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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. PREFACE. MOST of the adventures recorded in this book really occurred; one or two were experiences of my own, the rest. His stories were in the name of Mark Twain, and people loved them. Later, Samuel lived in New York. His book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer () is about a. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer depicts the life of an imaginative, The novel opens with a stern Aunt Polly searching for her nephew Tom in order to punish.

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Novel Petualangan Tom Sawyer Pdf

Try searching on JSTOR for other items related to this book. InThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer,published in , Mark Twain imaginatively recalls his. If you want to download Petualangan Tom Sawyer: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Javanese edition) book, iprovide downloads as a pdf, kindle, word, txt, ppt. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain This book is available for free download in a number of formats - including epub, pdf, azw, mobi and more.

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In the morning, the boys were happy again. Suddenly, there was a noise from a big boat on the river. The boys stopped playing and watched the boat. The boys listened quietly. He went home in the small boat. He quietly went in his bedroom window. Then he went under his bed and stayed there.

Aunt Polly and her friends came into his room.

Aunt Polly went to sleep. Tom went out the window very quietly and went back across the river. We want to go home. We can go to church. People are going to be very surprised! They talked about the three boys. They were sad because their friends were dead. Becky was sad, too. Suddenly, the three boys walked into the church. People were very surprised, but they were very happy, too. Chapter 5 At School Monday morning, Tom went to school.

Then Tom talked to Amy. Becky watched him and she was angry. You can come on my adventure. Later in the morning, Tom talked to Amy again.

Becky talked to her friend Alfred and looked at a picture-book with him. Tom watched them and he was angry with Becky. In the afternoon, Tom waited for Becky at the school fence. She walked into the school room. She opened the book quietly and looked at the pictures. Suddenly, Tom came into the room. Becky was surprised. She closed the book quickly, and it tore. Becky was angry with Tom and quickly went out of the room. Then the children and the teacher came into the room and went to their places.

The teacher looked at his book. Who tore my book? The room was very quiet. I tore your book. Stay here after school! Becky waited for him at the school fence. Tom smiled at her and they walked home. Chapter 6 The Trial Summer vacation started, and Becky went away with her family.

Tom and Huck remembered the night in the graveyard. They were afraid of Injun Joe again. I want to help him. The boys visited Muff Potter. On day three of the trial Tom talked. Injun Joe, the doctor, and Muff Potter were there. Injun Joe quickly went out of the building. Tom and Huck were very afraid. He can kill us, too.

Tom liked talking about it. He was happy, too, because he helped Muff Potter. The boys went to the old house.

They wanted to look at every room. First they went into the kitchen, and then they went into the bedroom. Suddenly, two men came into the kitchen—Injun Joe and his friend. The boys were afraid and stayed in the bedroom very quietly. Injun Joe walked across the kitchen. He started to dig under the floor with his knife. He opened it with his knife.

There was a lot of money in the box. We can come back and get it tomorrow.

Mark Twain-The adventure of Tom Sawyer

We can take it to that place. You know—the place under the cross. Injun Joe talked quietly to his friend. The boys listened and were afraid. He wants to kill us. The boys were afraid of Injun Joe, but they wanted to find his treasure. Becky and her friends went on the river on a big boat. The boat went down the river and across it. Then it stopped. The children went out of the boat and played games near the river.

It was dark and cold there, but they played games. In the evening they went back to the boat and went home. Harper at church. Did she sleep at your house? Harper answered. Did he stay at your house? Did you see them on the boat? People in the town were very sad. They walked to Mrs. Huck stayed behind some small trees. The men talked, and Huck listened to them. Injun Joe was angry. Douglas was bad to me. Douglas because she was always good to him.

He wanted to help her. He quietly walked away and then he started to run to Mr. Jones opened the door. Can you go there and help Mrs. Jones answered. But he was afraid of Injun Joe.

Go and sleep in my bedroom. Douglas visited Mr. A boy was there and he wanted to help you. Jones and Mrs. Douglas went to church. People there talked about Tom and Becky. Jones and his sons went to the cave with the men, but on Monday morning they went home.

Huck was in bed and was very sick. The men went back to the cave, but Mrs. Douglas stayed with Huck. Then they stopped near some water. Becky was afraid. She wanted to sit down and eat. Suddenly, there was a man near him.

Tom was afraid, but he stayed quiet. He looked at the man. It was Injun Joe! Tom was very afraid and he made a noise. Injun Joe went away quickly. They were in the cave for three days. There was light there. He went to the light. It came from a small door in the cave. Tom went out of the cave. Then he went back to Becky. They were very happy. They went to the river and waited there. Some men in a small boat came to them.

Can you help us? We can take you home. They arrived home very late Tuesday night, and people in the town were very happy. Tom talked all night about their adventure in the cave. Then, two weeks after their adventure, Tom visited Becky and talked to her father. You helped Becky in the cave. Thank you. Some men went down the river to the cave. Tom went with them. They opened the new door. Injun Joe was there, but he was dead. Tom wanted to talk to Huck.

Later in the week he went to Mr. The two boys talked about their adventures. I know, because Injun Joe was there. Becky and I came out there.

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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