But if I come home with you and the baby now I won't ever be able to leave.” But wasn't that the whole idea? I thought, bewildered. Marian Keyes. Marian Keyes is the international bestselling author of Watermelon, Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married, Rachel's Holiday, Last Chance Saloon, Sushi for Beginners. I found that 1 2 The stewardess tried to squeeze past Paul and Author: Marian Keyes. 97 downloads Views 2MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF.

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the other side of story marian goudzwaard.info Ebook the other side of story marian goudzwaard.info, Book the other side of story marian goudzwaard.info, PDF the other side of . PDF | Popular fiction for women has been variously criticised and derided for a focus on romance plots and superficial themes. Marian Keyes, a prolific author of . Download The Other Side of the Story by Marian Keyes PDF free. “The Other Side of the Story: A Novel” is a story about three young women.

It will discuss two primary areas that have affected women in Irish society: the family and the female body. Introduction While Irish author Marian Keyes is perhaps most commonly referred to as a chick lit author, it is, however, important to recognise that, first and foremost, Keyes is an Irish author; we can assume that her Irish upbringing and the Ireland in which she now lives both influence her work to some extent, and issues which were once, or still are, prevalent in Ireland are both explicitly and implicitly referred to within her work. In doing so, it will discuss two areas that have affected women in Irish society: marriage, motherhood and the family, and the female body. Irish society allowed two very limited options for the roles of women: the image of the Virgin Mary was regarded as the ideal role model for women, while the image of the mother was considered to be the prototype of Irish women. Irish women thus felt enormous pressure from a wide variety of outside influences —Church, society, family, even television— as to the path their life should take and, as a result, marriage and motherhood became the ultimate goal of most young women in Ireland.

All those rapes unacknowledged, unavenged. It was enough to drive him mad. How was the world as normal as it was?

How was all that rage and injustice and grief and fear contained? Women suffered so much in the private domain largely because there were very few laws in Ireland which protected them in the home, and, indeed, within society in general. In fact, until the early s, the family law statutes in Ireland were the same since the Victorian period, a time when women were received little legal recognition, and crimes such as domestic violence and rape were silenced and hidden from the public.

He was so angry I thought he was going to kill me. All I could do was apply for a barring order — which would take twelve weeks. Irish feminists eventually realised that the Irish family was, for many women, a far from perfect place; that women were afforded few rights and were often trapped in damaging and unhappy situations, from which they could see little escape. Illegitimate children were also frequently brought up by their grandmother or other family member, or in the workhouse or other charitable institution.

As well as creating shame and controversy for both families and society in general, the unmarried mother is also viewed as problematic in Irish society because it is seen to undermine the sanctity of the family that was inherent to Irish morality for so long.

Whatever the reasons for the high birth rates outside of marriage, it is clear that the consequences of pregnancy outside of marriage are now considered less catastrophic than in earlier decades. Claire is portrayed as a strong, independent woman who admirably copes with her situation with grace, humour, and maturity, as portrayed in the following extract in which Claire reflects on her circumstances: My marriage had broken up, but I had a beautiful child.

I had a wonderful family, very good friends and a job to go back to. Keyes, b: Keyes also presents women who become remain single mothers by their own choice, such as in Anybody Out There? But now In the epilogue to Anybody Out There? By portraying lone parenthood in a positive sense, novels such as Anybody Out There? Sex and the Female Body in Ireland Ireland has long been recognised as being pervaded by a strict puritan morality which was seen to spread itself through a large portion of Irish culture.

Popular culture is an example of one area which was hindered by the application of strict censorship laws in Ireland.

Films also did not escape Irish censorship laws as, for example: Gone With the Wind was not screened in the Republic of Ireland when it was released because the official film censor, James Montgomery, required so many cuts that the distributor withdrew it. Ironically, Montgomery vigorously objected to the childbirth scene! Thus, while the state of maternity was formally recognized with the Irish constitution, the embodied processes of becoming a mother —sex and childbirth— were deemed obscene.

The arrival of Nkechi. Everyone looked. Plenty to look at.

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Nigerian, excellent posture, braids hanging all the way down her back, very long legs, then a really quite large bottom perched on top of them. But Nkechi never tried to hide her bottom. She was proud of it. Fascinating to me.

