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Shoaib Akhtar has been one of the most colourful characters in the history of cricket. He is the fastest bowler in the world, who set an official world record by. Read Controversially Yours book reviews & author details and more at in the history of cricket, Shoaib Akhtar holds the record for the fastest delivery ever. Read "Controversially Yours" by Shoaib Akhtar available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. A tell-all book on and by Pakistan.

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Shoaib Akhtar Controversially Yours Ebook

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Shoaib Akhar is a former Pakistani cricketer and fast Controversially Yours - Kindle edition by Shoaib Akhtar. Download it. Controversially Yours: An Autobiography. Home · Controversially Yours: An Autobiography Author: Shoaib Akhtar. downloads Views MB Size . Controversially Yours book. Read 54 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Shoaib Akhtar has been one of the most colorful characters in.

The Pakistan speedster has confessed to having tampered with the ball and also questioned the class and temperament of India's batting icons, Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid. He walked away! That was the first time I saw him walk away from me — that, too, on the slow track at Faisalabad. Meanwhile, when asked by some television channels about Akhtar's remark, Tendulkar declined to comment. Initially, when I bowled against Sachin, I found these qualities missing. He might have had more runs and records, but he lacked the ability to finish the game. I may be the first one to openly admit to it but everybody is doing it. To be honest, every team in the world tampers with the ball.

Its hard to disagree with him on that. He also gives his option on team mates and other players such as Sachin, Gravid, Lara, Pointing etc. By now you have probably heard and read about the controversy stemmed up by the Indian media. Maybe they hadn't read the book because shoaib praised Sachin plenty of times in the book. The media definitely took some of the quotes out of context and ran with it.

For reasons unknown, shoaib chose to gloss over some of the major turning points in his career. As i said above, the book is not going to win awards but its an enjoyable read for all cricket fans especially from Pakistan.

Shoaib always wore his heart on his sleeves.. This book is not going to change your opinion of him. If you are his fan, then you will love him even more after reading this and if you are not then its safe to assume that you wont become one after reading the book either. Regardless of what you think of him View all 3 comments.

Feb 28, Sana R. Gondal rated it really liked it. This book was filled with the sort of information you really can't find elsewhere. Not only do we get a look into Shoaib's personal life and version of events but also a glimpse at Pakistan's social and political conditions over the period of a decade. Actually, not just Pakistan, a few more countries across the cricket sphere too.

The inside jokes between the actual living legends of cricket, the sort of knowledge only experience can reveal- this book was an eye opener. I felt like Shoaib used th This book was filled with the sort of information you really can't find elsewhere. I felt like Shoaib used this opportunity to whine just a little bit and blame lots of people and maybe the claims of some conversations being fabricated in this account are true, who knows, but they're mentioned as such an after thought, you aren't deterred from the point.

Honestly though, I didn't lose any respect for him despite this. I had no idea how bloody difficult a journey this was and how full of shit the people in charge are. I was just about bursting with respect for the cricketers of my country minus those bribed at the end for the unnecessary obstacles put their way and of course, the fickle nature of fame and and being a crowd favorite. This was a fantastic read and it contains a very bold narrative about a man who went through quite some trying times but left his mark wherever he went.

Does it give him the right to sometimes be an asshole? I can't decide that, but I do know now what provoked such controversy. And even if my opinion doesn't count, I forgive him for what comes off as slight arrogance in the book because when you're the fastest and scariest bowler in cricket history, you sort of deserve to be a little proud of yourself.

Dec 25, Rural Soul rated it it was amazing Shelves: I find myself clueless to decide how to start this. Shall this be about the book, that how it precisely captured the subject 'controversies'? If I tried to go further, my love for Shoaib Akhtar and Cricket game will dominate my personal opinion about "Controversially Yours". Cricket had been a passion in Pakistani youth.

