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I have three books by Maximillien De Lafayette on UFOs. I am reading, studying and evaluating these books and have not come to a complete. Unwrap a complete list of books by Maximillien De Lafayette and find books available for swap. Maximillien de Lafayette ( is definitely the world's most prolific author and scholar, and one of the brightest.

This blog is from Gilbert Duhamel as it appeared at site. A book out of this world that will change your life for ever. Here it is: Are Anunnaki and extraterrestrial beings living among us? You will be taken to a mysterious world. I was directed to several books authored in English Or Translated probably by Maximillien de Lafayette. I posted a question on a website asking for some advice; where do I start and what books of Mr. One lady recommended two of his books; On the Road to Ultimate Knowledge written by him and Ilil Arbel, and the second book is Book of Ramadosh, both published in America. I read both and my brain began to spin like a carousel. None of what I have read was known to me or I read about in school. It is incredible how much important things - theoretical or pragmatic — we are not aware of!

In the Kabalah: Kabbalah Sephirot stated. The symbols and geometrical signs Americans found in Roswell were biochemical symbols. Later on in history.

Muslims all over the world are aware of these seven words or names. The god Yah-Weh they brought to Earth and planted in the mind of primitive humans. We were created genetically from Turab.

They instructed them not to use these words for ill purposes. The more advanced human beings who interacted with the Anunnaki shared similar beliefs.

And after all. Supreme Beings. Some of the copies of the universe. Parts of this formula are: House of God. Their doctrines show their disdain for such a god. Even Jesus Christ used it. The Gnostics: Earth was not created by the God of the Church. They have existed for millions of years on Earth. The early names of the Hebrew God were of an extraterrestrial origin: It is true that the ancient Sumerian texts and records mentioned names of some of the Anunnaki leaders such as Utu.

The prophet Mohammad learned these seven words from an early Christian ascetic. These names do not have numerical value or secret meanings as many scholars claim. None of these words appeared on the alleged hieroglyphic measuring tape that the Americans found at the UFO crash site in Roswell. Jah created them. Jah is the divine name of the Sephirah Hochmah. Our world was created outside the landscape and perimeter of the physically measurable cosmos.

If well used. And as humans.


The grand leader of the Anunnaki Called the creator of energy. Members of an early Anunnaki expedition to Phoenicia taught the Phoenicians how to develop their language. Akkadian and Arabic. Aliens to whom. And they created us. And it was frequently used in reference to God. The Anunnaki never introduced themselves as gods. Jah also means. What we see on Earth. Jesus said in Aramaic: In Hebrew.

The higher class of the Anunnaki Rafaath is ruled by Baalshalimroot. This is not totally correct. The concept: At one time. They called it: Many Soufiyyin Sufis by joining the Ulema. In ancient Middle Eastern literature: And both words came to mean or express the same thing in the eye of Arab scholars.

The knowledge and use of one of the secret holy and lovely names of God allowed Ulema Asif ibn Birkhia to teleport the throne. Fire meant hell. Tay Al Ard was banned by Prophet Muhammad. From Kirama. It also means the transport for others to get there.

Solomon said to his men: Ulema Cheik Al Kabir said Verbatim: Kadmos was and still is one of the brightest minds in the history of humanity. It is a tradition and ritual practice related to Aulia Allah Friends and favourites of God that allow them to reach any place in the world instantly. Many of them. Barka-kirama is a blessing or an enlightenment Tanwir technique that develops teleportation.

It is a metaphysical experience that produces a teleportation phenomenon. The distance-time and places are wrapped up in a flick of second. This was confirmed in a Hadith Dialogue.

The Ulema. Literally Folding up of the earth is the name for thaumaturgical teleportation in the mystical aspect of Islamic religious. Kadmos wrote down its final format according to the instructions of the Anunnaki. Those who are from fire. I have full power for this purpose. Also space is represented with two circles. The Greeks called him Kadmos. Tay Al Ard. When Islam became a major religion in the Near East. It is composed of two words: The Ulema claim that they have learned its secret and how its works from the Rou-hi-yin who are supreme beings from the Fifth dimension.

