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The Moon is Down. View PDF. book | Originally published at the zenith of Nazi Germany's power, The Moon Is Down explores the effects of invasion on. Originally published in during the first months of America's entry into. World War II, The Moon Is Down has been described as “a work of literature. The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck; 40 editions; First published in ; Subjects: War in fiction, Cities and towns in fiction, Literature.

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Occupied by enemy troops, a small, peaceable town comes face-to-face with evil imposed from the outside—and betrayal born within the close-knit community. John Steinbeck Goes to War: The Moon Is Down as Propaganda. (review). Stephanie Forster. Steinbeck Review, Volume 3, Number 2, Fall , pp. Despite Axis efforts to suppress it (in Fascist Italy, mere possession of the book was punishable by death), The Moon is Down was secretly translated into French .

Propaganda is a word often spewed in anger or indignation at some form of manipulative or self-serving communication. Meet the honorable, dignified exception to that stereotype. It is propaganda in affirmation of freedom, self-determination, and the indomitable will of pe Propaganda is a word often spewed in anger or indignation at some form of manipulative or self-serving communication. It is propaganda in affirmation of freedom, self-determination, and the indomitable will of people to persevere and overcome. The town was occupied, the defenders defeated, and the war was finished. We meet the simple, hardworking people of the village, who seem perplexed, but not, initially, embittered by the invaders. Just soldiers doing a job. The initial interactions are cordial, almost bizarrely so, and there is a sense that things may not be so bad. This brings me to the first major kudo I wish to bestow on Steinbeck. Not the case, and Steinbeck begins to turn the screws. The invaders insist… Tension…animosity…hatred…violence ensue that I will leave for you to discover. Usually, you see the damage that is inflicted on those that have been deprived of their liberty, and Steinbeck certainly does reflect this in the story.

Coers was first published in hardcover, reviewers claimed that it was a "fascinating study," "interesting," and "capably written. The Moon Is Down as Propaganda , Coers's book is still the fascinating and interesting study that the first reviewers declared it to be.

Through a close examination of its publication history, Coers sets out to prove that The Moon Is Down , while lambasted in the American press, was successful propaganda during the Second World War.

Upon its publication in America The Moon Is Down almost immediately became the subject of an intense literary debate in which critics admonished Steinbeck for his humanistic depiction of German soldiers and charged that the novel would have a demoralizing effect on the people of occupied Europe.

This, as Coers shows, was far from the truth.

He begins, however, by setting the scene in America. Eager to contribute to the war effort and fascinated by the stories of resistance in occupied countries, Steinbeck's goal was to produce a fictional work that would raise the spirits of those who were under Nazi rule.

Within days of publication the critics as well as the American public were debating its merits, labeling the novel as either "remarkable fiction" and "great propaganda," or "bad propaganda" and "brilliantly manipulated melodrama. Both the novel and the play received numerous and mixed reviews, but both were enthusiastically received by the American public.

The sour note that the critics sounded, however, greatly pained Steinbeck and while he knew that the novel did serve its purpose in Europe, he was unaware of the extent to which it was used by resistance organizations. Contrary to the critics' predictions that The Moon Is Down would discourage the refugees in the occupied regions, the record that Coers has created shows that the short novel did serve its intended purpose, which was to inspire confidence throughout Europe, most clearly in Norway where the novel was particularly meaningful because the people believed that the story was about their country.

Uncovering previously unknown details in interviews, Coers found that the people of Norway "were gratified that Steinbeck was able to describe exactly how the Norwegians felt about the Nazis and the resistance" The humanization of the enemy was not a point of concern for occupied Norway, and the Nazi leadership itself had attached significant weight to this work of propaganda.

Books by authors who were hostile to the Nazis or who were deemed undesirable were removed from the country's libraries, and Steinbeck's novels were among the 3, volumes that were later reclaimed. Thousands of copies of a clandestine edition of The Moon Is Down were circulated throughout Norway, few now in existence because of deterioration caused by constant use. The King of Norway's words to Steinbeck upon giving him the Haakon VII cross, a medal to honor his contribution to the resistance, were true—the novel "had bolstered the morale of his entire war-ravaged nation" Although the resistance movement took longer to gain hold in Denmark, The Moon Is Down played a crucial role there as well.

Coers explains that the slow organization of resistance groups in the Netherlands was caused by the suddenness of the German attack and the retention of the existing Danish government.

The Moon is Down Lesson Plan, Student Activities, and Graphic Organizers

Since the occupiers allowed Denmark to maintain its political integrity, the Danish government acted as a buffer between the Germans and the people. Unfortunately it is true and Alex will be tried. Chapter Five This snow begins to stick, and the Nazis begin a friendly discussion that turns into a bitter argument of being home for Christmas and when the war will end. Chapter Six The chapter begins with a description of the town.

The streets are quiet, lights are turned out, and fear is about. Annie arrives to the home of Molly to keep her company and to catch her up on current events. When she left, minutes later, Molly heard a knock at the door.

Molly turned straight to her own defense by asking who he was and what he wanted. Tonder explained his feelings toward Molly, and Molly although seemingly flattered, she became bitter because of the death of her husband. She calms down and apologizes for her behavior. She then begins talking about her husband and how he was killed.

She then tells him that he was the one who was told to publicly execute him. When Tonder remembers, he becomes crushed because he realizes there is no chance for the two of them to remain friends even though their relationship had only lasted minutes. Tonder leaves and Annie enters. With Annie come the Anders brothers and the Mayor. The two brothers tell Molly how they plan to flee and who they will take with them.

The group began putting their heads together to think of some kind of retaliation.

The Mayor tells the Anders brothers to tell people of what has been happening and to bring back defensive and offensive weapons.

Tonder comes back and knocks on the door; Molly quickly rushes the group outside the backdoor not to be seen. The chapter begins with two soldiers going back and forth with meaningless dribble.

John Steinbeck’s The Moon is Down: Summary of Chapters 1-8

One of them spots planes high in the sky. The planes begin to drop little devices with blue parachutes attached. The Nazis begin to fear what these packages are. Still some men go on to open them, and inside them reveal plans for a revolt.

Of Mice and Men and The Moon Is Down PDF - John Steinbeck Two Plays (…

It gives directions on how to sabotage the railroads made by the Nazis. A meeting was then held about these devices The Nazis were afraid to open them. Corell enters; he is in pain and various bones in his body are broken. Corell is angered by what happened to him so he requests that Mr.

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