los Angeles" whilst giving a brief summary of the film's plot.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: List of Hellblazer creators. See also: John Constantine and List of Hellblazer characters. Real horror comes from people. Just people. They're the scariest things in the world. In a comic world dominated by American characters nothing wrong with that per se Constantine was unashamedly British.

John Constantine

A certain kind of miserablist British". List of Hellblazer publications. Constantine film. Constantine TV series. In Dougall, Alastair ed. The Vertigo Encyclopedia. New York: Dorling Kindersley. Comic Book Resources. Archived from the original on Who Is He? Retrieved Interviews with Jamie Delano and Garth Ennis". John Constantine, Or, Hellblazer". Pop Culture-Y. Archived from the original on October 24, Retrieved October 14, Constantine ". Archived from the original on 2 December Retrieved 30 November Archived from the original on 21 September Retrieved February 2, DC Comics.

October May June Titan Books.

November Jamie Delano returns to John Constantine's world". Archived from the original on May 8, Retrieved July 28, Dangerous Habits. Fear and Loathing. Tainted Love. Damnation's Flame. Rake at the Gates of Hell. Son of Man. Archived from the original on 10 September Retrieved 28 February Hellblazer issues 93— Hellblazer issue Hellblazer issues — A Hellblazer Site: Setting Sun.

Hard Time. Good Intentions. He bids farewell with Finn and Epiphany, and finally visits Gemma. In the meanwhile, Gemma, hearing about her uncle's return from the Fates, tries to kill herself with a poisonous revolver, but Constantine sneaks the last remaining dart from his niece. Gemma says her life will be better without him, because he takes up too much of it and she is either hating him or loving him too much. John suggests he leave her be, but Gemma fears he will return and put her life to misery.

John tells Gemma to make her own decision, and she reluctantly points the revolver at him. Gemma closes her eyes before muttering, "Damn you, John Constantine. The last scene shows Constantine in the Long Journey's End bar, holding a glass of liquor with a vacant look.

During the gap where he travels the world to learn magic, the New 52 added the history of him meeting Nick Necro, who was implied to be John's mentor and original owner of the trench coat.

The Forever Evil: Blight storyline would establish that the three characters were all involved in a magical pact and a love triangle, which fell apart due to Zatanna ending her relationship with Nick to pursue John. Nick states "We were all in love, and you two shut me out!

He is still an unsavory trickster in the New 52 universe, as, while during the Trinity War between the three Justice Leagues, he tries to trick Shazam year-old Billy Batson so that he can steal his magic. He fails, causing Billy to become even more distrustful of other people than he already was. In Constantine 14, it was revealed that John Constantine, as a boy, was taught and cast his first magical spell—at the cost of the lives of his parents and his house burning down it was implied that his mother, unlike in Hellblazer , survived the childbirth.

It was also revealed that he spent his childhood in the '80s in Liverpool, England it is not shown if he had any sibling, like Cheryl Constantine in Hellblazer. Together with his allies Papa Midnite , the psychic mage Spellbinder, and a witch called Julia Everheart, Constantine attempts to destroy the Cult by conspiring a scam to take Sargon and Tannarak by surprise. However, prior to the planned battle, Constantine is thrown into the battlefield in Dar es Salaam in World War I because of a ritual going wrong, making his plan ultimately fail.

An encounter with Doctor Occult there results in Constantine being transported to Earth-2 - a world dying under siege from Darkseid and his army of Parademons. In Earth-2, he is assaulted by the Parademons, but Wotan comes and rescues him, before trapping him to open a gateway to escape the dying Earth.

Constantine manages to convince Wotan to spare his life, then works with the ancient sorcerer to open a door through his body to Earth As Wotan enters the doorway, he is split into two halves, because there are two John Constantines in this world: After the death of Wotan, Constantine resolves to find his Earth-2 counterpart. He travels to Liverpool and witnesses all the horror and despair of the dying world.

As soon as John reached the destination, he is shocked to find his "parents" actually the Earth-2 John's parents , his friends Gary Lester, Chas Chandler and his former love interest Maureen still alive. The Earth-2 John quickly attacks him by grabbing him in the neck, but they are engulfed in visions of their lives in parallel right after: Constantine quickly earns the trust of the Earth-2 family, who consider him to be a wonder.

