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I will give you the name of Website which provides you FREE GATE Exam Study Material for All Branch. Yes, you can crack gate exam in only one month without. GATE Study Material is now available at gatestudymaterial of India. You can get updated gate study material for electronics, electrical, computer science. Browse GATE Notes & Free Study Material Sub-topics. View Notes Building Material and Construction Videos: Part 1 to 20 (Download PDF).

Concerning candidates who are looking to download GATE Study Material for free may get it right from this page in pdf format. In this context, GATE study materials are a valuable source of information for the engineers taking the exam. GATE study materials contain detailed and well arranged notes regarding every subject, covering all the important questions and the most commonly asked crucial topics. The in depth coverage of the syllabus with a lucid style of writing helps students grasp the topics easily and also enables them to retain the subject that they have learnt so far. For fresh graduates looking to do their M. Tech in premier institutes across the nation, these GATE Study materials when combined with their personal notes make a killer combination for a successful study plan. For experienced engineers looking to further their careers through the GATE exam, the GATE study materials will serve to brush up on the fundamentals and improve their command over the more esoteric topics which might carry heavy significance and higher marks in the exam. Good care has been taken to keep the GATE study materials as close to the official syllabus as possible while also ensuring that the entire text is error free and genuine content. All these study materials presented here on this page can be easily downloaded as a PDF file by the students and saved for further reference.

Concave Upwards indicates Minima of the function i.

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If f x does not change sign as x increases through c, then c is neither a point of Local maxima nor a point of local minima. In fact, such a point is called point of inflection. Let f be twice differentiable at c. Then 1.

Then the value f c is local maximum value of f x. In this case, f c is local minimum value of f x. The graph gives a continuous function defined on a closed interval [a, d]. Also form the graph, it is evident that f has absolute maximum value f a and absolute minimum value f d.

Further note that absolute maximum minimum value of f x is different from local maximum minimum value of f x.

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The Laplace transform converts integral and differential equations into algebraic equations. It also converts time domain signal into frequency domain signal.

Inverse Laplace transform converts a frequency domain signal into time domain signal. Laplace Transforms Formulas The formulae given below are very useful to solve the many Laplace Transform based problems 1 Page.

Example Problems of Laplace Transforms Example 1: Initial value theorem is applicable only if the function is strictly proper function i.

Number of poles of X s is greater than the number of zeros of X s. Final value theorem is applicable only when the system is stable i.


If there are pairs of complex conjugate poles on the imaginary axis x t will contain sinusoidal components and final value is not defined. Liked this article on Laplace Transforms?

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