Al Munawarin claim that instead of physically moving from one place to another. Al Warrak died on September Kadmos founded the legendary city of Thebes and built the first acropolis in ancient Greece. But even then. It is composed of two Arabic words: Ulema or Allamah Qadhi. He wrote the Kitab al-Fihrist. In the early tales about Kadmos Kadmus.

On Teleportation Barka-kirama I. If you manage to place yourself between one of the two lines and one of the two circles without touching the other line and the other circle.

The Tay Al Ard. Allamah have explained this teleportation phenomenon very differently. It was based upon the belief that the Anunnaki followed one supreme leader who created the entire human race.

Ulema and Allamah were semantically overlapping each other. In The Suphists were the first to join the Non-Muslim Ulema. Worth mentioning. From Barka. On Foreseeing the Future and Rewinding Time. Some of your friends will get out of the train at station a. Your chances are one out of three that you picked the right one. But remember. How do the Anunnaki Ulema transport you in the future and rewind time?

How the Masters. A symmetric mind is the original copy of your physical brain. Idries Shah and Robert Graves mention the case where senior members of the Azimia order were reputed to appear. What he meant by that. The enlightened Master explained in a few words. Your brain or more precisely your symmetric mind has a much bigger memory.

At this last station. If you go back in time. An Anunnaki Ulema tried to explain to his students. Now think like this: You have reached the last stop. This view can perhaps be understood from the perspective of Western philosophical idealism where esse est percipi: If space does not have an objective reality.

Because guessing or coincidence are not a sign of a psychic ability. This is not predicting the future. Forget it for now. But quite often. This year represents the 7th station — the final stop of the train. The most prevalent theory has to do with the concept of consciousness and will.

And you are going to be amazed. These interruptions were frequent. Do not get confused with the concept of the symmetric mind. And there is a pertinent technique explained in the Book of Ramadosh.

But in fact. But how can we do it? How can we reach a destination in the future and begin to see what is going on. Being an allegedly esoteric knowledge by nature. The so-called psychics and mediums will never be able to predict anything. United States Air Force Dubbed: And even if your answer is the correct one. Our brain cannot understand the concept of time-space-future. You stay inside the train. When these events are explained to us.

And there is a technique to rewind yourself and the time you have spent on the train. By staying inside the train and not getting out of the train at any stop until the last one.

Once again. You stay on the train. On a linear chronology of time-distance-space. You have assumed that the person who stayed inside the train. And it is part of your double or astral body. Answer of the Master: Davis recommended the study of teleportation. This is how human beings reason and rationalize things. He said verbatim. I will give you an example.

It is your symmetric mind. Islamic texts and records from the mystics are full of such accounts from various eras. You are there now. The enlightened Anunnaki Ulema Master added: For example. And if your Conduit is active or open. Who is rewinding back your journey on the train? Is it your memory? You mind? Or something else? None of the above. This is similar to answering a multiple choice paper in your driving test.

The Master is interrupted by a question from a novice. The symmetric mind records and stores everything you saw. You do not exit at station a.

The correct answer is already there. Your symmetric mind has gathered information from every stop. In your mind. Here they are sitting in their apartment or stores in New York. Basically you stopped along the way at each train station. Things that are happening in the future do exist in the future without being defined and measured by distance.

Three answers are given in the test. The future which is part of your past and present. Without visiting the future. It is a very simple exercise. One of the Masters said verbatim. But this is the wrong way to explain things. What you are doing now is rewinding your trip backward.

Your brain will transport you to the realm of the future. In parallel dimensions. It is neither the right time.

You are boarding a train with friends. So all you saw on your journey. The Ulema said. Famous Sheikhs. Iowa or Wisconsin. They must escape from the bondage of the time and space that they live in. New Jersey. Why mediums. The person wishes to be some place.

Eric W. Why did you choose 7 stops? Why not 5 stops? The Master answered the. It is a very difficult concept to grasp. The enlightened master then added that you must be transported. They saw the future of the film the End.

Once you are outside the wheel. A projected future occurring in the present. As long as. Also at theater B. And there is nothing you can do to change it or alter it. And by doing so. And when this happens. As we regress.

The future belongs to the Macro wheel. The future is already Maktoub what is written. It is a mental projection of everything the Conduit has stored inside our brain. Anunnaki Ulema Mordachai said. And this moment is very crucial. The more you think about time as measured by distance. But at theater B. Maximillien de Lafayette World Part 3 I. He continued by saying: Those who watched the film from the very beginning are not there yet.