Together, they escape to a warehouse where John instructs them to draw sigils to cast a complex spell. As John is lecturing about the unpredictability and the price of magic, Doctor Fate appears in front of his eyes, claims to have foreseen his arrival and offers to help him.

Doctor Fate reminds John of an incoming horde of Parademons and tells him to quickly cast the spell to escape from the dying world, himself hoping to flee with John and the family too. John discovers that the spell requires one Constantine dies: As the Parademons storm in and take each family member down one by one, John is torn over between saving his own life and let the good, honest Earth-2 John live by sacrificing himself.

Finally, he chooses to save his own skin: As the spells start working, John casts an additional spell to trick Doctor Fate, which masks his presence from the ancient sorcerer, then departs, brings along the family members and many other people. By killing the "proper" Constantine, he earns the wrath and hatred of the Earth-2 family.

Being called "Devil", John corrects the family when they reach Heaven while peeling through the layers of the dying world: Heaven itself, also under assault from Darkseid's force, has closed its door and started departing, deems this world beyond salvation.

Later, John and his entourage are attacked by Doctor Fate, who manages to detect Constantine's whereabout. Despite succeeding in countering the assault, John loses his "mother" Mary-Anne, who is dragged back by Fate's chain.

This greatly traumatizes Thomas Constantine, John's father, who even attempts to commit suicide, but is talked out of it by John. After a long and hard trip, Constantine finally makes it back home, but Darkseid has sensed him and is in hot pursuit.

As the menacing hand of the Apokolips God is reaching to him, Constantine enacts his "last trick": This powerful spell helps John projecting an illusion of an already dead universe to fool Darkseid, while John manages to bring himself, the family and the Earth-2 civilians to safety - he even pickpockets some survivors back from Darkseid's clutch.

As Constantine lands in the Jurassic Coast, England, he is confronted by Thomas, who points a gun at his head. Tired of everything, John yells at his father, begs him to kill him off for good. Unable to do it, Thomas drops his gun, but Maureen quickly puts it up and prepares to shoot John while questioning his actions.

John Constantine (New Earth)

John contemplates and sees that he is no hero, but he is the only one willing to sacrifice "proper John" to save his family, or trade a hundred people for the safety of six billion. He magically teleports away, leaves the family and the survivors behind.

Later, John goes back to New York and visits his old friend Lloyd at his bar to tell him about his latest adventures. The New 52 Constantine series ends at issue 23 and was relaunched as Constantine: The Constantine Futures End tie-in tells the story of John Constantine five years into a possible future of the New 52 universe.

He somehow obtains the ultimate occult artifact, the Helmet of Fate, and manages to trick and kill the ancient magician Nabu with the help of an old ifrit. John Constantine's origin in the New 52 universe is seemingly retconned in the Secret Origins series. In the story, a group of kids in Liverpool manages to get their hands on an occult book and uses it to summon a magical creature called Legendbreaker to discover Constantine's true origin.

Instead, the creature tells three conflicting stories: They all lead to the death of his entire family and set the path for John Constantine into the world of magic, to the fateful incident in Newcastle, albeit the actions and consequences are different. The creature tries to claim the souls of the young "mystics", but the real John Constantine shows up and chases it away. He tells the kids to go back home, forget what has just happened, and his true origins will forever remain unknown - but it does not matter.

The title introduces John in a new outfit and new hairstyle, in his own adventures, unrelated to superheroes business. Constantine uses magic to trick a cashier in a clothes store and gets himself a new suit. He pickpockets a passengers, uses the money to download a meal in a small restaurant and gets acquainted to its owner Oliver, a single father of two daughters. As John is busy chatting and flirting with Oliver, an old "friend", the demon Blythe, pulls John away and convinces him to help them solve their problems in their latest business place, a soul farm.

They want John to eliminate their business partner, which John completes, and he also cons Blythe to banish herself back to Hell. Suddenly, John sees his entire ghost entourage, and Gary Lester's ghost - who has tried to warn him since the beginning - tells him that Frank North's spirit had vanished completely, and something had been after John's ghosts.

