The major one is the universal force of creation, the same which brought our physical universe into existence. But there are other forces that manip- ulate the. There is a wormhole right in the centre of our brains which can catapult us into a parallel world. This world can be experienced with the same level or greater. A follow up to Multidimensional Man it covers the seven years after its publication , drawn from reports of over sixty hours spent in hyper lucid Out-of-Body states.

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Multidimensional Man Pdf

Multi-dimensional Man is a compilation of experiences that the author has had from the 's up until the mid's. The book is organised into various. MULTIDIMENSIONAL MAN BY JURGEN ZIEWE PDF. Merely link to the internet to get this book Multidimensional Man By Jurgen Ziewe This is why we imply. Multidimensional Man book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Leading a highly demanding professional life Jurgen Ziewe compe.

Like he says here: "Waking up on the first dimensional counterpart of Earth is the main reason why dead people find it so difficult to accept that they have died. For a start not only are they still very much alive but their environment is still very much the way they are used to on earth. You know the type - when your dead, your dead [total oblivion]. But maybe they could not get through. Maybe also it depends on how eveolved you are spiritually.

It is not my aim to set up a new belief system, propagating unprovable theories, although I hope to stimulate discussion and inspire people to conduct their own investigations, and perhaps share them with others.

The Multidimensional Networks of Complex Systems

However, I will be bold enough to publish here what I have discovered, including my own interpretation of the phenomena I have encountered and I am happy to have them disproven if they are wrong. This would make a huge difference in increasing awareness of a multidimensional universe and higher states of consciousness and hopefully encourage more of us to explore our current frontiers.

Out-of-body journals longer just a mathematical problem, but a real frontier which can be accessed through a metaphorical wormhole in our minds. All that is needed is focus and attention and to follow the best of numerous tried and tested methods as published by experienced OOB explorers to gain entry into this exciting world. Once these new realities are experienced it is easy for anybody to make up their own mind about the nature of these mind-bending new frontiers.

I believe research and investigation into consciousness is vital in order for us to solve our increasingly complex social and environmental problems.

At the single-subject level, this combined protocol allowed assessing the presence of both classical and newly introduced markers for each patient and control, and revealed that the combination of several markers increased diagnostic sensitivity.

The presence of a high-level effect in any of the three tested domains distinguished between minimally conscious and vegetative patients, while the presence of low-level effects was similar in both groups. In summary, this study constitutes a validated proof of concept in favor of probing multiple cognitive dimensions to improve the evaluation of non-communicating patients.

At a more conceptual level, this EEG tool can help achieve a better understanding of disorders of consciousness by exploring consciousness in its multiple cognitive facets.

Introduction Patients who survive severe brain injury sometimes remain in states where they show either no signs of consciousness vegetative state, VS or fluctuating signs of consciousness minimally conscious state, MCS Giacino et al.

Careful clinical examination alone is often insufficient to detect signs of mental activity in these patients, because of cognitive or motor limitations due to brain lesions Rohaut et al.

An extreme example is the case of patients with locked-in syndrome, who are fully conscious of themselves and their environment but suffer from paralysis following lesions to the ventral pons, impeding behavioral responses Patterson and Grabois, , Plum and Posner, Therefore it is essential to supplement behavioral evaluation by neuroimaging methods such as functional magnetic resonance imagery fMRI or electroencephalographic recordings EEG , with which we can infer the patients' preserved cognition directly from their brain activity.

EEG recordings in particular are of prime importance because they can be recorded at bedside and offer an optimal time-resolution to capture the respective dynamics of unconscious and conscious cognitive processes.

Several EEG protocols are now routinely used in some clinical centers to inform the diagnosis of patients with disorders of consciousness DOC.

Vistas Of Infinity/Multidimensional Man - Jurgen Ziewe - Spiritual Forums

Each protocol typically targets one or two EEG markers. Some of these markers are very specific but not very sensitive, while others show the converse profile. One such marker is the mismatch negativity or MMN , which signs the detection of a local deviance, e.

Maybe also it depends on how eveolved you are spiritually. Thanks for the other link.

Multidimensional Man

Yes, I can imagine that but then what about deceased loved ones trying to get through? Some people know they are dead too but still no one can get through.

But what he says is that we have to work out our emotional issues before going to higher levels. For example his own mother was very depressed before passing away and it seems that her own mother could not get through and she stayed in the lower realms for years.

I guess what surpirsed me is that he said that most of us go to the lower levels first to work out our issues. I recommend this book.

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