When you zoom into the future using your Conduit. And the Anunnaki Ulema can read anything that is Maktoub. It is never revealed to outsiders. Your brain does it for you. But at a certain point. He said that it is just an example.

Is it because the future is already there? The Master replied: You can physically reach the Macro wheel. In the Maktoub. And those who went to theater B. But this becomes a physical means. And the brain will instantly read what it is displayed and written on the screen. How to see a projected future that is occurring in the present.

Being outside the line Outside the Wheel of Time. In the Macro wheel. But if your brain remains attached to where you are Sitting in a physical place.

Anunnaki or Anunnaki Ulema. Those who are seeing the film from the end are already ahead of those who are watching the film from the beginning. There is also a third scenario. These two theaters can be located anywhere. And the area you reach is also mental. I have to project everything I saw or knew before my eyes.

Another student asked this question: And how do we get outside the wheel? There is a technique only known to the enlightened ones Tahiriin. This is very possible. The Anunnaki Ulema and the enlightened masters can easily reach the Macro wheel physically and mentally by getting outside the Micro wheel.

And information and data are never lost in the universe. The projectionist is projecting the film on the big screen from the end. Your mind is going to take care of this. People went to a movie theater at 6: Do we zoom ourselves into the future like a time machine? Do we write down the number of the station and corresponding year?

The Honorable Master answered the question and continued his explanation. The Anunnaki and the Anunnaki Ulema do not need to go to theater B and rewind the film Equated with time-Space backward to reach the future and revisit the beginning and the end of the film Equated with time-Distance. To understand this. Both viewers will spend two hours at either theater. And then. You can also assign any year to any station.

At first. The wheel of the universe. The same thing applies here with your Conduit and the screen it projects before you eyes. Humans see the future through distance. The screen is not to be understood as a physical screen like the one we see in movie theaters. Are we seeing the stations as a film? How are we seeing this regression and station by station? Is it like a movie? Are we zooming ourselves into the future like a time machine? The Master answered the question and continued his explanation.

It does not make any difference at all. He said. It is one of their most powerful faculties.

Maximillien De Lafayette and over 25 Books Published on UFOs in one year!

Think about it for a few seconds. This technique is part of the secret teachings of the Anunnaki Ulema. The Ulema would say. There are two movie theaters in town. The Master answered: A spaceship is needed if you want to physically enter another dimension. There are two wheels. Let me give you an example. And since the future is a continuation of the present.

This means. If the Conduit is active. Your future has been decided upon. Do you want to go to Jupiter or to Mars? Well then you need a spaceship. It is a wheel within the universe.

In our case. Spatial memory and time memory are not lost. Nothing is lost in the future. But before he had finished his answer. Those who watched the film beginning from the end. The screen can be seen through introspection. What did happen to these three highly educated and lovely ladies? Image makers. All these reasons and explanations have some merits. Ulema Sorenstein is a modern American Ulema. Many great inventors died penniless. But they do not explain why Esther could not get a better job.

Their greatest asset is their academic advanced degree. After all. The high standard of morality and intelligence of a person does not change luck. Morality and intelligence have nothing to do with your success in life Your life on this Earth. Honorable Ulema Sorenstein once said. But first. All these qualities should have served and helped Esther in finding a better job. You look at him. I will comment later on what he meant by: I will take an example from your modern city.

In the modern world of science. So what is going on here? Why Peggy is working as a school teacher. Many people have seen him in different places. They are healthy. A few years later. Does intelligence or morality has anything to do with success in life. Very good. Morality is very important in life. P 3 Brain: They have identical credentials. A brain that was genetically created by the Anunnaki.

Peggy is a high school teacher in San Diego. My answer to you is this: Intelligence is very important but does not always guarantee success in life. Or why Elizabeth is making more money than Patricia? Or why this person is more successful than another person.

And I am going to explain to you what I mean by Araya. I guess. And that is full capacity. Because the negative energy inside your mind is usually stronger than the positive energy of a good thought. Each zone of the Araya functions differently. I am getting there. The most destructive thoughts that prevent you from succeeding in life are: If you are not patient and you rush to a speedy answer. The good thoughts and good ideas in your Araya do not expand.

