Super Fantastic. Activity Fun Book. I The Hoff. Now with % more Hoff! Hoora y for Lucie for making the dot-to-Hoff remember: you can never be the Hoff. The “I *heart* The Hoff Super Fantastic Activity Fun Book”. Get it here ( I didn't make it, I don't even know who did – but it's. I The Hoff Super Fantastic Activity Fun Book This I the Hoff super fantastic activity fun book belongs to: Age: Me and the Hoff Dot-to-Hoff ' Hi. I'm David Hasselhoff.

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Hoff Activity Book

A David Hasselhoff Coloring and Activity book. I Hoff Coloring and Activity Book. Topics David Hasselhoff, Bay. The Hoff 12 page activity book - to print and enjoy for hours of fun!. I Love the Hoff: Super Fantastic Activity Fun Book Terry_Lasater. , AM. link (

No one could be sure who would be next. In Berlin, the devilish Hitler plans to conquer the world and to murder the Jews. The Russians and the Germans became hostages of two paranoids unified in a love-hate relationship and a dream of world domination. The person behind this name is the German journalist Gabrielle Diels, a woman of unusual beauty, adored by German housewives for her articles on skin care and the newest developments in the fashion world. Gabi loves Bruno, the man who arranged for her activity in the Russian intelligence services, but their meetings are seldom and top secret. In order to hide his spying activity and her love for a Jew, Gabi pretends to be the wife of an aristocrat and to help him conceal his homosexual inclinations. The paths of all these people cross thanks to Karl Stern, a psychiatrist who cured Hitler of his hysterical blindness after he was wounded in WWI. The doctor hates this gang of psychopaths and drug addicts and understands that a catastrophe is immanent, and thus decides to emigrate to Switzerland while pretending to take a summer vacation with his family. Colonel Paul Wirte agrees to take them along on his airplane, but the doctor winds up having to stay in Berlin for one more day. He had thought that nothing could be worse than Hitler, but in Moscow hell on earth awaits him. The doctor sympathizes with Ilya is even satisfied with life in the communal apartment, being particularly happy about his friendship with Masha, who is his neighbor. But he is forced to work in a secret laboratory on a truth serum where political prisoners serve as guinea pigs. Ilya understands that the life of his best agent is in danger.

You autographed my books — Danny and the Dinosaur and Sammy the Seal. I made my dad read them to me almost every night.

You really are unique. I hope you will continue to write books in the future so I can download them for my son and read them to him. He definitely enjoys hearing over and over again, stories about Grizzwold and Danny and the Dinosaur.

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I'm a little late out the gate with fatherhood at age 52, but I am getting a kick out of him enjoying the same books I enjoyed as a child. I also enjoy finding other old Hoff books like Duncan the Dancing Duck. Peter Dear Mr. Alex is a very bright eight year old with a vivid imagination, artistic talent and a love for animals.

Danny and the Dinosaur – Teacher’s Guide | Printable Activities |

He excels in math, science and art but has been very distress and angry because he now requires reading assistance. All attempts to motivate him have failed. He would prefer picture books on nature, science and all manner of animals. That week he came home with Danny and the Dinosaur. He read the book immediately and re-read it several more times.

The following week he came home with Julius and Sammy the Seal. Alex now has gained the confidence he needed and the desire to read without being prompted. Your books have tapped into his love of animals and opened up a whole new world for him.

Ever since my daughter was quite young, I had rented book after book from the library trying to find something that would turn her on.

She was struggling with reading in different ways but I felt if I could find the right book, she would see what a beautiful experience reading could be.

When Chelsea was 7 years old, I brought Sammy the Seal home from the library.

She read it and our lives began to turn around. She laughed and laughed all through the book. She talked about the book constantly. She read it over and over. She gained confidence with reading words with every turned page. She began seeing the words from the Sammy the Seal book in other books and around town. She began to finally pay attention to the way a word was spelled and here spelling began to improve.

The world became a different place for her. As she wrote to you in her letter, we did go out and download that book in hardcover.

Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp

We want to always have that book in our home because it was a milestone for her and for us. Never would I have dreamt that this child would be so creative and that her vocabulary would grow like it has.

Thank you for sharing your God-given talent with parents and children around the world. Forever fond of all your wonderful writings, Greta Dear Syd Hoff, When you are a parent you have to read a lot to your children and it's great.