We can learn much from other cultures. Keyes, 32 It is interesting to note that the protagonist in the above quote notes how many Irish women often try to hide or minimise their curves; in other words, the very aspects of their body that make them look like women. This would suggest that the traditional attitude in Ireland, which likened the female body to a source of sin, may still be impacting Irish women who feel that they may have to conceal their womanliness. I would probably have been a lot more likely to confidently hop into bed with total strangers.

Maybe sex would have been an activity that I could just enjoy, instead of it mostly being an exercise in damage limitation, trying to act like I was enjoying myself while at the same time managing to hide a bum that was too big, a chest that was too small, thighs that were too Keyes, a: This suggests that the restraints many Irish women feel are imposed on them are still hard to escape.

In fact, Paddy had tried to insist that they genuinely live in their separate homes until after the wedding, but this was one issue that Alicia stood her ground on.

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One consequence of this taboo was that little historical attention was directed towards unearthing the sexual activities of Irish women.

As a result, societal norms vigorously asserted that women should wait until marriage to indulge in sexual intimacy. She reckons it demonstrates what a nice girl I was, who never did any of that nasty sleeping-around business [ While sexuality came out into the open in other societies, here it remained in the closet.

Irish women and men have not involved themselves to any great extent in the agonising over sexuality which has occurred in other Western countries. While the feminist literature of other countries has endless dissertations on sexuality, discussion of the subject among Irish feminists was never able to surface into the public domain. Such matters were considered so taboo that many young girls were, as a result, not even prepared for the arrival of their periods.

In a survey conducted among Irish women regarding such matters: Only two respondents were told about them, one by her mother and the other by a female cousin. The overwhelming memories of the rest of the women were of being shocked and frightened when their first period occurred and feeling ashamed by the secrecy of the monthly rituals of soaking and washing soiled cloths and towels which had to be kept hidden from male family members. Given this taboo, it is perhaps not surprising that most women reported that they were ignorant of sexual matters during their youth.

My period. Despite the simplicity of the reference, the very fact of its inclusion is a positive indicator of how Keyes is helping to provide an outlet for the discussion of menstruation in Ireland.

As Irish society viewed sex as a sin, women were only allowed sexual freedom within the confines of marriage, and even then only with a view to conceiving. And nor did I want to. I felt at a great disadvantage.

To put it simply, I was not looking my best. As I say, a humiliating kind of a business. Anyway, James and I got all emotional about it and decided he should be there. The story of why and how he left me is a bit longer. I mean, how sub- urban can you get!

And not only is he having an affair but he wants a di- vorce. Her name is Denise and I know her quite well. Not quite as well as James does, obviously. The awful thing is she always seemed to be really nice.

Rachel's Holiday

Can you believe it? How dramatic can you get? Black pepper them to death? Compliment them into a coma? Run them over with the dessert trolley? But again, I seem flippant. And I seem to have lost the ability to make decisions on my own. Bang goes your sense of per- sonal autonomy! Once I was strong-willed and independent.

But that all seems like a long, long time ago.

And, my God, but I love that man. Although we had a less than auspicious start, the magic took hold of us very quickly. We both agree that we fell in love about fifteen minutes after we met and we stayed that way.

Marian keyes watermelon pdf

Or at least I did. Well, perhaps I should qualify that. Plenty of lunatics, undoubtedly. But a nice man, a bit older than me, with a decent job, good-looking, funny, kind.

It seemed almost too good to be true. He liked me. He liked almost everything about me.


When we first met we were both living in London. I was a waitress more of that later and he was an accountant. Of all the Tex-Mex joints in all the towns in all the world, he had to walk into mine. Which is when I thought it might be a bit of a laugh to give up my permanent, wellish-paid job in Dublin and go off to the Godless city of London and live like an irresponsible student.

Which is something I should have done when I was an irresponsible student. But I was too busy getting work experience during my summer holidays then, so my irresponsibility just had to wait until I was good and ready for it. Anyway, I had managed to land myself a job as a waitress in this highly trendy London restaurant, all loud music and video screens and minor celebrities.

Well, to be honest, there were more minor celebrities on the staff then amongst the clientele, what with most of the staff being out-of-work actors and models and the like. How I ever got a job there at all is beyond me. Although I might have been employed as the token Wholesome Waitress.

To begin with I was the only waitress under eight feet tall and over eighteen. And although I might not have been model material, I suppose I had a certain, shall we say, nat- ural kind of charm—you know—short shiny brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, big smile, that kind of thing.

And I was so unworldly and naive. I never realized when I was coming face to well-made-up face with the stars of stage and television.

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