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Website for downloading free computer tutorials and courses on various format ( PDF, DOC, PPT, ZIP). computer is composed of hardware and software components of your computer such as the system unit . Computer Based Training (CBT) offers a low cost. Objectives. • Basic knowledge of computer components. • Turning on and off the computer. • Running a program. • Handling files.

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Computer Training Pdf

Lesson The Front of a Computer and Peripheral Devices. Unlike most other computer-training courseware, each CustomGuide manual is uniquely. Hi, my name is Tony & we're about to take a big plunge into the computer world! This tutorial is meant to steer you in the right direction as computer users, but. Computer Hardware Engineering. Lecture 9: Parallelism, Concurrency, Speedup, and ILP. David Broman. Associate Professor, KTH Royal Institute of.

Types of Clouds There are four different cloud models that you can subscribe according to business needs: Private Cloud: Here, computing resources are deployed for one particular organization. This method is more used for intra-business interactions. Where the computing resources can be governed, owned and operated by the same organization. Community Cloud: Here, computing resources are provided for a community and organizations. Here the computing resource is owned, governed and operated by government, an academic or business organization. This deployment method is called hybrid cloud as the computing resources are bound together by different clouds.

SaaS is compatible with all internet enabled devices. Many important tasks like accounting, sales, invoicing and planning all can be performed using SaaS. PaaS Platform as a Service Platform as a service, is referred as PaaS, it provides a platform and environment to allow developers to build applications and services. This service is hosted in the cloud and accessed by the users via internet. To understand in a simple terms, let compare this with painting a picture, where you are provided with paint colors, different paint brushes and paper by your school teacher and you just have to draw a beautiful picture using those tools.

Software developers, web developers and business can benefit from PaaS.

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It provides platform to support application development. It includes software support and management services, storage, networking, deploying, testing, collaborating, hosting and maintaining applications.

It provides computing infrastructure like virtual server space, network connections, bandwidth, load balancers and IP addresses. The pool of hardware resource is extracted from multiple servers and networks usually distributed across numerous data centers. This provides redundancy and reliability to IaaS.

For small scale businesses who are looking for cutting cost on IT infrastructure, IaaS is one of the solutions. Annually a lot of money is spent in maintenance and downloading new components like hard-drives, network connections, external storage device etc.

What is Cloud Computing Architecture? Cloud computing comprises of two components front end and back end. Front end consist client part of cloud computing system.

Free Computer Tutorials in PDF

It comprise of interfaces and applications that are required to access the cloud computing platform. While back end refers to the cloud itself, it comprises of the resources that are required for cloud computing services. It consists of virtual machines, servers, data storage, security mechanism etc.

It is under providers control. Cloud computing distributes the file system that spreads over multiple hard disks and machines. Data is never stored in one place only and in case one unit fails the other will take over automatically.

The user disk space is allocated on the distributed file system, while another important component is algorithm for resource allocation. Cloud computing is a strong distributed environment and it heavily depends upon strong algorithm. Virtualization is a partitioning of single physical server into multiple logical servers.

Once the physical server is divided, each logical server behaves like a physical server and can run an operating system and applications independently. They are fast, cost-effective and less time consuming. For software developers and testers virtualization comes very handy, as it allows developer to write code that runs in many different environments and more importantly to test that code.

Storage Virtualization: It is the pooling of physical storage from multiple network storage devices into what appears to be a single storage device that is managed from a central console. Storage virtualization is commonly used in storage area networks SANs. Server Virtualization: Server virtualization is the masking of server resources like processors, RAM, operating system etc, from server users. The intention of server virtualization is to increase the resource sharing and reduce the burden and complexity of computation from users.

Computer Fundamentals Tutorial in PDF

Virtualization is the key to unlock the Cloud system, what makes virtualization so important for the cloud is that it decouples the software from the hardware. Usually hard disk has a lot more space than memory. Although virtual disks are slower than real memory, if managed properly the substitution works perfectly.

Likewise, there is software which can imitate an entire computer, which means 1 computer can perform the functions equals to 20 computers. Grid Computing Vs Cloud Computing When we switch on the fan or any electric device, we are less concern about the power supply from where it comes and how it is generated.

The power supply or electricity that we receives at our home travels through a chain of network, which includes power stations, transformers, power lines and transmission stations. Grid Computing is a middle ware to co-ordinate disparate IT resources across a network, allowing them to function as whole.

It is more often used in scientific research and in universities for educational purpose. For example, a group of architect students working on a different project requires a specific designing tool and a software for designing purpose but only couple of them got access to this designing tool, the problem is how they can make this tool available to rest of the students.

Students who are already accustomed to computer work can skim this section quickly, because it will be for them a review. This section should help students who are not familiar with the basic concepts to understand the rest of this document.

Take advantage of this course called Basic Computer course book download to improve your Others skills and better understand computer basic. This course is adapted to your level as well as all computer basic pdf courses to better enrich your knowledge. All you need to do is download the training document, open it and start learning computer basic for free.

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Basic Computer Skills

This pdf tutorial you will learn the basics of AutoCad , you will be effective and efficient in using a CAD system. Free training document under 42 pages for download. With this pdf tutorial you will be able to create your own project in Photoshop. You will learn all the basics and create a project from scratch. Free training courses designated for student. Computers and internet basics pdf tutorials, easy course for beginners to better understand the different uses of computer.

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