John tries to set up a scheme to lure and trap the entity which had been after his ghosts, by ramping up quite a number of ghosts from 'haunted sites'. The plan fails and Gary Lester's ghost is also taken by the being.

After a few flashbacks and meeting with an old acquaintance named Georgie, John begins to unravel the true identity of the ghost-hunting entity, as his and Georgie's old time lover, Veronica. After releasing Veronica's soul, Constantine starts to notice and is also warned by other beings whom he deems as 'friends' the increasing number of supernatural activities in New York city. Being part of Neron's grand scheme, John manages to con after quite a bit of struggle Neron into thinking the souls he had claim to be worthless, and leaves New York city for good.

Albeit the cost of Oliver's soul which Blythe had claimed by previously blackmailing the latter and John with the souls of his daughters. In "The Hellblazer: Rebirth", John gets back to London to remove the curse placed upon him originally shown in Constantine 3, which makes him physically sick whenever he sets foot on London soil and resumes his adventures in the new DC rebirth-initiative The Hellblazer.

The series restores many of the traditional aspects of the original Hellblazer run while still remaining firmly in the larger DC Universe, restoring his original backstory and featuring old allies such as Chas, Mercury and Swamp Thing.

John Constantine returns to England and is greeted by his old time friend, Chas Chandler, at the airport. He resolves to dispel the curse, set on him by a demon called "Laughing Boy" whom he once crossed in the past, by using a ritual that deflect the curse from him to 8 million souls in London.

Shazam and Wonder Woman make an appearance - they notice the ravens in London dying and prepare to intervene, while Swamp Thing appears before them and tells them that they should trust Constantine on this one. The "Laughing Boy" demon tells John that he will return Astra's soul if John agrees to cancel his spell.

However, it turns out that John is downloading time for the psychic Mercury, who is now a young woman, to arrive and tell him the real name of "Laughing Boy" Nybbas. John takes control of the demon, cancels the curse and London returns to normal. In the past, the djinn have tried to hide away the secret of their existence from human. One djinn, named Marid, was stopped by his brother when he tried to prevent the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which triggered World War I.

John enlists Mercury's help, who is eager to help Swamp Thing despite disliking John. Meanwhile, in Paris, Marid resurfaces and attacks his brother.

John tells Chas which horse to bet on and makes the cabbie drive him to the Tate Club. Clarice Sackville offers him a deal with "someone", but John flatly refuses.

That "someone" turns out to be Marid, who is shown working with Clarice and Constantine seems to be an obstacle. John is tracked down by two djinns but manages to escape to the London Underground. He meets Map, who behaves oddly and warns John of an upcoming danger in town: John returns home only to find Chas being tied and gagged by a gang of white supremacists, who manage to deduce Chas's winning bet was due to John, and force the con man to tell them how to win bets.

While John is "doing magick", Marid and his djinns arrive and kill off the gang. John and Chas manage to escape. Mercury jumps into a "wormhole" while Swamp Thing stays behind and battles the forces of the Rot. Mercury returns and rescues Swamp Thing. When asked what she found, Constantine arrives and answer "djinn". Hellblazer boosted the popularity and image of the occult detective fiction genre and shaped it to its modern form.

Unlike most comic book magicians, Constantine rarely uses magical spells, unless he has to, especially in combat. Constantine faces most of his challenges relying primarily on his cunning, quick-thinking during fights, vast knowledge of the occult, manipulation of opponents and allies, and an extensive list of contacts.

These skills are often more useful than his magical ones.

As a sorcerer , Constantine is armed with the knowledge of many magical spells , rituals , and curses , such as evocation , necromancy , illusions , invisibility , [67] and can even use magic to time travel. John's most signature ability is synchronicity wave travelling, which is an instinctual supernatural ability for Constantine to make his own luck. This has led John to uncanny luck at games of chance, the ability to avoid and escape harm, meet the right kind of ally to help prevent or stop an apocalyptic event from happening, and reshape the battle he's fighting to his own accord.