Being raised as 90s generation in rural environment, Sports was our only entertainment. Cable network or Internet hadn't stepped on that time. As a child our only dream was to get I find myself clueless to decide how to start this.

As a child our only dream was to get a chance in A level team of village while children and teens used to play uncategorised B, C and D levels.

Cricket is linked to our lives at extreme level. Even some of tragic and pleasant memories are attached to our love to cricket. My dying maternal grandma on her death bed cheered my uncle to quit worrying and turn on TV so she could see Inzimam playing. She assured us that she won't die but she did and so as Pakistan lost against Bangladesh WC Bangladesh gained test status.

When Wessler 'Hansie' Cronje was charged with matchfixing charges. My elder sister and maternal uncle quit eating for couple of days. That was the time I saw Akhtar walking to Pakistani fast bowling arena. I guess one of most annoying things which readers find in this book is Akhtar's self centred tone of criticism. This is understandable if you didn't see Akhtar being interviewed priorly on screen.

Akhtar has a very complex personality which had faced a lot of discouragement since his childhood.

His natural belief eventually made him victorious but more rude and proud. We can't blame him for that. We know how corrupt our system can become when we try to go fair for ourselves and country. For instance Akhtar never forgot street vendor and tangah driver who had helped him in early of his career.

You will be shocked to know that this fastest ever pacer once had slept on footpaths and begged for food from these innocent street people. Success isn't easy to avail. Book also confirmed the statement once he had given while talking to my friend who was a domestic cricketer, struggling in first class level. According to my friend Akhtar claimed that he was already finished inside when they picked him eventually for international level.

Due to lack of grass root coaching and excessive running had ruined his knees. There was not a single night when he slept without physical pain. I don't know who helped him to write it but it has very firm and natural narration.

This catches readers eyes. Specially who followed him since his early career will enjoy more. There were some forgotten incidents which refreshed my memory. I don't doubt any of which he mentioned in the book. Still hailing from a humble and poor family, Akhtar has toughest self believe you will ever see. General Tauqeer Zia has vital part in success and discovery of this man.

General even gave him passage to become one of his family. This is why whenever he abused and scolded him due to his sick habits, Mrs. Tauqeer Zia always intervened.

This is why Akhtar acknowledged General's efforts and respects him till this day. I don't know why our bowlers lack this fierce aggression.

I never saw anyone taking on foul mouthed Aussies like Akhtar did. What we got here is a recent example of Wahab on Watson. Still I could see lack of confidence in Wahab's eyes.

Pakistani cricket system is one of most corrupt departments in Pakistani bureaucracy. I have no doubt all the internal battles and politics mentioned here. I will never forget 'eagle' and his send off celebration to Mathew Hayden. We all love you Sep 13, Santhosh rated it it was ok. In a way, the whole controversy surrounding the book's launch captures his life and career - egged on by a sense of bravado he talks some nonsense in an interview, blown out of proportion and context, unable to backtrack because of his ego and the spotlight on him, and finally has to retract his statements, asking everyone to read the book - which actually doesn't talk about Sachin 'trembling' at all in the first place.

The book provides an excellent glimpse of all the stuff that's happened that In a way, the whole controversy surrounding the book's launch captures his life and career - egged on by a sense of bravado he talks some nonsense in an interview, blown out of proportion and context, unable to backtrack because of his ego and the spotlight on him, and finally has to retract his statements, asking everyone to read the book - which actually doesn't talk about Sachin 'trembling' at all in the first place.

The book provides an excellent glimpse of all the stuff that's happened that has titled him trouble, the immaturity, the narcissism, the single point of perspective, the self-obsession, the 'harmless mischief maker' image in his head, and the behind-the-scenes politics that is the PCB.

It also, surprisingly, does include some valid points on the state of cricket, Pakistan cricket in particular. There are also loads of antics, adventures and times with teammates, and it was nice to hear a bit about the personal side of international cricketers. The one thing that one can be very confident about is that this has not been ghostwritten, given the maturity and bravado on display.

