Logical Reasoning Test 1. Questions Booklet. AssessmentDay. Practice Aptitude Tests. Instructions. This logical reasoning test comprises 15 questions, each. bination with LearningExpress's Reasoning Skills Success in 20 Minutes a Day— will give you practice dealing with the types of multiple-choice questions that. 1. Free Inductive/Logical Test. Questions. (With questions and answers). JobTestPrep invites you to a free practice session that represents only some of.

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Logical Questions Pdf

3 Logical reasoning. Test Pure logic. Test Progressive matrices test. Test Advanced logic test. 4 Creativity. Test Creativity. Logical Reasoning questions for CAT pdf with practice tests and answers. LR syllabus, topics and Tips for CAT exam. LR solved problems. In CAT, Binary logical reasoning concept is used to frame the questions on Truth teller, Truth-liar and alternator. Binary logic consists of a set of.

Duration : 1 Hours 35 Minutes No. The reading comprehension questions were difficult to solve and the time limit for this section is 40 min. At first i was very baffled by seeing the questions but then i took a deep sigh and with a calm mind i solved the questions and finally was able to do almost 26 questions. Rest sections were average and were easy to be tackled with. Technical Interview Questions Question 1: Technical question — for an non-it student The basic structure of my project and the conceptual explanation of the theories involved. Question 2: HR Question- Any condition in your life when you were extremely downtrodden and you suddenly evolved a method to come out from that situation. HR Interview Experience : Firstly, he took my introduction and as i stopped he directly jumped to my final year project. He interviewed almost 25 minutes on my major and minor interview. After tjw technical part he slowly shifted to HR section and asked about variois experiences of my life and the achievemnts i mentioned in my CV. Then atlast he asked a puzzle ques.

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Logical Reasoning for CAT questions PDF

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There are only two logical propositions either True or False.

Based on the given instructions the possibilities should be made for the given problem. Mohan went to an Island on which there were three tribes of people. People from one of the tribes always spoke the truth. People from the second tribe always lied. People who belonged to the third tribe spoke truth and lie alternately.

The Island had only 3 fruits i.

Mohan found three people X,Y and Z asked them about their favourite fruits. Their responses were as follows.

Binary Logical Reasoning CAT Questions PDF – Truth Teller, Liar and Alternator

I like apple. Y likes mango Y: Z likes mango. X likes banana Z: X likes banana If it is known that X, Y and Z belonged to different tribes and each one of them liked a different fruit, then answer the following questions.

Ramesh, Suresh and Mahesh are three people who belong to three different tribes of people. The three tribes are known as knights those who always speak the truth , Knaves who always lie and Alters those who alternatively speak the truth and lie.

Infosys Logical Reasoning Papers and Questions Answers [PDF] | MGM

Ramesh said that Suresh is not an alter. Mahesh said that Ramesh is an alter. Who among the following is Knave? Ramesh, Suresh and Mahesh are three people who belong to three different tribes. Who is the Knight?

Let us assume that Y belongs to the tribe which always speaks the truth. So we know that Z likes mango and X likes banana, so Y must like apple. X says I like apple which is wrong since we know that Y likes apple.

His second statement is that Y likes mangoes.

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