He can even use magic to block off omnipresence , seen where he once used sigils to hide himself from the First of the Fallen. He can use magic to reflect damages done to him onto his enemies. Aside from sorcery, Constantine has exhibited considerable mastery in "stage magic skills"— hypnosis , sleight of hand , pick pocketing and escapology.

John carries with him an arsenal of powerful magical artifacts to aid him in battle, such as The House of Mystery , which also serves as his transport to different realms of the universe, and his trademark trench coat that possesses powerful demonic powers.

Constantine's blood is demonically tainted, initially by a blood transfusion from the demon Nergal, and later by sex with a succubus. His blood has been shown to have healing properties, and is noted to have an age-managing effect. Constantine's skill at unarmed combat varies depending on the writer. Some portray him as a poor physical fighter, others as a capable hand-to-hand combatant. Over time he has won occasional fights using magical weapons, by fighting dirty, [80] or by quick-thinking.

Constantine sold his soul to two lords of Hell, Beelzebub and Azazel, both of whom accepted the deal. This was a trick to make sure that neither they nor Satan himself, who also had a claim, could take possession of his soul without destroying hell and its denizens. Thus until Satan quit and Azazel was sealed away by Dream of the Endless he was protected by the three like guardian angels. Alan Moore claims to have met his creation on two occasions.

In , he told Wizard magazine: One day, I was in Westminster in London —this was after we had introduced the character—and I was sitting in a sandwich bar. All of a sudden, up the stairs came John Constantine.

He was wearing the trenchcoat, a short cut—he looked—no, he didn't even look exactly like Sting. He looked exactly like John Constantine. He looked at me, stared me straight in the eyes, smiled, nodded almost conspiratorially, and then just walked off around the corner to the other part of the snack bar. I sat there and thought, should I go around that corner and see if he is really there, or should I just eat my sandwich and leave?

I opted for the latter; I thought it was the safest. I'm not making any claims to anything. I'm just saying that it happened. Strange little story. His second meeting with his creation was illustrated in 's Snakes and Ladders , [82] an adaptation by Eddie Campbell of one of Moore's performance art pieces:.

Years later, in another place, he steps out of the dark and speaks to me. He whispers: Any cunt could do it. They met a third time in fiction, when Moore was written into issue No.

Moore is seen sitting in silhouette at the back of a bar as John Constantine who is on a pub crawl with the reader raises a drink to him. Writers who had their run on the Hellblazer series have also admitted meeting the character in real life. Original Hellblazer writer Jamie Delano also claims to have encountered Constantine, during his run on the character, outside the British Museum.

Brian Azzarello once saw him in a Chicago bar but avoided him, saying that "the thing about John is, the last thing you'd want to be is his friend. The character won the "Favourite Supporting Character" by Eagle Award , followed by winning it again in the same category a year later. But through a combination of guile, trickery, and plain old ornery charm, Constantine battles the worst Hell has to offer and lives to tell the tale.

Constantine is a byproduct of both the punk rock era and Margaret Thatcher 's Britain. He isn't very nice, he drinks and smokes like they're both going out of style, and his friends always seem to pay for his own magical misdeeds. And yet we can't help but love this crusty old magician all the same. The character also garnered some negative reception, where UGO. One of the most fulfilling relationships she's had to date is with that reprobate sorceror [ sic ] John Constantine, who is the very definition of a "love 'em and leave 'em" kind of dude.

The pair hooked up a number of times but their respective worldviews were just too different, plus he's straight Vertigo and she's wiping minds in the Justice League.

The commute would be hideous.

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Sting of the Police. And yet Constantine goes on, a supernatural warrior willing to pay almost any price to keep the darkest evil at bay. In recent times Constantine has got rid of the guilt and self-loathing plaguing him by magically giving it the physical form of a baby and throwing it off a cliff.

What a magnificent bastard Sonia Harris from Comics Should Be Good praised Hellblazer , saying that "watching John delve into his past in order to exorcise his and the worlds literal and metaphorical demons is a delight. Simon Bisley does an incredible job of visually contrasting the pretty young version of Constantine with the imposing man he has become. Time and misadventure have scarred and hardened John, and the man he has become has the strength and will to transform his environment by channelling the anger that pained him so much as a young, fresh-faced, suicidal punk kid.