But sometimes you get tired of it and hate it because you can't stand the books you are reading. You avoid the stupid, poorly illustrated or poorly written books, or the lengthy books. They are lame, and your children want to read them over and over and over and you are sick of it! Well, let me introduce you to one of my favorite children's authors, Syd Hoff.

True, they lack authenticness, but they are hilarious. I think he wrote his books to entertain the adult reading to the child. Syd Hoff has quick reads. They are so delightful. And classic. I don't get tired of them. We read them over and over and over and I'm a mom that enjoys reading to her children. Taylor and McKay love him too! Sarah Dear Mr. Our ten year old daughter and eight year old son will read all of our new Syd Hoff books on the way home fro the library.

My husband and I spend much time reading to our children. It is so encouraging as parents to see our children loving to learn for themselves and they are enjoying themselves in the process. Thank you very much for your books that have served as catalysts for young readers everywhere. I thank you for the gifts that you have given to my children personally. We first became acquainted when I saw him at a mini-conference in a Ft.

Lauderdale FL library where he entertained a mesmerized audience of teachers, parents, and children with one of his "chalk talks". When I returned to my school, I moved mountains to give our students what I knew would be an unforgettable experience for them. It took a while, but we secured the money and scheduled Syd.

My teacher friends and I picked him up at the Orlando airport and became his friend on the spot. This was and through the next 12 years, we would invite him a total of 4 times! While at our schools he would perform at assemblies daytime and evenings for PTA dinners in his honor , go to individual classrooms, and sit in the library while students brought their preciously favorite Syd Hoff books hoping for an autograph.

He did more than that Syd lost his beloved, Dutch, in the same year we lost our daughter, April. He had a special place in his heart for her His concern for us was touching Bottom line, we are richer because we met Syd Hoff. He is so missed…. Cindy Ehrhardt Dear Mr. I really enjoyed your drawing presentation.

They came back to the class so excited and motivated that I let them do drawing instead of the regular work. You showed them that older people are fun, capable and so different than the sad stereotypes often presented on TV or in the movies. Marilyn D. You were wonderful! Everyone loved your visits. You certainly are outstanding at entertaining students and adults of all ages. It was my pleasure to have a chance to spend time with you.

I hope you will want to visit San Diego schools again. I appreciate your willingness to contribute to the education of Santee students in this way. Otherwise their content is pure feminist propaganda.

The “I *heart* The Hoff Super Fantastic Activity Fun Book”

One Girl Power! Her archery skills are not merely equal to the knights'--they are far better. The princess rebels. She demands a chance to prove it. Readers are then invited to create their own "Girl-Powered ending" for the story.

The moral is always the same: Traditional femininity is dreary and oppressive, and spirited, empowered girls should resist it. I ride a horse everyday. I get up at A. Most girls do not normally think of boys as a hostile rival tribe with whom they are competing; but this is the outlook Girl Power!

A Girl Power! Thus, "In , 42 percent of all college undergraduates were women; in , 56 percent were women.

Most Girl Power! According to its website, CSAP "provides national leadership in the development of policies, programs, and services to prevent the onset of illegal drug use, to prevent underage alcohol and tobacco use, and to reduce the negative consequences of using substances.

No one has shown that single-sex drug prevention programs are any more effective than gender-neutral programs. Nor has CSAP ever seen the need to spend any part of its large budget on outcome studies to determine whether the benefits promised by Girl Power! The goal is exemplary: to "help girls make the most of their lives. It's perhaps not surprising that CSAP has become something of a joke among researchers seriously interested in the issue of drug abuse.

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Sally Satel, a psychiatrist who combines policy research at the American Enterprise Institute with clinical work among substance abusers, expresses the dismay of some scientific observers when she says, "With so much of its money spent developing techniques to prevent drug use, one would think CSAP would place a strong emphasis on research design, data collection, and interpretation.

Think again. Here is a partial list of the handsomely and expensively produced booklets, manuals, and guides that are sent on request to anyone who asks for them: "Welcome to Girl Power!

Campaign Information Packet," "Girl Power! School Year Assignment Book. Finally, six years after the inception of Girl Power! But the same people who created Girl Power! The new program is based on the same questionable gender theory that inspired Girl Power! Its designers take a dim view of the ways masculinity and femininity are "constructed" in our society, and they seek to make boys and girls as much alike as possible.

Girls need to be encouraged to take power, as the Princess Petaluma did; boys need to learn to sit quietly and chat freely about their feelings.

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