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Mobile Phone Repairing Book NEW will explain what parts should be replaced or repaired if it fails in over 56 phones! Language: English and Arabic. Mobile Phones and Tablets Repairs is a page complete manual that answers all I hope that author will publish new books on troubleshooting of modern. mobile phone repairing. Download this PDF book for free to learn mobile phone repairing. This how to repair mobile phones PDF Book is free to download. Make sure not to Please sir new PDF send me. Reply. Avatar.

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Mobile Phone Repairing Book New

The book Advance Android Mobile Repairing is available online for . Apple iPhone 6 Repair Schematic Save time, reduce repair mistakes, and train new. Mobile Phone Repairing PDF Book Free Tutorial & Guide Newest Cell Any mobile cell phone including Samsung Nokia LG Motorola Sony Ericsson Acer. I am a Mobile Phone Engineer, Blogger, Young Entrepreneur, and . to learn new repairing techniques Nokia easy function smartphones.

The book emphasizes that a deep understanding of "how a mobile works" is not necessary to diagnose and repair problems; it concentrates on practical, "hands-on" solutions that can be implemented right away. Focusing mainly on troub About the Book : A Practical Guide is a reader-friendly guide to repairing mobile phone through easy-to-understand language, detailed diagrams. Focusing mainly on troubleshooting hardware and software, the book also provides solutions to common malfunction -related problems. Regardless of your level of experience, this is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to repair a cell-phone or is considering a career in the cell-phone repair business. Field expert diagnostic systems using easy to understand, step-by-step explanations, graphics to illustrate concepts, reinforcement questions, hands-on exercises and practice certification review questions, The Complete mobile Repair Book is ideal for the both novice and advanced user. Covering the latest technology with an increased emphasis on phone PCB test point concept, secret code and master code, LCD repairing, solar mobile projects, software self test with IC fault detection etc. This easy-to read resource provides excellent instruction for individuals who want further preparation for the Mobile communication engineering exam and a clear understanding of mobile repairing software and peripheral installation, configuration, and repair.

Memory Card Memory Card Connector www. Camera Camera Connector www. Keypad Button Keypad Connector Display Display Connector www. Antenna PCB www.

Antenna Point: The point where anteena is connected is called anteena point. Network Section: The section below anteena point and above power section is called network section. Anteena Switch: It is found in the network section.

Mobile Phone Repairing Tutorial, Tips, Free PDF Download

It is made from metal and non-metal. It has 16 points or legs. In some mobile phones, the anteena switch is merged with PFO. PFO: It is present beside the antenna switch. Power Section: This section is below the Network Section.

In some mobile phones there are 2 Power IC. In some sets there are 2 CPU. Work: It searches network and passes forward after tuning.

Mobile Phone Repairing PDF Book Free Tutorial & Guide

Faults: If the Anteena Switch is faulty then there will be no network in the mobile phone. It is also called P. Work: It filters and amplifies network frequency and selects the home network. Faults: If the PFO is faulty then there will be no network in the mobile phone.

If it gets short then the mobile phone will get dead. Who share their knowledge, you can discover the extent of our being selected to easily learn without spending a fortune!

Mobile Phone Repairing Tutorial, Tips, Free PDF Download

Mobile Phone Repair and Maintenance. But also many other tutorials are accessible just as easily! Computer PDF guide you and allow you to save on your studies. Computer PDF is also courses for training in basic mathematics, digital coding, flip-flops, microprocessors, machine language, assembly and many others IT. You should come see our Computer architecture documents.

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You will find your happiness without trouble! The latest news and especially the best tutorials on your favorite topics, that is why Computer PDF is number 1 for courses and tutorials for download in pdf files - Mobile Phone Repair and Maintenance.

Online Cell Phone Repair Training

Download other tutorials for advice on Mobile Phone Repair and Maintenance. We will do everything to help you! And you dear surfers what you need? Common problems which usually occur in almost all kinds of cell phone along with their solution have been discussed in detail in this app.

Whether you have some or no experience in the field of cell phone repair. Reviews Review Policy. View details.

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