Some vibrations are detectable. Some people who are more creative than you could have The Araya is the domain. Each Jaba A hole. The same thing is happening right now in your brain. This net has many holes. And each idea or thought in the Jaba of the net produces a vibration. Only bad thoughts. And I will tell you. Ideas come and go.

I will explain to you how you can do that very shortly. They stay well balanced and well synchronized where they are Inside the Jaba of the net. In this case. And all sorts of vibrations occupy a place in the world. Things happen. This will stop your creativity. Some vibrations. Your upbringing. I have no control over all this. Every thought. Nobody has forced you to think about bad thoughts or bad ideas.

It is your own doing. And you already know what happens when the overflow occurs and invades other Jabas. And yes. You might say. This phenomenon Overflow takes over the adjacent Jaba s containing a good idea or a good thought. Be very patient with me. If this continues. And each vibration occupies a spot in your Araya. The main function of these alien devices is to monitor the abductees.

To scan the brains Mind. The most important and predominant part of your mind-body supersymetry is your mind. Scanning the physical brain has become a scientific reality. In the Anunnaki-Ulema context. The scanning is a physical and a real operation. In this context. Two methods have been used by the Anunnaki-Ulema. In the Western hemisphere. In the Jaba s. Leave it to physicians. The devices detect tumors. But we call it supersymetric. And I have to remind you here.

You were brought up to believe that every person in the world has a brain. But one thing I will tell you for sure: The Anunnaki-Ulema implants are not tracking devices. One is purely scientific. This is totally incorrect. I will not comment on their claims. And I do not contradict this either. Nobody seems to contradict this.

As you already know. Because once. Ma bira-rach is the etheric image of your brains. This idea might seem strange and absurd to many scientists in the West. My prediction is that in the very near future. In a limited sense. The Anunnaki-Ulema Mounawariin know how to scan both the physical and etheric substance of your brains. In the United States. For now. The Anunnaki-Ulema scientific mind Brains scanning occurs in that manner.

According to some legitimate physicians involved with some sort of ufology in the United States. All of us. A brief note on supersymetry: According to the theory of supersymetry. It is called the supersymetric mind. But scanning the etheric brain has never been done in the West.

Definition and introduction: Meaning that every single human being. Your eyes will glitter with a sign of good health.

They will look sharper. I will explain to you what is going to happen step by step. It is closely related to Daemat-Afnah. This is the cause and effect of the creation of the Universe and Man. Each time. And this includes the landscape of our Solar System. All living forms. Ulema Oppenheimer said verbatim. In rare instances.

Some Masters are fully capable of synchronizing both. Not all the wrinkles will disappear if you stop practicing. Your face is younger. Using this second technique. This change is usually accompanied by sizeable increase in physical dynamism and mental vitality. By practicing the Daemat-Afnah.

You will not notice any change on your face. Some of the wrinkles under your eyes will disappear. For the first 6 months. You will not believe what you are seeing. A certain incomprehensible inner strength will energize your whole body. According to the Anunnaki-Ulema. At the end of 12 months. As to the second Anunnaki-Ulema etheric mind scanning techniques.

Your face will look cleaner and firmer. You can scan the mind. Man cannot be separated from the universe. UFOs threat. After 13 months of practice. Humanity destiny. In each dimension. At the end of the seventh month. You will not see any improvement or any result before 12 months.

According to many authors and thinkers. A strange and a new sensation you have never felt before in your whole life.

This copy is not a visual reproduction or a holographic projection. The dermatologic results have no side effect. I see no true conflict here. Your grey hair will stay grey. The Jewish Kabbalists. If so. Look at it this way. Anunnaki Ulema Al Baker explained As is and unedited: They called it Kefitzat Haderach. Only your face gets younger. These entities are not the product of the imagination of a child. We can learn a lot from pets and children. PART 4 Selections of his writings from his book: They do exist in multiple etheric and even plasmic form.

Children when they are little can also sense and see these entities. Ka takes definition in a human-body shape. It was widely documented by them. Perhaps this phenomenon is possible by encoding information about an object.