Forget all the injuries and the bluster and the politics. The image that I will carry of Shoaib will be him steaming in at full pelt, nothing ever held back, and bowling screamers at batsmen. And that is something worth all the masala around his career. View 1 comment. Nov 25, Wsm rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a fast paced book by the world's fastest bowler.

As for controversy,Shoaib Akhtar was always in the thick of it during his career and the title of the book is very appropriate. His views won't endear him to some of the biggest names in Pakistan cricket,including Wasim Akram,Waqar Younis,Javed Miandad and many cricket administrators.

Born in poverty and surmounting the odds to play for Pakistan,the story he tells is an inspiring one.

Nature Gives All 4 Free, Why Can't Life: Shoaib Akhtar Controversially Yours pdf free download

Along the way,he slept on the floor and lived in the thick This is a fast paced book by the world's fastest bowler.

Along the way,he slept on the floor and lived in the thick of the Karachi violence of the mid 90s. The stories about the Pakistan dressing room are not very complimentary or pleasant. Akhtar endured many bans,was accused of having used drugs and hitting his teammates,struggled massively with his fitness,went through a lot of pain and was nearly tossed out of the game for alleged chucking.

He survived long enough to bowl the fastest delivery ever recorded and to enrich the game with his presence. Along the way,he collected a lot of scalps,famously clean bowling Tendulkar with his first ball,hitting Brian Lara on the head and cracking open Gary Kirsten's jaw.

Reading the book brought back quite a few memories. View 2 comments. Aug 20, Umesh Kesavan rated it liked it Shelves: I don't see any natural fast bowler after me.

This self-obsession reaches its peak when he "How many diamonds can you retrieve from one single mine; there has to be an end somewhere. Take away this shameless vanity and what emerges is a disturbing portrait of Pakistani cricket where captains are spineless slaves, one fast bowler schemes against the another,a former captain drives taxi in England and players contemplate suicide.

Akhtar blames the PCB for this despondent state of affairs. They also reveal how even the topmost leaders in the government have a direct say in cricket affairs. Shoaib openly admits to have done ball tampering and says that every fast bowler does it at some point of his career. For Indian readers, the most exasperating parts are the ones where he writes that Rahul Dravid,inspite of his great technique,was not a match winner!

He insinuates that Sachin Tendulkar played for his records first and his team next. It is tough to judge whether such inanities were written straight out of his heart or they were just publicity seeking lines to market the book because Sachin always Sells. A particularly funny anecdote involves Saqlain Mushtaq chasing around Javed Miandad with a bat and the other teammates following them with a smile in their faces. His harrowing experiences during the riots at Karachi underline the vagaries of life in a volatile country like Pakistan.

Shoaib rising up the cricket ladder from an underprivileged background has been poignantly captured in the first few chapters.

Insights into his greatest spells in Colombo and New Zealand are missing and what we get instead are his run-ins with his teammates,coaches,umpires and PCB. Inspite of such pitfalls, this book is a welcome addition to literature on cricket. There is vanity, there is candour, there is controversy, there is unbridled aggression - all the attributes one would perennially associate with a man who once clean bowled Sachin Tendulkar and silenced a million at Eden Gardens.

Jan 02, Naveed Nawaz rated it really liked it. Such an apt title. Indeed Controversially ours. I am from Rawalpindi and this book was double special for me. For me, Shoaib is one of the most intelligent fast bowlers ever. Faster than the speeding bullet, charging down with that long long run up, what a thrill to watch this guy.

The book is a good read too. I enjoyed it a lot. And when he did make his debut, I remember watching him put in an immense shift. He use to bowl the last over of a test match at the same speed that he bowled his first. Immense bowler. Immense character. What a guy. And you know he is a good guy when he specifically mentions the names of his cook and driver in his book and thanks them for their support. The quote I loved the most in this book? Apr 15, Arvind rated it did not like it Shelves: Did u expect cricket to be one of the three?