But our eyes. In this way. Pets and children ability to see non-physical entities: Pets like cats and dogs can see non-physical entities. Ideas and inner feelings have frequencies and particular colors. Seeing these holographic images is a process that can be learned and mastered. If you are bold. The time will come and you will realize that a presence of a pet in your home is in fact a blessing. Einstein discussed it in a number of his papers. Such things as wormholes. At the beginning. The Ulema explained: For instance: In this solution.

It is complicated. None of them complete. Following various stages. But this is not limited only to animals. Newtonian physics. In Western science it is now assumed that space does not have an objective reality. Your Ulema teacher will tell you exactly what dots and sequences to use.

It is very simple. Haridu—Conduit Equation: First of all. There are so many regions in our brain that have not been explored yet by science. And partially means reacting by not acting. It could be in the right or left side of your brain. Practice this technique before you send messages to your Conduit.

In the Conduit. Each cell has a precise function and an invisible location. Your Ulema teacher knows how to put you on the right track. Then what? The cell reads your message. Each word had a code…one dot. The person who has sent the message Morse knew the Code. In the Book of Ramadosh. In that mysterious undiscovered region of the brain.

How would you know if you have or have not sent a message correctly to your Conduit? You will know right away. If your message was sent correctly. If your Conduit is hundred percent awake. If you have not been trained. Your Conduit knows which cell is activated and designed to comply with your request.

Maximillien de Lafayette.pdf

The Conduit works partially when it is not activated. But continue to read this first. There is a sequence of pulses and marks. Three or four fully activated cells is more than enough.

Only coded messages are stored in your Conduit. In those many unexplored regions of the brain. As long as your Conduit is not activated. This means that the Conduit can do so many things. But for the cell to produce this extraordinary power. Once your Conduit is activated. The Conduit functions all the time regardless of your state of awareness. If those cells are not activated. Your Conduit has its own mode.

One thing I am confident about is that someone publishing over 25 books in one year on UFOs by a major publisher site. Bottom line is I was wonder what if any opinion do you have on this person. Some reviewers on site. I think this is more common than people think. At least one negative reviewer said the author and name was a fake and no such person as Maximillien De Lafayette exists.

Simply enter this on youtube to see it: He also made a prediction there about the UFO Hunters crew not be able to get into Cuba which came out true.

Whether someone believes his info his accurate or not, I still am amazed and I'm interested in the real purpose of over 25 books published in one year on UFOs please see site. To warn us, prepare us or a type of dissinformation? I cannot see how this would be profitable. Yours, GlennMagi. David Biedny Paranormal Adept. GlennMagi said: Gareth Nothin' to see here. Is this the dude that is occasionally on UFO Hunters?

Ive literally seen 3 episodes of that series and he was on 2 of them If it is who I am thinking of, then I would say it is a total nut case. Some of the stuff he was saying on the episode about the Naval research base and the cabling going into the ocean was just fricken insane.

Alright, I just watched the clip with MDL. Because, well, sometimes I can be slightly masochistic. Two words: Shit Sandwich. LOL I should have read this: Gareth said: Ive literally seen 3 episodes of that series and he was on 2 of them If it is who I am thinking of, then I would say he is a total nut case. David Biedny said: Thanks for your response. I really think UFOs are a pretty difficult subject.

On one hand we want a resonable, "sane", explanation for these things, yet on the other hand we almost instinctively know that it can't be because it is so far removed a topic from what we've grapelled with in the past.

On the one side of this subject very conservative investigators seem satisfied to log and collect UFO data with no explanation of what it all means. One the other side there is an attampt at a more macro view but their is always with a connection with religion in some way, often in a hostile way. The conclusion I'm coming to after reading three of maximmilien's books is disturbing to me. I feel that there is something dark going on in his work.

This coming from a long time agnostic and a former member of the American Humanistic Association. Interview by author and ufologist Farah Yurdozu. A fascinating interview and a great opportunity to learn about the thoughts and philosophy of de Lafayette. He spoke about the origin of mankind, life after death, the heavens, reincarnation, how the Anunnaki genetically created us 65, years ago, the nature of God, the Jinns and Spirits, the Akkadian and Sumerian clay tablets, the Epic of Creation, and, his relation to the Anunnaki-Ulema secret society, the meeting between extraterrestrials and the United States Government in Washington, DC, and how you can reach a higher level of enlightenment and knowledge.