P If you truly believe that the whole world conspires against u, maybe it does: Its hard to find a person against whom Shoaib didnt have a grudge.

To bhai, baki players Raja-Maharaja ki aulaad nahi the! Why did he think ever 1. Why did he think every1 owed him???

Raushni auro ke aangan me gavara na sahi, Kam-se-kam apne hi ghar me to ujala keeje. Lets say that Shoaib was right in each of those fights.

Did he love the game? I think he is was just a self-obsessed arrogant man as there is not a single loving sentence about d game or memorable on-field moments. Shoaib Akhtar in full flow was a delight but this book is just rants. Recently, I read bios of Ganguly and Manjrekar and both praised his insights on d game.

Actually, they made me pick up this book. Sadly, the insights were missing here. Finally, there is a silver lining? Respect however for staying untainted in the match-fixing scandals that kept engulfing Pakistan cricket. Flamboyant players like Yuvi and Kohli have been managed well and we have made the most of their talent. Irreverent, irascible and for the most part injudicious, this is an autobiography that in the end analysis, leaves a lot to be desired.

One singularly glaring feature of this autobiography is the extraordinary self-praise and gloating contained within the covers. Messrs Akthar and company would have done well to have read a few memorable autobiographies in recent times such as those penned by the erudite Marcus Trescothik and the Iceman Steve Waugh, prior to embarking on such an important endeavor!

While the rise of this mercurial fast bowler from the depths of abject poverty to claim and fame is indeed an achievement to be admired and appreciated, it is paradoxical to note that such a humbling experience has not instilled a sense of humility in this cricketer. At regular intervals throughout the book, the reader is treated to a tiring litany of self-eulogy and encomiums. I was the star performer, so you can imagine how many of them crowded around me….

Profanities are liberally exchanged with cricket administrators, fellow team mates and opponents alike, and a willow is also swung hard in the dressing room contacting a bewildered Mohammed Asif on the thighs, thereby leading to a suspension!

Other than alleging the lack of match-winning capabilities of Sachin and Rahul, he also goes on to add for good measure that Indian batmen are known for playing for themselves over the cause of their team.

Inzamam, Akram and Javed Miandad also cop their share of allegations and are accused of various levels of in competencies. However where the book scores and is absorbing, if not riveting is when it comes to absolute and raw candor of the final 3 chapters.

One of them embeds a no holds barred purgatory about the functioning or the absolute lack of it on the part of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Fistfights, flashing knives and swinging bats seem to be a given and acrimonies between players take the form of absolute silence as well as full-fledged slanging contests.

While Shoaib tries to be as candid as possible about various controversial issues such as ball tampering he alleges that every bowler tampers with the ball on account of dead tracks , his chronically recurring knee, rib and hamstring injuries instances of tubes sticking out of his knees post a surgery and injections being administered directly into the knees are revelatory , elements of such frankness and honesty are unfortunately masked in the maze of vain glorious self-praise.

For instance, an incessant and much embellished mention of his penchant for running during his early childhood days makes one wonder as to whether some pages from the autobiography of Carl Lewis or Usain Bolt have been mistakenly appended to this book.

Controversially Yours: An Autobiography

There is no doubt that the verisimilitude of many facts mentioned in the autobiography would be debated, denied, disputed and deliberated by the various characters named therein. Facts such as a constant stream of girls making their way in and out of dressing rooms, match fixing charges against players and the serious attribution of ineptitude on the part of many former captains and administrators are not trivial remarks by any stretch of imagination.

Whether it is an act of foolish bravado or a courageous act in a reformist vein, only time will tell. While the sight of a fully fit Shoaib Akthar bounding in at full steam to bowl an unplayable delivery, has no doubt been one of the great spectacles of the cricketing world over the past many years, alas the same cannot be said about his autobiography by any stretch of imagination.

Controversially Yours — widely off the mark!! Feb 01, Nishant Bhagat rated it really liked it. When I picked this book up I had expected to read it like a tabloid.

Follow the Author

What else can you expect from the big, fast and controversial Rawalpindi express! But by the end of this book I have to say it in Shoaib style - Dil jeet liya veere!

He did of course meet the expectations in the middle of the book, but what really warmed my heart were the first few and the last few chapters of his book. His personality is reflected in the book. His passion, enthusiasm and might I add the typical Leo personality When I picked this book up I had expected to read it like a tabloid.

His passion, enthusiasm and might I add the typical Leo personality that the whole world revolves around me. A must and a fun read for any cricket enthusiast.

Jan 16, Awaisha Inayat rated it it was amazing Recommended to Awaisha by: Arfah Faiq. A book recommended by my friend. A cricketer with a most interesting character in a Pakistani Cricket for many years and the book presents the first hand account of his career.

Thank you Arfah! Truly, He is irreplaceable. The book is filled with information which one cant find elsewhere. Not only his personal life and cricket life, Akhtar has shed light upon the economic, social and political conditions of Pakistan from the view of cricketer and being a Pakistani.

Also revealing that how the top most leaders have the direct say in the cricket affairs. The Dressing Room, was the hilarious reading however! This player hides nothing, descriptive and honest-book containing bold narrative about going through some trying times but leaving his mark where he went.

I guess, i can't decide that but i now i know what provoked such controversies in his life. I also forgive "Rawalpandi express" for his "SLIGHT" arrogance in the book because when you're the fastest, the scariest bowler, you sort of deserve to be a little proud of yourself.

Thank your Rawalpindi Express! Thank you for all the wickets and the wins! Why couldn't he just admit that he was way too cocky for our dressing room. I liked his beginnings, he was truly an ordinary Pakistani, I believe most of young Pakista Look it's not even so much about how the book is written, because frankly, it isn't all that great.

I liked his beginnings, he was truly an ordinary Pakistani, I believe most of young Pakistani guys can relate with his story. Shoaib was all about passion, that's what kept him going..

He was a man who took on everybody who did not accept his greatness, and he won in my opinion, since he did play for Pakistan for 18 years.. His account of not playing for the Pak vs India semifinal is really heart breaking and especially where he mentions Afridi coming up to him and saying "Shaoib, ye kya hogya yar" The chapter towards the end named Dressing Room is so funny I laughed out loud :D I thought that was a smart move adding something like that in the end, it neutralizes all the negativity Shoaib pointed towards when it came to Pak Dressing Room.

There are very many little exclusive insights that this book offers and I believe every Cricket Nut must read this. Look, you may not admire Shoaib the person but you gotta admit, Rawalpindi express with his massive chest out and his locks flying, his super aerodynamic action and his ferocious pace.. I felt emotional towards the end I gotta say.. Thank you Shoaib for all the moments! The Shoaib moments.. From to there was no better sight than Shoaib Akthar running half the length of the filed, steaming in with his slinging action and throwing the ball like an escaped missile at some of the finest batsmen in the world and making them look like hapless victims on the way.

Throughout his career, Shoaib Akthar has always been a polarising figure. But no one can deny that he didn't have talent or can question his In an era of Pakistani cricketing giants, Shoaib Akthar was a towering figure. But no one can deny that he didn't have talent or can question his passion and commitment to Pakistani cricket.

Its hard to believe that someone with so much talent and passion for the game only ended up played 46 tests and ODI's in an 18 year career. But his statistics don't tell the whole story. Controversy has always followed Shoaib Akthar both on and off the filed. Sometimes his own fault other times a victim of his own reputation. Which is why this is an important book. The book it self isn't a literary masterpiece. Its not going to win any awards but what it does well is give a vivid and entertaining account of Shoaib's rise from a poor background to a global superstar.

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