Benyamin Ben True. Sorry, if your very first post here is to promote an interview on a podcast show I despise, you're not going to be very welcome in these forums. I've removed the external link, please think twice before posting next time. Maximillien de Lafayette is the world's biggest online one man self-publishing scam artist, ever to con curious and unsuspecting readers out of their money, through his kindle and paperback books that are being sold via the internet.

In february of , Maximillien de Lafayette's contract with site's publishing division Createspace was cancelled, due to the many complaints submitted by readers and other authors, whose work was being exploited for financial gain.

Стена | ВКонтакте

He had a good run of it though, profiting off of the research and publications of others, for about 4 years, before it all came crashing down. He said we should republish the best selling books that were taken down by site, under my name, with him using the "nom de plume" Germain Lumiere.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and having met him as a reader of his books and fan of the 'UFO HUNTERS" show on the History channel, felt bad about him suddenly being stripped of his online publishing income, and agreed to open a createspace account under my name. Something I should never have done with someone who just had his accounts cancelled due to publishing fraud and copyright violations, because a few months later the F.

My very first forays into writing, editing and publishing were now tainted with a fraud investigation because of him, and his devious publishing practices. That account was cancelled also, but Maximillien de Laughayette was not one to be dissuaded from trying again.

This time with lulu online publishing and site kindle. The only loophole for him to get site to advertise his books again, was to publish with them on kindle. Something he had never done before, and the only avenue left for him to use with site. Only Maximillien's english is not good, and these pages are filled with grammatical and spelling errors, with poor to no editing, and bad formatting.

This egocentric narcissist "author" fills the first twenty or more pages with lists of his other publications, and publishes at least one or two of these books every week. I would watch him pouring over his sales daily to see which books were selling the most - and it turned out to be his tabloid trash "Hollywood Scandals and Sex Pests and Divas and Femme Fatales" compilations of utter garbage!!

The quality of the text, format, editing and overall production is of minimal concern to him. These internet compilations are rush jobs that are Max's specialty. To further confuse and bait the first time curious and unsuspecting reader, he writes many of his own five star reviews, under different names for each book.

A tell-tale sign: Max always refers to himself in the third person I was a witness to this several times myself in person last year , by saying "and Lafayette said this" or "Lafayette said that" and "Lafayette is the foremost authority on this" and "Lafayette did not spare anybody" and "Lafayette exposed them all".

I have included one of my own, as it is currently posted on site: Eastern Europe Best Singers and Entertainers. VOL 1. The material herein is merely a compilation from various websites, archives and internet sources. Maximillien de Lafayette's command of the english language is not good, with many grammatical and spelling errors to be found within these pages, as well as poor editing.

You only need to read the mistakes made in the title of this book, to see the beginning of page after page after page of errors, which occur throughout his books, unless they have been edited and proof-read by someone else, who is proficient in english. These types of compilations are rush jobs that are Max's specialty. Having lived with him and worked with him for much of last year, I should know.

The books I painstakingly worked on with him were a labor of love for me. Maximillien de Lafayette thinks it is ok to steal all the credit for my work, intellectual ideas and input for himself, as well as all the profits.

He also thinks it is ok to pay for his radio show where he advertises his books by making unauthorized charges to my bank account for the last six months, since he had me forcibly removed from the apartment by telling lies to the police, to throw me out at 4: Do not feed this narcisisstic man's ego with your money or you time on this, as you will be disappointed. Anyone can come up with an idea to hodge - podge together a compilation of any kind, on any subject, by pulling together a bunch of articles and photos from various websites.

He is only out to put as much stock - or rather as much schlock - as he possibly can, on all kinds of subjects, in the online publishing world. A successful gimmick, to catch as many first time curious and unsuspecting readers as possible. Your money is his bottom line. That is the only thing that matters to him, and not the quality of the material you are downloading from him. Germaine Poitiers is a fictional persona maximillien uses on facebook, to advertise his books in the third person, as if it is really someone else.

Having lived with him on a daily basis, I saw him posting on facebook as Germaine Poitiers and Carol Lexter to advertise his own books. These are just more fake personas he uses to legitimize his work as collaborations, in the eyes of his readers. I never approved of this behaviour, and never understood why he chose to do this, but now I know why.

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